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San Bernardo, Chile

The University of Santiago, Chile is one of the oldest public universities in Chile. The institution was born as Escuela de Artes y Oficios in 1849, under the government of Manuel Bulnes. It became Universidad Técnica del Estado in 1947, with various campuses throughout the country. In 1981, as a consequence of a reform on higher education under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, it became what is now known as Universidad de Santiago de Chile, with all activities centered in a single 340,000 m² campus in the capital Santiago. Wikipedia.

In vitro method to modify the deplexion profile of Treg Cells present in a total splenocyte population of a biological sample comprising isolating, cultivating and submitting the splenocyte at a ATP medium and polymyx B, where the splenocytes at concentrations of Polymyxin B in the range 0.1 g/ml to 100 g/ml, and combined use of Polymyxin B and ATP to prepare a medicament useful in the treatment tumor or cancer mammals, where cancer is melamine.

The present invention relates to a filter material for water filters based on inorganic surfaces, whether they are natural or synthetic that it is regenerated after its first use and a method for activating and regenerating the filter material by the use of inert salt solutions and the energy provided by microwaves.

University of Santa María in Ecuador and University of Santiago de Chile | Date: 2015-06-01

The invention provides a method for verifying the age of an animal providing meat using volatile profiles that comprises the step of providing a sample of animal meat. The method uses one or more chemical analyses to obtain a profile of a set of volatile organic compounds from a sample of meat from an animal. The profile is fit to a mathematically discriminating function resulting. The data obtained is analyzed in order to establish a correlation between the age of the animal (tooth development) and volatiles exuded by meat.

University of Santiago de Chile | Date: 2014-10-01

The invention proposes a container further extending the shelf life of foods, particularly berries, by including an active agent having antifungal capability into the container surface so that when the fruit is packaged inside the container it is permanently exerted an antifungal effect over the surface, which is the place on the longer determinants occurs, but also contributing to preserve the general environment. Also it proposes a preparation process and its use.

Disclosed is a process to extract peptides and maltodextrins from

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