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Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia

Background/Aim. Flapless implant surgery has become very important issue during recent years, mostly thanks to computerization of dentistry and software planning of dental implants placements. The aim of this study was to compare flap and flapless surgical techniques for implant placement through radiographic and radiofrequency analyses. Methods. The experiment was made in five domestic pigs. Nine weeks following domestic pigs teeth extraction, implants were placed, on the right side using surgical technique flap, and flapless on the left side. Digital dental Xrays were applied to determine primary dental implant stability quality (ISQ). At certain intervals, not later than three months, the experimental animals were sacrificed, and just before it, control X-rays were applied to measure dental implants stability. Results. Radiographic analysis showed that peri-implant bone resorption in the first 4 weeks following placement implants with flap and flapless surgical techniques was negligible. After the 3 months, mean value of peri-implant bone resorption of the implants placed using flap tehnique was 1.86 mm, and of those placed using flapless tehnique was 1.13 mm. In relation to the primary dental implant stability in the first and second week there was an expected decrease in ISQ values, but it was less expressed in the dental implants placed using the flapless technique. In the third week the ISQ values were increased in the dental implants placed by using both techniques, but the increase in flapless implant placement was higher (7.4 ISQ) than in flap implant placement (1.5 ISQ). The upward trend continued in a 4- week period, and after 3 months the dental implant stability values in the implants placed using flap technique were higher than the primary stability for 7.1 ISQ, and in the implants placed using flapless technique were higher comparing to the primary stability for 10.1 ISQ units. Conclusion. Based on the results of radiographic and resonance frequency analyses it can be concluded that the flapless technique in surgical implants placemat, leads to better results.

Antonov V.,Polytechnic University of Mozambique | Dolianin D.,University of Pristina Kosovska Mitrovica | Romanovski V.G.,University of Maribor | Toth J.,Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Match | Year: 2016

We propose an approach for the qualitative investigation of polynomial systems of ODEs based on algorithms of computational commutative algebra. It can be applied to study various models of chemical reactions derived using the mass action law. Using it we find all families of systems with invariant planes different from x = 0, y = 0 and z = 0 in the May-Leonard asymmetric model, which is a threedimensional Lotka-Volterra system depending on six parameters. Then we prove existence of periodic solutions for some of these families.

Stojanovic-Tasic M.,University of Pristina Kosovska Mitrovica | Grgurevic A.,University of Belgrade | Trajkovic G.,University of Belgrade | Pekmezovic T.,University of Belgrade
Substance Use and Misuse | Year: 2016

Background: There are many factors that affect smoking behavior. Objective: The aim of our study was to identify the most important risk factors related to smoking in the sample population of students at the University of Belgrade with a special emphasize on the family role. Methods: The cross-sectional study was conducted in a population of 2,000 students of the Belgrade University. Four faculties (Medicine, Geography, Economics, and Electrical Engineering) from which the students participating in this research were chosen by the method of random choice, conducted in the period April-June 2010. Results: Independent risk factors for smoking in students, assessed by multivariate logistic regression analysis, included: repeating a year (odds ratio (OR) = 1.67, p <.001), the number of hours spent in the rooms where others smoke (OR = 2.86, p <.001), brother smoker (OR = 1.88, p <.001), sister smoker (OR = 2.33, p <.001), knowledge about the association between smoking and lung cancer (OR = 0.31, p <.001), and depression (OR = 1.02, p =.013). Conclusion: Bearing in mind the influence of siblings, prevention, and intervention efforts should be focused more on family members than on the broader social environment. The results also indicate the need to develop a conscience on a healthy life style and to educate people to enhance and improve their health control. © 2016 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Mihailovic Z.,University of Belgrade | Atanasijevic T.,University of Belgrade | Popovic V.,University of Belgrade | Milosevic M.B.,University of Pristina Kosovska Mitrovica | Sperhake J.P.,University of Hamburg
American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology | Year: 2012

The relationship between the postmortem interval and the potassium concentration in the vitreous humor has been described by different authors. A limitation of most previous studies might be that all of the vitreous humor has been extracted in 1 sample from different subjects and that the sample was therefore inhomogeneous. In 32 traumatic deaths with known postmortem intervals, small quantities of vitreous humor have been sampled repetitively in 3-hour interval. The bodies were stored at 20°C. The average concentrations of potassium in relation to the postmortem interval were 6.11 to 14.46 mmol/L. An equation that allows accurate prediction of the postmortem interval was established: postmortem interval (h) = 2.749 × [K] - 11.978. Copyright © 2012 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Mihailovic Z.,University of Belgrade | Atanasijevic T.,University of Belgrade | Popovic V.,University of Belgrade | Milosevic M.B.,University of Pristina Kosovska Mitrovica
Medicine, Science and the Law | Year: 2011

Vitreous humour (VH) is a useful medium for postmortem analysis. During the supravital period, anaerobic glycolysis that occurs results in the increased lactate concentration (L) in cytosol. We analysed the concentration of lactic acid in 567 samples of VH from 63 autopsy cases by a repetitive withdrawal of VH from the same corpse, while the outside temperature remained constant. The samples were taken from the same eye in Intervals of three hours for the period of 24 hours. The subjects were divided into two groups: group 1 included individuals who died during winter and were kept for analysis at 4 °C, while group 2 consisted of those who died during spring and autumn (continental climate) and were stored at 20°C Only the cases of a sudden traumatic death of previously healthy Individuals were included in the study. Statistically significant correlation of L against postmortem interval (PMI) was observed in the group 1 experiment (r = 0.675; P < 0.01), but the effect of hypothermia made the estimation of PMI practically impossible. A much stronger correlation of L against PMI was observed in group 2 (r = 0.866, P < 0.01); a functional relationship between PMI and L were demonstrated using the formula PMI = 1.696 x L - 10.562, which enabled more accurate prediction of the PMI.

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