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Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

The University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez or Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez in Spanish , is a land-grant, sea-grant, space-grant state university located in the city of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. UPRM is the second-largest university campus of the University of Puerto Rico system.UPRM has been accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education since 1946. Also, the engineering undergraduate program is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology , the nursing undergraduate program is accredited by the National League for Nursing and the Chemistry Department is recognized by the American Chemical Society . The College of Business Administration is going through the process of the AACSB accreditation. The Mayagüez campus of the University of Puerto Rico has been a member of Oak Ridge Associated Universities since 1966.UPRM continues its development in the best tradition of a land-grant institution. It is a co-educational, bilingual, and non-sectarian school comprising the Colleges of Agricultural science, Arts and science, Business Administration, Engineering and the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies. The College of Agricultural science includes the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Agricultural Extension Service. In 2009, the campus population was composed of 12,108 students, 1,924 regular staff members and 1,037 members of the education staff. Wikipedia.

Macpherson-Sanchez A.E.,University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
American Journal of Public Health | Year: 2015

Physiological mechanisms promote weight gain after famine. Because eating disorders, obesity, and dieting limit food intake, they are famine-like experiences. The development of the concept of meeting an ideal weight was the beginning of increasing obesity. Weight stigma, the perception of being fat, lack of understanding of normal growth and development, and increased concern about obesity on the part of health providers, parents, and caregivers have reinforced each other to promote dieting. Because weight suppression and disinhibition provoke long-term weight increase, dieting is a major factor producing the obesity epidemic. The integrated eating disorder-obesity theory included in this article emphasizes that, contrary to dieters, lifetime weight maintainers depend on physiological processes to control weight and experience minimal weight change. © 2015, American Public Health Association Inc. All rights reserved. Source

Torres-Lugo M.,University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez | Rinaldi C.,University of Florida
Nanomedicine | Year: 2013

Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of hyperthermia as an adjuvant for chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, significant clinical challenges have been encountered, such as a broader spectrum of toxicity, lack of patient tolerance, temperature control and significant invasiveness. Hyperthermia induced by magnetic nanoparticles in high-frequency oscillating magnetic fields, commonly termed magnetic fluid hyperthermia, is a promising form of heat delivery in which thermal energy is supplied at the nanoscale to the tumor. This review discusses the mechanisms of heat dissipation of iron oxide-based magnetic nanoparticles, current methods and challenges to deliver heat in the clinic, and the current work related to the use of magnetic nanoparticles for the thermal-chemopotentiation of therapeutic drugs. © 2013 Future Medicine Ltd. Source

Sridhar L.N.,University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
AIChE Journal | Year: 2011

Fermentation processes that are used to produce ethanol exhibit oscillatory behavior and for periods of time during these oscillations, ethanol production decreases substantially and there is considerable loss of residual substrates. There has been a considerable amount of work demonstrating oscillatory behavior in fermentation processes. The aim of this work is to demonstrate simple strategies to eliminate the oscillatory behavior in fermentation processes involving both Zymomonas mobilis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The oscillatory behavior is caused by the existence of Hopf bifurcations and it is demonstrated that very minor changes in the input conditions can eliminate the Hopf bifurcation points. In the case of Zymomonas mobilis, it is shown that the addition of a small amount of substrate and/or the key component of the biomass and/or product in the input stream causes the disappearance of the Hopf bifurcation points while in Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation process, a very minor increase in the input oxygen supply produces the same result. The aim of this work is not only to demonstrate the existence of the Hopf bifurcations in the fermentation problems, but also to provide strategies to eliminate them. © 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). Source

Leonardi S.,University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez | Castro I.P.,University of Southampton
Journal of Fluid Mechanics | Year: 2010

Computations of channel flow with rough walls comprising staggered arrays of cubes having various plan area densities are presented and discussed. The cube height h is 12.5% of the channel half-depth and Reynolds numbers (uτh/v) are typically around 700-well into the fully rough regime. A direct numerical simulation technique, using an immersed boundary method for the obstacles, was employed with typically 35 million cells. It is shown that the surface drag is predominantly form drag, which is greatest at an area coverage around 15%. The height variation of the axial pressure force across the obstacles weakens significantly as the area coverage decreases, but is always largest near the top of the obstacles. Mean flow velocity and pressure data allow precise determination of the zero-plane displacement (defined as the height at which the axial surface drag force acts) and this leads to noticeably better fits to the log-law region than can be obtained by using the zero-plane displacement merely as a fitting parameter. There are consequent implications for the value of von Kármán's constant. As the effective roughness of the surface increases, it is also shown that there are significant changes to the structure of the turbulence field around the bottom boundary of the inertial sublayer. In distinct contrast to two-dimensional roughness (longitudinal or transverse bars), increasing the area density of this three-dimensional roughness leads to a monotonic decrease in normalized vertical stress around the top of the roughness elements. Normalized turbulence stresses in the outer part of the flows are nonetheless very similar to those in smooth-wall flows. © 2010 Cambridge University Press. Source

Singh S.P.,University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez | Singh S.P.,National Physical Laboratory India
Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology | Year: 2011

The development of an innovative platform for cancer theranostics that will be capable of noninvasive imaging and treatment of cancerous tumors using biocompatible and multifunctional Fe 3O 4-ZnO core-shell magnetic quantum dots (M-QDs) is being explored. This multi-functional approach will facilitate deep tumor targeting using a combination of a specific cancer marker and an external magnetic field will simultaneously provide therapy that may evolve as a new paradigm in cancer theranostics. Copyright © 2011 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved. Source

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