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Prishtine, Serbia

Klinaku S.,University of Prishtina
Physics Essays | Year: 2014

The motion of a body means its displacement relative to a reference system. However, the relative motion is a displacement of a reference system, which carries a moving body, relative to another reference system, which is at rest. The first motion can be called simple motion because it represents the motion of a single body with respect to a reference system; the second motionï¿ relative motionï¿appears to be a compound motion because there are two simultaneous motions. While there is a difference between these two motions, physics can determine the condition of existence of relative motion. This is the aim of this study. The definition of this condition is very important for the correct explanation of relative motion. The theory of special relativity (TSR) consistently violates this condition in explaining relative motion. Due to this violation, the TSR often draws conclusions for relative motion involving simple motion. Thus, the violation of the conditions of the existence of relative motion results in erroneous conclusions in TSR. © 2014 Physics Essays Publication.

Morina Q.,University of Prishtina
Medicinski arhiv | Year: 2013

Shunting a hydrocephalus is among the most commonly performed neurosurgical procedures. Hydrocephalus constitute a significant medical problem in terms of urgency and treatment. Shunting of cerebrospinal fluid has dramatically reduced the morbidity and mortality of hydrocephalus, but they have potential complications that may need multiple surgical procedures during a patient's lifespan. We evaluated the following individual characteristics in relation to shunt complication rates: sex, ethnicity, age at the time of the first shunt placement (1 month [neonate], 1 to 12 months [infant], 1 to 18 years [child], 18 years [adult]), hydrocephalus type (spina bifida, congenital excluding spina bifida, communicating, obstructive) and socioeconomic status. In this retrospective study 193 patients were analyzed, unfortunately 27 where lost in the procedure of follow up and 12 died this patients were excluded from studies. Obstructive hydrocephalus (47.9%) was the most common diagnosis followed by communicating hydrocephalus (13.3%). Patients with ventriculoperitoneal shunt that were followed over time in 37% of cases experienced at least one surgical shunt complication during the study period and 13% of patients had multiple shunt complications. The causes for shunt malfunction include shunt infection, obstruction, distal catheter migration, shunt disconnection etc. Neonates and children experienced the highest complication rates. By 5 years of follow-up almost half of the children required a repeat surgical procedure. Children with obstructive hydrocephalus experienced the greatest risk of needing an initial shunt revision. Ventriculoperitoneal shunts constitute a significant medical problem, in terms of both urgency of treatment and economic costs. In conclusion, young infants are at highest risk for CSF shunt revision.

Micic A.D.,University of Prishtina | Matausek M.R.,University of Belgrade
Journal of Process Control | Year: 2014

The proposed PID controller optimization is based on the frequency response of a process Gp(s) and maximization of the proportional gain, under constraints on the desired sensitivity to measurement noise, desired maximum sensitivity and desired maximum complementary sensitivity. The set-point and load disturbance step responses with negligible overshoot are obtained for stable processes, processes with oscillatory dynamics, integrating and unstable processes. Simulations, with a band-limited white noise added to the controlled variable, and experimental results, on a laboratory thermal plant with noisy measurements, are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed PID optimization method. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

Berisha-Namani M.,University of Prishtina
International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies | Year: 2013

Information technology developed very fast, and today's marketing activities are not possible without the help of information technology. Furthermore, it is difficult to think of a policy domain not affected by usage of information technology. Information technology is making possible and creating connections between businesses and organizations. The implications of information technology usage in marketing activities are profound too. Using information technology, companies possess the potential to reach more customers, introduce new products and services quickly, and collaborate with suppliers and business partners from all over the world. We should emphasize that information technology usage in marketing supports an integral approach to all marketing activities of a company and produces a large amount of information on buyers and markets. The aim of this paper is to describe information technology usage for marketing purposes. This paper starts with a description of information technology usage in business. It transitions into highlighting information technology and its role in marketing. The last part draws out the main conclusions and suggests that more attention should be paid to the potential of information technology usage for marketing purposes since this technology today is the key to better marketing activities and success in business.

Stolic R.,University of Prishtina
Medical Principles and Practice | Year: 2013

The aim of this review was to highlight the most important complications of arteriovenous fistulas (AVFs) for hemodialysis (HD). The quality of vascular access for HD should be suitable for repeated puncture and allow a high blood flow rate for high-efficiency dialysis with minimal complications. The dialysis staff must be well versed in manipulation of the AVF, and there should be a minimal need for corrective interventions. Construction of an AVF creates conditions for increasing the flow of blood through the venous system. Fulfillment of these conditions reduces the risk of turbulence and endothelium injury, which, in turn, minimizes the potential for stenosis. An AVF is closest to the ideal model of vascular access. The most important complications of fistulae for HD are lymphedema, infection, aneurysm, stenosis, congestive heart failure, steal syndrome, ischemic neuropathy and thrombosis. In HD patients, the most common cause of vascular access failure is neointimal hyperplasia. It is important to gain information about early clinical symptoms of AVF dysfunction in order to prevent and adequately treat potential complications. Copyright © 2012 S. Karger AG, Basel.

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