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Hooman K.,University of QueenslandQld | Sauret E.,University of Queensland | Dahari M.,University of Malaya
Applied Thermal Engineering | Year: 2015

(Figure Presented) The aim of this paper is to obtain the momentum transfer coefficient between the two phases, denoted by f and p, occupying a bi-disperse porous medium by mapping the available experimental data to the theoretical model proposed by Nield and Kuznetsov [1]. Data pertinent to plate-fin heat exchangers, as bi-disperse porous media, were used. The measured pressure drops for such heat exchangers are then used to give the overall permeability which is linked to the porosity and permeability of each phase as well as the interfacial momentum transfer coefficient between the two phases. Accordingly, numerical values are obtained for the momentum transfer coefficient for three different fin spacing values considered in the heat exchanger experiments. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

Patch B.,University of QueenslandQld | Patch B.,University of Amsterdam | Taimre T.,University of Amsterdam | Nazarathy Y.,University of Amsterdam
Performance Evaluation Review | Year: 2015

We consider a finite capacity Erlang loss system that alternates between active and inactive states according to a two state modulating Markov process. Work arrives to the system as a Poisson process but is blocked from entry when the system is at capacity or inactive. Blocked jobs cost the owner a fixed amount that depends on whether blockage was due to the system being at capacity or due to the system being inactive. Jobs which are present in the system when it becomes inactive pause processing until the system becomes active again. A Laplace transform expression for the expected undiscounted revenue lost in [0, t] due to blocking is found. Further, an expression for the total time discounted expected lost revenue in [0,∞) is provided. We also derive a second order approximation to the former that can be used when the computing power to invert the Laplace transform is not available. These expressions can be used to ascribe a value to four alternatives for improving system performance: (i) increasing capacity, (ii) increasing the service rate, (iii) increasing the repair rate, or (iv) decreasing the failure rate. Source

Schmidberger J.W.,University of Sydney | Sharifi Tabar M.,University of Sydney | Torrado M.,University of Sydney | Silva A.P.G.,University of Sydney | And 7 more authors.
Protein Science | Year: 2016

The nucleosome remodeling and deacetylase (NuRD) complex remodels the genome in the context of both gene transcription and DNA damage repair. It is essential for normal development and is distributed across multiple tissues in organisms ranging from mammals to nematode worms. In common with other chromatin-remodeling complexes, however, its molecular mechanism of action is not well understood and only limited structural information is available to show how the complex is assembled. As a step towards understanding the structure of the NuRD complex, we have characterized the interaction between two subunits: the metastasis associated protein MTA1 and the histone-binding protein RBBP4. We show that MTA1 can bind to two molecules of RBBP4 and present negative stain electron microscopy and chemical crosslinking data that allow us to build a low-resolution model of an MTA1-(RBBP4)2 subcomplex. These data build on our understanding of NuRD complex structure and move us closer towards an understanding of the biochemical basis for the activity of this complex. © 2016 The Protein Society Source

Haxholm G.W.,Copenhagen University | Nikolajsen L.F.,Copenhagen University | Olsen J.G.,Copenhagen University | Fredsted J.,Copenhagen University | And 6 more authors.
Biochemical Journal | Year: 2015

Class 1 cytokine receptors regulate essential biological processes through complex intracellular signalling networks. However, the structural platform for understanding their functions is currently incomplete as structure-function studies of the intracellular domains (ICDs) are critically lacking. The present study provides the first comprehensive structural characterization of any cytokine receptor ICD and demonstrates that the human prolactin (PRL) receptor (PRLR) and growth hormone receptor (GHR) ICDs are intrinsically disordered throughout their entire lengths. We show that they interact specifically with hallmark lipids of the inner plasma membrane leaflet through conserved motifs resembling immuno receptor tyrosine-based activation motifs (ITAMs). However, contrary to the observations made for ITAMs, lipid association of the PRLR and GHR ICDs was shown to be unaccompanied by changes in transient secondary structure and independent of tyrosine phosphorylation. The results of the present study provide a new structural platform for studying class 1 cytokine receptors andmay implicate the membrane as an active component regulating intracellular signalling. © The Authors Journal compilation © 2015 Biochemical Society. Source

Zhang M.,University of QueenslandQld | Yu H.,University of QueenslandQld | Lyu M.,University of QueenslandQld | Wang Q.,University of QueenslandQld | And 2 more authors.
Chemical Communications | Year: 2014

Mixed halide perovskites CH3NH3PbBr3-xClx (x = 0.6-1.2) with different compositions of halogens exhibit drastically changed optical properties. In particular, the thin films prepared with these perovskites demonstrate extraordinary photoluminescence emission intensities and prolonged recombination lifetimes up to 446 ns, which are desirable for light emitting and photovoltaic applications. This journal is © the Partner Organisations 2014. Source

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