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Vila Velha, Brazil

Paganotti M.A.,University Of Vila Velha Uvv | Valim V.,Federal University of Espirito Santo | Serrano E.V.,Escola Superior de Ciencias da Santa Casa de Misericordia de Vitoria EMESCAM | Serrano E.V.,Federal University of Espirito Santo | And 3 more authors.
Revista Brasileira de Reumatologia | Year: 2015

Objective: To carry out the cross-cultural adaptation of EULAR Sjögren's Syndrome PatientReported Index (ESSPRI) for Portuguese language and evaluate its psychometric properties.Method: Cross-sectional study of patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS). The psy-chometric properties (intraobserver reproducibility and construct validity) were studied. Inconstruct validity, ESSPRI was compared with the Patient's Global Assessment (PGA), Profileof Fatigue and Discomfort (Profad), Sicca Symptoms Inventory (SSI) and Functional Assess-ment of Chronic Illness Therapy (Facit-F). Statistical tests used were: Cronbach's alpha,intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC), Bland-Altman method and Spearman coefficient.A value of p = 0.05 was considered significant.Results: There was no difference between versions in both languages; thus, a Brazilian con-sensual version was obtained. All subjects were women aged 49.4 ± 11.6 years, with onsetof symptoms of 7.2 ± 5.4 years, and time of diagnosis of 3.0 ± 3.3 years. The mean ESSPRIwas 6.87 ± 1.97. The intraobserver reproducibility was high and significant (0.911) and, withBland-Altman method, there was no systematic bias in the agreement of measures amongevaluations. A moderate correlation of ESSPRI with all tested instruments was observed. © 2015 Elsevier Editora Ltda.

Camponez M.O.,University Of Vila Velha Uvv | Salles E.O.T.,Federal University of Espirito Santo | Filho M.S.,Federal University of Espirito Santo
IEEE Latin America Transactions | Year: 2016

In a previous paper we have proposed two new superresolution image reconstruction algorithms, based on a non-parametric numerical integration Bayesian inference method, the Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation (INLA). Despite achieving superior image reconstruction results compared to other state-of-the-art methods, such algorithms manipulate huge matrices (although sparse). Therefore, the demand for memory usage and computation is high. In this paper, review such algorithms, solving these problems through relaxing one equation in the original mathematical model and involving the high-resolution (HR) image in a Torus. The result is a meaningful reduction in the computation cost of such algorithms and in the dimensions of the matrices handled as well (from n2-by-n2 to n-by-n, the size of the HR image). The result is a new algorithm, much faster than its previous version and other meaningful state-of-the-art algorithms. © 2003-2012 IEEE.

Kuster R.M.,Federal University of Rio de Janeiro | Kuster R.M.,Federal University of Espirito Santo | Caxito M.L.C.,State University of Rio de Janeiro | Sabino K.C.C.,State University of Rio de Janeiro | And 7 more authors.
Phytochemistry Letters | Year: 2015

Euphorbia tirucalli aerial parts are popularly used in Brazil for cancer treatment. The elution of the aqueous extract of the plant on silica gel C-18 cartridge furnished a water-soluble fraction, which was analyzed directly into the electrospray ionization (ESI) source combined with Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (FT-ICR MS) and characterized as a mixture of malic acid glycosides 1-5. The compounds were detected in their deprotonated form [M-H]-, where their exact mass (mass error lower than 1 ppm), molecular formula (CnHhOo), double bond equivalent (DBE) and connectivity were determined from ESI-(-)-MS and ESI-(-)-MS/MS experiments. The presence of malic acid and glucose, as part of the structures, could originate from crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) of the plant © 2015 Phytochemical Society of Europe. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Aguiar N.O.,State University of Norte Fluminense | Medici L.O.,Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro | Olivares F.L.,State University of Norte Fluminense | Dobbss L.B.,University Of Vila Velha Uvv | And 4 more authors.
Annals of Applied Biology | Year: 2016

Water deficit is the major yield-limiting factor for sugarcane crop production that can be enhanced by inoculating with plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) combined with humic substances. The aim of this work was to examine changes to the metabolic profile and antioxidant enzyme activity of sugarcane treated with PGPB and humic acid (HA) after drought and then rehydration. The drought was imposed by withholding irrigation for 21 days thereby measuring enzyme activity, metabolic profile and photosynthetic rate 1 week after rehydratation. Growth of plants treated with HA, PGPB and with both treatments combined (PGPB + HA) was higher than control plants. The antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT) and ascorbate peroxidase (APX) activities remained higher after rehydration only in plants treated with HA. Plants treated with HA and PGPB + HA exhibited increased transpiration, stomatal conductance and net photosynthesis than plants treated with PGPB. The PGPB-treated plants exhibited drought resistance that resembled 'delayed stress onset', which is a new term for preserving water in the plants tissues. Water preservation in plants treated with PGPB was corroborated by higher relative water content (RWC) than control plants at the end of the drought period. Plants treated with HA + PGPB exhibited the highest water potential after rehydration and high RWC. Osmotic adjustment in the other treatments (control, HA and PGPB) was indicated by a new pattern of metabolic response after rehydration, including generally enhanced carbohydrates and proteins and specific changes induced by HA-enhancing aromatic compounds, whereas PGPB exhibited enhanced fatty acids and other aliphatic H species. Humic acids assist with drought stress recovery by inducing antioxidant enzyme activity whereas PGPB induced preservation of leaf water potential and RWC by closing stomata efficiently, resulting in plant water preservation. © 2015 Association of Applied Biologists.

da Silva Junior V.L.,Federal University of Vicosa | Donzele J.L.,Federal University of Vicosa | de Oliveira R.F.M.,Federal University of Vicosa | Saraiva A.,Federal University of Vicosa | And 2 more authors.
Ciencia Rural | Year: 2014

The experiment was conducted to evaluate five nutritional plans based on sequences of standardized ileal digestible lysine: 0.90-0.80-0.70, 1.00-0.90-0.80, 1.10-1.00-0.90, 1.20-1.10-1.00, and 1.30-1.20-1.10% fed to gilts from 60 to 99, 129 to 100, and 130 to 148 days of age, respectively. Eighty commercial hybrid gilts, selected for lean gain, with initial weight of 23.46±0.27kg were allotted in a randomized block design, with five treatments, eight replicates, and two pigs per experimental unit. No effect (P>0.05) of the nutritional plans was verified on daily feed intake, daily weight gain and feed conversion. The nutritional plans had no influence (P>0.05) on any of the carcass traits evaluated (carcass yield, meat amount, and meat yield). The nutritional plan of 0.90-0.80-0.70% standardized ileal digestible lysine fed to gilts from 60 to 99, 100 to 129, and 130 to 148 days of age, respectively, meets the standardized ileal digestible lysine requirements of gilts from 60 to 148 days of age. © 2014, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. All rights reserved.

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