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Rochester, NY, United States

The University of Rochester is a private, nonsectarian, research university in Rochester, New York, United States. The university grants undergraduate and graduate degrees, including doctoral and professional degrees. The university has six schools and various interdisciplinary programs.The University of Rochester is noted for its Eastman School of Music. The university is also home to the Institute of Optics, founded in 1929, the nation's first educational program devoted exclusively to optics. Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics is home to the second most energetic fusion laser in the world.In its history, five university alumni, two faculty, and one senior research associate at Strong Memorial Hospital have been awarded a Nobel Prize; eight alumni and four faculty members have won a Pulitzer Prize, and 19 faculty members have been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. Faculty and alumni of Rochester make up nearly one-quarter of the scientists on the board advising NASA in the development of the James Webb Space Telescope, which will replace the Hubble Space Telescope as of 2011. The departments of political science and economics have made a significant and consistent impact on positivist social science since the 1960s; the distinctive, mathematical approach pioneered at Rochester and closely affiliated departments is known as the Rochester school, and Rochester graduates and former affiliates are highly represented at faculties across top economics and political science departments. The University of Rochester, across all of its schools and campuses, enrolls approximately 5,600 undergraduates and 4,600 graduate students. Its 158 buildings house over 200 academic majors. Additionally, Rochester is the largest employer in the Greater Rochester area and the sixth largest employer in the New York. Wikipedia.

Presgraves D.C.,University of Rochester
Nature Reviews Genetics | Year: 2010

All plant and animal species arise by speciation ĝ€" the evolutionary splitting of one species into two reproductively incompatible species. But until recently our understanding of the molecular genetic details of speciation was slow in coming and largely limited to Drosophila species. Here, I review progress in determining the molecular identities and evolutionary histories of several new 'speciation genes' that cause hybrid dysfunction between species of yeast, flies, mice and plants. The new work suggests that, surprisingly, the first steps in the evolution of hybrid dysfunction are not necessarily adaptive. © 2010 Macmillan Publishers Limited. All rights reserved. Source

University of Rochester | Date: 2015-10-23

A sensor chip for detecting an immune response against an influenza virus, the sensor chip including a substrate having a surface and a plurality of hemagglutinin polypeptides bound to discrete locations on the surface of the substrate, each hemagglutinin polypeptide having a hemagglutinin epitope. Detection devices containing the sensor chip and methods of detecting influenza immune responses are also described herein.

Systems and methods of pulse-echo imaging using stabilized symmetric pulses are described. The systems and methods are based on the development of a class of symmetric, i.e., two sided, functions that can be designed and utilized as stabilized pulses. Stabilized pulses are pulses having stable inverse filters, and have previously only been established for asymmetric functions. The systems and methods described herein can be used for super-resolution pulse-echo imaging, for example super-resolution ultrasound imaging.

A metal or metal alloy including a region with hierarchical micro-scale and nano-scale structure shapes, the surface region is super-hydrophobic and has a spectral reflectance of less than 30% for at least some wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in the range of 0.1 m to 10 m. Methods for forming the hierarchical micro-scale and nano-scale structure shapes on the metal or metal alloy are also described.

University of Rochester and Isis Pharmaceuticals | Date: 2015-07-30

Provided herein are methods, compounds, and compositions for reducing expression of a DMPK mRNA and protein in an animal. Also provided herein are methods, compounds, and compositions for preferentially reducing CUGexp DMPK RNA, reducing myotonia or reducing spliceopathy in an animal. Such methods, compounds, and compositions are useful to treat, prevent, delay, or ameliorate type 1 myotonic dystrophy, or a symptom thereof.

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