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Chickasha, OK, United States

The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, or USAO, is a public liberal arts college located in Chickasha, Oklahoma. It is the only public college in Oklahoma with a strictly liberal arts-focused curriculum and is a member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges. USAO is an undergraduate-only institution and grants Bachelor's Degrees in a variety of subject areas. The school was founded in 1908 as a school for women and from 1912 to 1965 was known as Oklahoma College for Women. It became coeducational in 1965 and today educates approximately 1,000 students. In 2001, the entire Oklahoma College for Women campus was listed as a National Historic District. Wikipedia.

Carter R.T.,University of Northern Colorado | Shaw J.B.,University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma | Adams R.A.,University of Northern Colorado
Journal of Zoology | Year: 2014

A long-standing question in bat biology is if the evolution of echolocation and flight are associated or if they evolved independently, and if so, which evolved first. We seek to use ontogeny as a surrogate for understanding linkages between flight evolution and echolocation in bats. To do this we quantify the onset of recognizable sonar calls in newborn Artibeus jamaicensis and the tempo of growth and development across several different postnatal flight stages. By dropping individuals from a perch beginning on day 1 postpartum, we recorded vocalizations and quantified their flight ability into five developmental stages (flop, flutter, flap, flight and adult). One-day-old individuals were capable of emitting sonar-like frequency-modulated (FM) calls during free-fall that were not significantly different from adult sonar calls in high and low frequency (kHz). However, bandwidth (kHz) did increase significantly with age as did sweep rate (kHzms-1), whereas call duration significantly decreased. Few bats older than 18 days emitted communication calls as they fell and measured parameters of communication calls did not change significantly with age. Our data support the hypothesis that communication and sonar calls are discrete and independently derived at birth and thus have different evolutionary pathways as well. © 2014 The Zoological Society of London.

Chan Yu King R.,University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma | Roussel F.,University of Lille Nord de France | Roussel F.,Lille University of Science and Technology | Brun J.-F.,University of Orleans | And 3 more authors.
Synthetic Metals | Year: 2012

We report on the fabrication of polyaniline (PANI)/carbon nanotube (CNT) nanohybrids using a novel approach of CNT-templated polymerization process. The physical properties of the nanohybrids can be tuned by keeping a constant amount of CNTs and changing their nature, i.e., using single-walled, multiple-walled, oxidized or unoxidized. SEM investigations evidenced fibrous morphology in all PANI/CNT hybrids with nanometer-sized diameters. Spectroscopic (UV-vis, IR and Raman) analyses of the nanocomposites evidenced good π-π interactions between PANI rings and CNTs. X-ray crystallography supports the presence of nanocrystalline domains at 2θ ∼6.5°. Electrical and thermoelectric properties of nanohybrids containing: (a) unoxidized MWNTs or (b) oxidized SWNTs or oxidized MWNTs are reported for the first time. In the series of samples studied, the PANI/unoxidized SWNTs provided the most promising electrical (conductivity: σ = 530 S cm -1) and thermoelectric characteristics (seebeck coefficient: S = 33 μV K -1 and power factor: PF = 0.6 μW m -1 K -2). © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Roussel F.,Lille University of Science and Technology | Roussel F.,University of Lille Nord de France | Chen Yu King R.,University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma | Kuriakose M.,Lille University of Science and Technology | And 8 more authors.
Synthetic Metals | Year: 2015

Electrical, thermal and thermoelectric properties of chemically synthesized polyanilines (PANI)/metallic silver composites are reported and discussed in regard to their morphological features as determined by SEM. The metal-intrinsic conducting polymer power factor (PF) and figure of merit (ZT) are deduced from measurements of the electrical conductivity (σ), Seebeck coefficient (S), thermal diffusivity (α), thermal effusivity (e) and thermal conductivity (κ). It is shown that the PANI/Ag thermoelectric (TE) characteristics are much more improved as compared to those of pure PANI. In addition, the results reveal that the metal/PANI properties are inherently dependent on the volume concentration of silver and morphology of the composites. It is observed that electrical percolation takes place for samples having 16 vol% Ag content without any significant thermal percolation. The composite with 26 vol% Ag loading exhibits the best thermoelectric performance (PF ≈ 3 μW m-1 K-2; ZT ≈ 0.5 10-3). The overall enhanced TE performance of the PANI/Ag composites is attributed to an improved electrical conductivity with a concomitant limitation in the rise of thermal transport via scattering. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Vaughn J.,Oklahoma State University | Vaughn J.,University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma | Kennison S.,Oklahoma State University | Byrd-Craven J.,Oklahoma State University
Journal of Homosexuality | Year: 2014

The present research investigated how personal beliefs about homosexuality influence learning in a college course. We tested students in introductory psychology over material on the science of homosexuality by Simon LeVay (2010). All students reported information about their typical academic habits and the extent to which homosexuality was consistent with their beliefs and values. The results showed that students' personal beliefs were related to academic behaviors (e.g., reading assignments, skipping class) and retention of the course material. The results also showed that students' recall of course material six weeks later was predicted by the extent to which they reported studying information that is inconsistent with their beliefs for an exam and then forgetting it. Students who reported the material to be inconsistent with their beliefs engaged in selective forgetting of the material on homosexuality. The results provide evidence that personal beliefs can reduce the retention of belief-inconsistent information in a college course. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Sekula K.,University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) | Year: 2015

A computer application was written to complete the task of contour reduction. The application was used to complete analyses of twentieth-century post-tonal works for solo flute. The methodology of Rob Schultz’s Contour Reduction Algorithm was chosen for implementation. While contour reduction is a useful analytical tool, it is a meticulous and time-consuming process. Computer implementation of this procedure produces quick and accurate results while reducing analyst fatigue and human error. Java computer programming language is used to create a contour reduction application. This implementation greatly reduces the time needed to analyze a melody. Computer programming is combined with music analysis to produce informed and expressive musical interpretations. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.

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