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Volos, Greece

The University of Thessaly is a university in Thessaly, Greece, founded in 1984. The university is based in Volos, but operates campuses in Larissa, Trikala, Karditsa and Lamia. The university comprises five schools—Humanities and Social science, Engineering, Agricultural science, Health science and science. Each department has its own associated student organization. Wikipedia.

Argyriou A.,University of Thessaly
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications | Year: 2011

In this paper we present a cooperative medium access control (MAC) protocol that is designed for a physical layer that can decode interfering transmissions in distributed wireless networks. The proposed protocol pro-actively enforces two independent packet transmissions to interfere in a controlled and cooperative manner. The protocol ensures that when a node desires to transmit a unicast packet, regardless of the destination, it coordinates with minimal overhead with relay nodes in order to concurrently transmit over the wireless channel with a third node. The relay is responsible for allowing packets from the two selected nodes to interfere only when the desired packets can be decoded at the appropriate destinations and increase the sum-rate of the cooperative transmission. In case this is not feasible, classic cooperative or direct transmission is adopted. To enable distributed, uncoordinated, and adaptive operation of the protocol, a relay selection mechanism is introduced so that the optimal relay is selected dynamically and depending on the channel conditions. The most important advantage of the protocol is that interfering transmissions can originate from completely independent unicast transmissions from two senders. We present simulation results that validate the efficacy of our proposed scheme in terms of throughput and delay. © 2006 IEEE.

Pitsikas N.,University of Thessaly
Behavioural Brain Research | Year: 2015

The novel object recognition task (NORT) assesses recognition memory in animals. It is a non-rewarded paradigm that it is based on spontaneous exploratory behavior in rodents. This procedure is widely used for testing the effects of compounds on recognition memory. Recognition memory is a type of memory severely compromised in schizophrenic and Alzheimer's disease patients. Nitric oxide (NO) is sought to be an intra- and inter-cellular messenger in the central nervous system and its implication in learning and memory is well documented. Here I intended to critically review the role of NO-related compounds on different aspects of recognition memory. Current analysis shows that both NO donors and NO synthase (NOS) inhibitors are involved in object recognition memory and suggests that NO might be a promising target for cognition impairments. However, the potential neurotoxicity of NO would add a note of caution in this context. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have become an integral component of Physical Education (PE) and Sport Science (SS) curricula and professions. It is thus imperative that PE and SS students develop ICT skills, self-efficacy in ICT and positive attitudes towards ICT. This study was aimed at designing a computer literacy course targeted at equipping PE and SS students with core ICT skills, and at evaluating its impact on students' computer and Internet self-efficacy, attitudes towards computers and the Internet, and computer anxiety. The study also explored students' responses to the course, students' perceptions of the relevance of ICT for PE and SS professionals as well as eventual differences in the course's impact in relation to students' prior ICT experience. Participants were 89 PE and SS undergraduate students. Both quantitative and qualitative data were gathered through pretest/posttest questionnaires and transcripts of an online discussion forum. Data analysis showed that the course significantly enhanced students' computer and Internet self-efficacy and their positive attitudes towards computers and the Internet, while significantly reducing their computer anxiety. The course was very well-received by the students, who were found to fully perceive the pervasiveness of ICT in today's PE and SS professions, and who felt that they had developed valuable ICT skills. The course elicited positive responses regardless of students' prior ICT experience, although it had significantly more positive effects, in terms of computer self-efficacy, Internet self-efficacy and computer attitudes, with the students who were most in need of the course, namely those with low prior ICT experience. The findings are discussed in relation to training PE and SS students in ICT within academic settings. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Tsoumani K.T.,University of Thessaly
Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG | Year: 2011

The olive fruit fly, Bactrocera oleae, is the major pest of the olive tree. Despite its importance, very little genetic and molecular knowledge is available. The present study is a first attempt to identify and characterize B. oleae expressed sequence tags (ESTs). One hundred and ninety-five randomly selected cDNA clones were isolated and the obtained sequences were annotated through BLASTX similarity searches. A set of 159 unique putative transcripts were functionally assigned using Gene Ontology terms in broad categories of biological process, molecular function and cellular component based on D. melanogaster matches. Moreover, the cytogenetic location of 35 ESTs was determined by in situ hybridization to B. oleae polytene chromosomes. The resulting low-resolution EST map more than doubles the available entry points to the insect's genome and can assist syntenic comparisons with other distant species. The deduced codon usage of the isolated ESTs suggested a conserved pattern of B. oleae with its closest relatives. Additionally, the comparative analysis of B. oleae ESTs with the homologous D. melanogaster genes led to the development of 17 nuclear EPIC-PCR markers for the amplification of intron sequences of 11 Tephritidae species. Sequencing analysis of several cross-amplified intron sequences revealed a high degree of conservation among Bactrocera species and a varying transferability of the generated markers across the examined genera, suggesting that this method can provide a useful tool for the clarification of phylogenetic relationships among different species, particularly in cases of species complexes.

Hadar Y.,Hebrew University of Jerusalem | Papadopoulou K.K.,University of Thessaly
Annual Review of Phytopathology | Year: 2012

pressive compost provides an environment in which plant disease development is reduced, even in the presence of a pathogen and a susceptible host. Despite the numerous positive reports, its practical application is still limited. The main reason for this is the lack of reliable prediction and quality control tools for evaluation of the level and specificity of the pression effect. Plant disease pression is the direct result of the activity of consortia of antagonistic microorganisms that naturally recolonize the compost during the cooling phase of the process. Thus, it is imperative to increase the level of understanding of compost microbial ecology and population dynamics. This may lead to the development of an ecological theory for complex ecosystems as well as favor the establishment of hypothesis-driven studies. © 2012 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved.

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