Lukavica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lukavica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

University of East Sarajevo is a public university in the east the city of East Sarajevo, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is derived from the University of Sarajevo. Wikipedia.

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Maksimovic M.,University of East Sarajevo | Omanovic-Miklicanin E.,University of Sarajevo
IFMBE Proceedings | Year: 2017

The ultimate goal of any economic, technologicaland social development is to improve human health andwell-being. Thus, the society brings new requirements tonew technologies, moving towards clean and green technologydevelopment. Green nanotechnology, as a branch ofgreen technology, significantly contributes to environmentalsustainability by producing nanomaterials and nanoproductswithout harming human health and the environment, and byproducing nanoproducts that provide solutions to environmentalproblems as well. Green nanotechnology is based onthe existing principles of green chemistry and green engineering- it uses less materials and renewable inputs whereverpossible, and thereby saving energy and fuel. The mainbenefits of green nanotechnology are: increased energyefficiency, reduced waste and greenhouse gas emissions,and minimized the consumption of non-renewable raw materials. © Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2017.

Jurenoks A.,Riga Technical University | Jokic D.,University of East Sarajevo
Procedia Computer Science | Year: 2017

Nowadays the technical solutions related to energy resource management are being rapidly developed and integrated into the daily lives of people. The energy resource management systems use sensor networks for receiving and processing information during the realia time. Despite the large number of research related to increasing the life expectancy of a network, node positioning, network clustering as well as the optimization of the data-processing model, issues related to the data flow management and classification of the information become more and more topical; they allow to reduce the amount of transmitted information within the network. The network load of the unstructured information flow is the most important aspect that impacts the service quality of the network as well as the life expectancy of a node; as a result, the methods of network performance optimization and increase in life expectancy in the networks with a high information transmission rate become ineffective. Nowadays the amount of transmitted information in the Internet of Things networks is increased and becomes chaotic which results in the reduction of the overall network efficiency and life expectancy. The article discusses the management method of the network data flow that can respond to a data flow programming task whilst taking into account the balancing of the node energy in the network. © 2017 The Authors.

Motor abilities are undoubtedly very complex area and they participate in the organization of all types of movements, and in their base lies efficiency of organ systems, particularly neuromuscular, which is responsible for the intensity, the duration and the regulation of movement. It is often associated as a major factor of influence in the implementation of the results of athletic disciplines at the highest level. However, their impact on the realization of athletic disciplines is not negligible at school age. Exactly, being led by the assumption of the impact of motor abilities on the results for athletic disciplines of students was conducted this research. The study included the population of 65 male students, aged 14-15 years old from Mali Zvornik. The main objective was, by the application of regression analysis, to determine the size of the impact of the defined motor abilities (explosive strength, repetitive strength, speed, and flexibility) to success in athletic disciplines of three-team competition (60m running, long jump with a running start, shot put). The obtained results showed that the motor abilities generated a statistically significant effect in the result performance of all three athletic disciplines at the high significance level (p<0.001; p<0.005), which justified the statements and results of previous studies which analyzed the similar issues. The greatest impact of motor abilities is exerted on the results of running (Ro=0.93), followed by shot put (Ro=0.89), and the weakest in the long jump from the run-up (Ro=0.82). © 2017, Univerzitet u Travniku. All rights reserved.

Maksimovic M.,University of East Sarajevo
CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Year: 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) progress shows a positive influence on all aspects of healthcare. Enabling access to high-quality healthcare to anyone, from anywhere are the main advantages of the IoT-driven e-health systems. Increasing numbers of medical devices and sensors and 24/7 monitoring of health parameters, consequently lead to enormous quantities and varieties of data. Having in mind the amounts of generated data and importance of on-time diagnosis and decision making as well as a significance of fast reactions in a case of detected abnormalities, transmitting all data to the Cloud for analysis may not be appropriate. For that reason, implementing a Fog computing, which realizes mini analytic processing centers at the edge of the network, appears as a better approach. This paper analyzes the manners and benefits of implementing Fog computing in the IoT-driven e-health systems. It is expected that the IoT and Fog computing together will revolutionize healthcare like nothing else before. Copyright © 2017 held by the authors.

This paper presents a comparison of voltage mode control (VMC) and two current mode control (CMC) methods of noninverting buck-boost converter. The converter control-to-output transfer function, line-to-output transfer function and the output impedance are obtained for all methods by averaging converter equations over one switching period and applying small-signal linearization. The obtained results are required for the design procedure of feedback compensator to keep a system stable and robust. A comparative study of VMC, peak current mode control (PCMC) and dual-current mode control (DCMC) is performed. Performance evaluation of the closed-loop system with obtained compensator between these methods is performed via numerical simulations.

Radic N.,University of East Sarajevo | Jeremic D.,University of East Sarajevo
Composites Part B: Engineering | Year: 2017

This paper deals with the vibration and buckling behaviour of orthotropic double -layered graphene sheets with various boundary conditions in a hygrothermal environment. Two graphene sheets are coupled by an elastic media and also limited to the external Pasternak elastic foundations. The governing equations of motion and equilibrium are derived using Hamilton's principle and then solved using Galerkin's method. The general equations for transverse vibration and buckling of orthotropic double-layered graphene sheets subjected to in-plane edge hygrothemal loadings are formulated on the basis of Eringen's differential nonlocal elastic law and the new first order shear deformation theory. The accuracy of the present solutions is demonstrated by comparison with solutions available in the literature. Numerical results are presented to show variations of the frequency and critical buckling load corresponding to various values of the nonlocal parameter, temperature rise, moisture rise, elastic foundation parameter, and aspect ratio. Also, seven different boundary conditions are discussed in the paper. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd

Pavlovic R.,University of East Sarajevo
Journal of Physical Education and Sport | Year: 2016

One of the factors that, in the modern way of life and work, has an important role in preserving the abilities and health of the human body is certainly a physical activity. A very common way of assessing the state of aerobic fitness of a particular population are diagnostic tests on the basis of which we receive the necessary information when it comes to general physical condition of a defined population. This diagnostic evaluation is usually performed in the laboratory (direct methods), however, available and reliable data are about high reliability in the performance of some field tests (indirect methods). Depending on the field conditions, very often these measurements are performed using estimates of general ability (test UKK 2km). To perform this test data about body height, body weight, BMI, the values of the pulse rate and walking time during the test must be contained in it. Based on testing using the UKK 2km are obtained Fitness Index values (FINDEX) and maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) of students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, in order to determine and define the physical condition of respondents. The results showed that the fitness index (101.89) in the upper zone average (101.89) and VO2max = 47.26 reflects good shape. © JPES.

Banjanin M.S.,University of East Sarajevo
Electric Power Components and Systems | Year: 2017

In this paper, application of gapless transmission line arresters (TLAs) in substation lightning protection is analyzed. Deterministic calculations in accordance with IEC 62305 are performed. Substations with non-standard configuration equipped with Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), long cables, and a direct cable connecting GIS and power transformer are considered. It is concluded that 220- and 400-kV substations lightning performance can be significantly improved by using TLAs at only one or two overhead line towers in front of the substation. In some cases, TLAs provide better lightning protection of power transformer than surge arresters installed in GIS. Positive effects of TLAs application are noticed both in the case of back-flashovers and in the case of shielding failures. TLAs energy stress increases with the decrease of the system rated voltage. Maximum estimated values in the analyzed substations are below 2.5 and 0.5 kJ/kVr for TLAs installed in 220- and 400-kV systems, respectively. 2017 Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

Agency: European Commission | Branch: H2020 | Program: MSCA-RISE | Phase: MSCA-RISE-2015 | Award Amount: 2.12M | Year: 2016

MAST4HEALTH is set on the concept of a multidisciplinary approach to assess a non-pharmacological intervention for managing NAFLD/NASH, one of the most common complications of obesity and diabetes mellitus in Western populations affecting approximately 50% of diabetics and 76% of obese patients. Because of limitations in current NAFLD treatment therapies, many new efforts focus on exploring non-pharmacologic means for managing the disease and in particular through dietary substances or bioactive phytochemicals in fruits, vegetables, and plants or their products. MAST4HEALTH aims at exploring the effect of Mastiha, a natural product of Greece which was recently shown to possess antioxidant/anti-inflammatory and lipid lowering properties. We designed a multicenter randomized double blind placebo controlled (parallel arm) clinical trial to test the effectiveness of Mastiha supplement as new non-pharmacologic strategy for NAFLD/NASH treatment. MAST4HEALTH will explore gene-diet interactions, more specifically the potential personalized activity of the Mastiha, and correlate genetic and epigenetic markers with metabolomic and intestinal microbiota profiles pre- and post-intervention. The effectiveness of the proposed intervention will be evaluated via clinical and laboratory markers of the disease. To this end, MAST4HEALTH will train a number of researchers and PhD students in multidisciplinary approaches of this survey. MAST4HEALTH is expected to build and enhance cooperation among partners meanwhile strengthening the interaction between our academic and non-academic sectors

Mutabdzija G.,University of East Sarajevo
European Countryside | Year: 2016

In this paper, emphasis is placed on the complexity of rural-urban relations and their reflection on the important socio-geographical processes, from de-agrarian and migration to the creation of new settlements and strengthening nodality individual centres. A clear polarization in urban and rural areas is more difficult due to the lack of adequate statistical indicators or deployment of institutions with different degree of importance, population density and distance from major city, providing sufficiently clear evidence of the degree of urbanity of local communities. This can be best seen in the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) which is sparsely populated country with an average of 74 inhabitants/km2. Since there is a clear correlation between this indicator and sustainable development, increasing urbanization rates, which can stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty, is set as the primary social objective. Many developing countries looking for a way better governance of rural-urban relations, as one of the elements of inclusive growth, as a crucial element in the development of any society through innovation (industry) and harmonious territorial relations (urban-rural). Since BiH has a negative historical heritage but also unfavourable indicators of the degree of urbanization (40%), macroeconomic stability (29% of the GDP of the EU average) and the degree of innovation (44% compared to Switzerland) it is clear that should be analyzed and rural-urban relations as one of the signposts along the way of creating a better and healthier society. © 2016 Goran Mutabdzija, published by De Gruyter Open.

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