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Ottawa, Canada

The Université du Québec en Outaouais is a branch of the Université du Québec located in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. As of September 2010, combined enrolment at UQO's Gatineau and Saint-Jérôme campuses was 6,017, of which 4,738 were undergraduates and 1,279 postgraduate students. UQO offers more than 100 programs of study, including 30 master's and 5 doctoral programs.It was named after Quebec's Outaouais region. Outaouais borders Ottawa and is part of the National Capital Region, where a large proportion of the population is bilingual. Wikipedia.

Gosselin E.,University of Quebec at Outaouais | Lemyre L.,University of Ottawa | Corneil W.,University of Ottawa
Journal of Occupational Health Psychology | Year: 2013

In the past it was assumed that work attendance equated to performance. It now appears that healthrelated loss of productivity can be traced equally to workers showing up at work as well as to workers choosing not to. Presenteeism in the workplace, showing up for work while sick, seems now more prevalent than absenteeism. These findings are forcing organizations to reconsider their approaches regarding regular work attendance. Given this, and echoing recommendations in the literature, this study seeks to identify the main behavioral correlates of presenteeism and absenteeism in the workplace. Comparative analysis of the data from a representative sample of executives from the Public Service of Canada enables us to draw a unique picture of presenteeism and absenteeism with regards not only to the impacts of health disorders but also to the demographic, organizational, and individual factors involved. Results provide a better understanding of the similarities and differences between these phenomena, and more specifically, of the differentiated influence of certain variables. These findings provide food for thought and may pave the way to the development of new organizational measures designed to manage absenteeism without creating presenteeism. © 2013 American Psychological Association. Source

Fraigniaud P.,University Paris Diderot | Pelc A.,University of Quebec at Outaouais
Annual ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures | Year: 2010

The aim of rendezvous in a graph is meeting of two mobile agents at some node of an unknown anonymous connected graph. The two identical agents start from arbitrary nodes in the graph and move from node to node with the goal of meeting. In this paper, we focus on rendezvous in trees, and, analogously to the efforts that have been made for solving the exploration problem with compact automata, we study the size of memory of mobile agents that permits to solve the rendezvous problem deterministically. Werst show that if the delay between the starting times of the agents is arbitrary, then the lower bound on memory required for rendezvous is Ω (log n) bits, even for the line of length n. This lower bound meets a previously known upper bound of O(log n) bits for rendezvous in arbitrary trees of size at most n. Our main result is a proof that the amount of memory needed for rendezvous with simultaneous start depends essentially on the number ℓ of leaves of the tree, and is exponentially less impacted by the number n of nodes. Indeed, we present two identical agents with O(log ℓ+log log n) bits of memory that solve the rendezvous problem in all trees with at most n nodes and at most ℓ leaves. Hence, for the class of trees with polylogarithmically many leaves, there is an exponential gap in minimum memory size needed for rendezvous between the scenario with arbitrary delay and the scenario with delay zero. Moreover, we show that our upper bound is optimal by proving that Ω (log ℓ + log log n) bits of memory is required for rendezvous, even in the class of trees with degrees bounded by 3. Source

Kilpatrick K.,University of Quebec at Outaouais
Nursing leadership (Toronto, Ont.) | Year: 2010

The acute care nurse practitioner (ACNP) role was developed in Canada in the late 1980s to offset rapidly increasing physician workloads in acute care settings and to address the lack of continuity of care for seriously ill patients and increased complexity of care delivery. These challenges provided an opportunity to develop an advanced practice nursing role to care for critically ill patients with the intent of improving continuity of care and patient outcomes. For this paper, we drew on the ACNP-related findings of a scoping review of the literature and key informant interviews conducted for a decision support synthesis on advanced practice nursing. The synthesis revealed that ACNPs are working in a range of clinical settings. While ACNPs are trained at the master's level, there is a gap in specialty education for ACNPs. Important barriers to the full integration of ACNP roles into the Canadian healthcare system include lack of full utilization of role components, limitations to scope of practice, inconsistent team acceptance and funding issues. Facilitators to ACNP role implementation include clear communication about the role, with messages tailored to the specific information needs of various stakeholder groups; supportive leadership of healthcare managers; and stable and predictable funding. The status of ACNP roles continues to evolve across Canada. Ongoing leadership and continuing research are required to enhance the integration of these roles into our healthcare system. Source

Kumar M.,Indian Institute of Technology Delhi | Kumar A.,Indian Institute of Technology Delhi | Tripathi S.M.,University of Quebec at Outaouais
Optics Communications | Year: 2014

A comparative study of the temperature sensitivities of the single-multi-single mode (SMS) fiber structures employing step-index and graded-index multimode fibers (MMFs), for two different doping concentrations of GeO2 in MMF core, is carried out. The temperature sensitivity for graded-index MMF is found to be much larger (approx. 45-285 times) for the entire range of wavelength operation (0.7-1.6 μm). A physical explanation of the observed behavior is also presented. The study should be useful in designing various fiber optic multimode interference based devices with high or low temperature sensitivities. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. Source

Kilpatrick K.,University of Quebec at Outaouais
Canadian journal of cardiovascular nursing = Journal canadien en soins infirmiers cardio-vasculaires | Year: 2011

Acute care nurse practitioners (ACNPs) provide advanced nursing care to patients and families who are experiencing a complex acute, critical or chronic health condition. A clear understanding of ACNP activities may facilitate the deployment of ACNP roles in health care teams. Time and motion studies represent the gold standard to measure clinician work time. A time and motion tool to measure cardiology ACNP activities was developed and pilot-tested in two organizations. The researcher produced a valid and reliable tool. The inter-observer agreement was 0.94 following the pilot study. A training guide and a training schedule were produced to support the use of the time and motion tool. Each activity was defined to facilitate the coding of ACNP activities. A validated tool can contribute to our knowledge of ACNP activities and role components, and identify the ACNPs' contributions to patient care and the functioning of the health care team. Source

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