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Viterbo, Italy

The Tuscia University is a university located in Viterbo, Italy. It was founded in 1979 and comprises 6 faculties. Wikipedia.

Serinaldi F.,University of Tuscia
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications | Year: 2010

The detection of long range dependence (LRD) is an important task in time series analysis. LRD is often summarized by the well-known Hurst parameter (or exponent) H ∈ [0, 1], which can be estimated by a number of methods. Some of these techniques are designed to be applied to signals behaving as a stationary fractional Gaussian noise (fGn), whereas others imply that the analyzed time series behave as a non-stationary fractional Brownian motion (fBm). Moreover, some estimators do not yield the Hurst parameter but indexes related to H and ranging outside the unit interval. Therefore, the fGn or fBm nature of the studied time series has to be preliminarily analyzed before applying any estimation method, and the relationships between H and the indexes resulting from the analyses have to be taken into account to obtain coherent results. Since fGn-like series represent the increments of fBm-like processes and both the signals are characterized by the same H value by definition, estimators designed for fGn-like series can be applied to fBm-like sequences after preventive differentiation, and conversely estimators designed for fBm-like processes can be applied to fGn-like series after preventive integration. The signal characterization is particularly important when H is estimated on financial time series because the returns represent the first difference of price time series, which are often assumed to behave like self-affine sequences. The analysis of simulated fGn and fBm time series shows that all the considered methods yield comparable H values when properly applied. The reanalysis of several market price time series already studied in the literature points out that a correct application of the estimators (supported by a preventive signal classification) yields homogeneous H values allowing for a useful cross-validation of results reported in different works. Moreover, some conclusions reported in the literature about the anti-persistence of some financial series are shown to be incorrect because of the inappropriate application of the estimation methods. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

Domenici F.,University of Tuscia
International journal of nanomedicine | Year: 2011

BACKGROUND: One of the main challenges in biomedicine is improvement of detection sensitivity to achieve tumor marker recognition at a very low concentration when the disease is not significantly advanced. A pivotal role in cancer defense is played by the p53 tumor suppressor, therefore its detection with high sensitivity may contribute considerably to early diagnosis of cancer. In this work, we present a new analytical method based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy which could significantly increase the sensitivity of traditional bioaffinity techniques. p53 molecules were anchored to gold nanoparticles by means of the bifunctional linker 4-aminothiophenol (4-ATP). The characteristic vibrational bands of the p53-4-ATP nanoparticle system were then used to identify the p53 molecules when they were captured by a recognition substrate comprising a monolayer of azurin in molecules possessing significant affinity for this tumor suppressor. The Raman signal enhancement achieved by 4-ATP-mediated crosslinking of p53 to 50 nm gold nanoparticles enabled detect of this protein at a concentration down to 5 × 10 -13 M. Source

Discrete multiplicative random cascade (MRC) models were extensively studied and applied to disaggregate rainfall data, thanks to their formal simplicity and the small number of involved parameters. Focusing on temporal disaggregation, the rationale of these models is based on multiplying the value assumed by a physical attribute (e.g., rainfall intensity) at a given time scale L, by a suitable number b of random weights, to obtain b attribute values corresponding to statistically plausible observations at a smaller L/b time resolution. In the original formulation of the MRC models, the random weights were assumed to be independent and identically distributed. However, for several studies this hypothesis did not appear to be realistic for the observed rainfall series as the distribution of the weights was shown to depend on the space-time scale and rainfall intensity. Since these findings contrast with the scale invariance assumption behind the MRC models and impact on the applicability of these models, it is worth studying their nature. This study explores the possible presence of dependence of the parameters of two discrete MRC models on rainfall intensity and time scale, by analyzing point rainfall series with 5-min time resolution. Taking into account a discrete microcanonical (MC) model based on beta distribution and a discrete canonical beta-logstable (BLS), the analysis points out that the relations between the parameters and rainfall intensity across the time scales are detectable and can be modeled by a set of simple functions accounting for the parameter-rainfall intensity relationship, and another set describing the link between the parameters and the time scale. Therefore, MC and BLS models were modified to explicitly account for these relationships and compared with the continuous in scale universal multifractal (CUM) model, which is used as a physically based benchmark model. Monte Carlo simulations point out that the dependence of MC and BLS parameters on rainfall intensity and cascade scales can be recognized also in CUM series, meaning that these relations cannot be considered as a definitive sign of departure from multifractality. Even though the modified MC model is not properly a scaling model (parameters depend on rainfall intensity and scale), it reproduces the empirical traces of the moments and moment exponent function as effective as the CUM model. Moreover, the MC model is able to reproduce some rainfall properties of hydrological interest, such as the distribution of event rainfall amount, wet/dry spell length, and the autocorrelation function, better than its competitors owing to its strong, albeit unrealistic, conservative nature. Therefore, even though the CUM model represents the most parsimonious and the only physically/theoretically consistent model, results provided by MC model motivate, to some extent, the interest recognized in the literature for this type of discrete models. © Author(s) 2010. Source

Scapigliati G.,University of Tuscia
Developmental and Comparative Immunology | Year: 2013

After almost 40. years of studies in comparative immunology, some light has been shed on the evolutive immunobiology of vertebrates, and experimental evidences have shown that acquired immunity, defined by somatic recombination of antigen-binding molecules and memory, is an achievement as ancient as jawless vertebrates. However, the molecular processes generating antigen receptors evolved independently between jawless and jawed fishes, and produced lymphocytic cells with similar functions but employing different sets of genes. In recent years, data have been provided describing some in vitro and in vivo functional responses of fish lymphocytes. After a long gap, the number of specific markers for fish lymphocytes is increasing, thus allowing a first characterisation of lymphocyte subsets. Overall, in the near future it will be possible to open a new chapter in fish immunology and investigate functional immunity of lymphocyte responses by combining the extensive knowledge on immune gene products with markers for molecules and cells. The present review summarizes current knowledge on functional features of fish lymphocytes. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. Source

Grandinetti F.,University of Tuscia
European Journal of Mass Spectrometry | Year: 2011

This review article surveys recent experimental and theoretical advances in the gas-phase ion chemistry of the noble gases. Covered issues include the interaction of the noble gases with metal and non-metal cations, the conceivable existence of covalent noble-gas anions, the occurrence of ion-molecule reactions involving singly-charged xenon cations and the occurrence of bond-forming reactions involving doubly-charged cations. Research themes are also highlighted, which are expected to attract further interest in the nearfuture. © IM Publications LLP 2011. All rights reserved. Source

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