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University of Umm Al - Qura | Date: 2016-01-13

A cup that harnesses the positive psychological effects of cartoon to encourage and motivate a user to consume a beverage served in the cup. The cup has a beverage container and a sound-emitting base that is attached to the bottom of the container. The cup contains a capacitive liquid sensing system: two electrodes forming a capacitor that are flush mounted in the bottom of the beverage container, two spring loaded connectors that bridge between the electrodes and a capacitive liquid sensor that is contained in the base. The base further includes a power source, a processing unit, a memory module, an audio circuitry and an audio output device. When the beverage container is filled with a beverage, a resultant capacitance change activates playback of audio files saved in the memory module, which contains pre-recordings of cartoon voice.

University of Umm Al - Qura | Date: 2015-10-31

Practitioners of Arabic calligraphy; such as designers and calligraphers are still seeking to use traditional calligraphy types so as to preserve the heritage of Islamic arts that require the use of traditional calligraphy tools. The present disclosure relates to an electronic computerized calligraphy pen that can be used to practice calligraphy effectively and to overcome long steps used in traditional calligraphy.

The robotic surgical finger and controller with tactile feedback is a remotely controllable robotic finger for surgical examination and procedures, for example, that provides real-time temperature and pressure feedback to the user, as well as friction feedback for detecting texture, slippage and the like. The robotic finger includes a plurality of joined segments simulating a human finger, and a sensor module mounted on each of the segments. A control sheath receives a finger of a users hand and includes at least one joint angle sensor in communication with a plurality of servomotors for driving angular movement of the plurality of segments of the robotic finger. A plurality of tactile feedback modules are further mounted in the control sheath for providing temperature, pressure and friction feedback signals to the users finger based on measurements made by the sensor modules of the robotic finger. A hand using multiples fingers is further provided.

There is provided a multimedia system and method for use in at-home therapy. The multimedia system synchronizes data such as audio and video data with skeletal data of a patient. The system allows for a therapist to fully monitor, evaluate, advise and interact with a patient performing therapeutic physical activities at home.

University of Umm Al - Qura | Date: 2015-06-05

A splint for immobilization of a limb of a patient. The splint includes an outer immobilization construct extending in a longitudinal direction of the limb, an inner immobilization construct in contact with the limb, a splint binder binding the outer immobilization construct in place around the second wrapping construct, and an expandable air cuff disposed between the outer immobilization construct and the second immobilization construct, which upon inflation exerts pressure on the second immobilization construct to conform the inner immobilization construct to the limb. With the splint, a method for immobilizing the limb includes placing a conformable restraint over the limb, securing an inflatable air cuff over the conformable restraint, and pressurizing the inflatable air cuff to thereby exert a controlled pressure on the limb.

University of Umm Al - Qura | Date: 2016-02-26

Aspects of the disclosure provide a method of satellite data service. The method includes receiving a dataset of values that are measurements of a parameter at a temporal point for locations on the earth, organizing the values according to spatial layers in an aggregate spatio-temporal index system to form an aggregate tree associated with the temporal point, and updating temporal layers in the aggregate spatio-temporal index system in response to the aggregate tree. Further, the method includes receiving a query specifying the parameter, a temporal range and a spatial range, filtering, according to the aggregate spatio-temporal index system, in the temporal layers and the spatial layers to select aggregate nodes, and generating an answer to the query based on the selected aggregate nodes.

University of Umm Al - Qura | Date: 2016-01-15

A wearable health information device can store, update and analyze patient medical records. In addition, the wearable health information device can alert the user to schedule a medical appointment. Having the patient medical records with the user at all times can decrease the chance of medical errors. For example, the user may not remember the names of all medicaments he is currently taking. This problem becomes more prominent with elderly as the number of prescribed medicaments increases. The user may also mix the dosage between two different prescribed medicaments.

University of Umm Al - Qura | Date: 2016-01-07

Discussed herein are a computing device and an associated method for computing Bayesian estimation for shape parameters and reliability function of the exponentiated Weibull distribution based on dual generalized order statistics. Metropolis-Hastings algorithm is employed for computing Bayes estimates. Estimated risks for both the Bayes and ML estimates of the shape parameters (and reliability function) indicate that the estimated risks of the estimates decrease as the sample size increases and the Bayes estimates have the smallest estimated risks as compared with their corresponding maximum likelihood estimates. Furthermore, Bayesian prediction bounds for future lower record values are computed based on dual generalized order statistics.

Systems and methods are provided for people counting. The method includes acquiring video data from one or more sensors and learning parameters associated with the one or more sensors. The method further includes detecting one or more objects and extracting learned features from each of the one or more objects. The learned features are identified based on the learning parameters. The method further include detecting, using the processing circuitry and based on the learned features, one or more individuals from the one or more objects. Then, the one or more individuals are tracked based on a filter. The method further includes updating a people counter as a function of a position of each tracked individual.

University of Umm Al - Qura | Date: 2016-02-25

A counting system includes a counting apparatus, which includes a plurality of multi-sensor detectors configured to detect physical contact data and vertical range data corresponding to one or more steps across the multi-sensor detectors, and first circuitry configured to determine physical contact vectors and coordinate data from the physical contact data and the vertical range data. The counting system also includes at least one server including second circuitry configured to receive the physical contact vectors and the coordinate data from the counting apparatus, determine footprint patterns and body patterns based on the physical contact vectors and the coordinate data, and estimate a number of beings passing over the counting apparatus based on the footprint patterns and the body patterns.

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