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Parma, Italy

The University of Parma is one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in the 12th century. It is organised in eighteen departments. As of November 2013 the University of Parma has about 32,000 students. Wikipedia.

During thrombopoiesis, megakaroycytes undergo extensive cytoskeletal remodeling to form proplatelet extensions that eventually produce mature platelets. Proplatelet formation is a tightly orchestrated process that depends on dynamic regulation of both tubulin reorganization and Rho-associated, coiled-coil containing protein kinase/RhoA activity. A disruption in tubulin dynamics or RhoA activity impairs proplatelet formation and alters platelet morphology. We previously observed that protein kinase Cepsilon (PKCε), a member of the protein kinase C family of serine/threonine-kinases, expression varies during human megakaryocyte differentiation and modulates megakaryocyte maturation and platelet release. Here we used an in vitro model of murine platelet production to investigate a potential role for PKCε in proplatelet formation. By immunofluorescence we observed that PKCε colocalizes with α/β-tubulin in specific areas of the marginal tubular-coil in proplatelets. Moreover, we found that PKCε expression escalates during megakarocyte differentiation and remains elevated in proplatelets, whereas the active form of RhoA is substantially downregulated in proplatelets. PKCε inhibition resulted in lower proplatelet numbers and larger diameter platelets in culture as well as persistent RhoA activation. Finally, we demonstrate that pharmacological inhibition of RhoA is capable of reversing the proplatelet defects mediated by PKCε inhibition. Collectively, these data indicate that by regulating RhoA activity, PKCε is a critical mediator of mouse proplatelet formation in vitro. Source

An innovative pharmaceutical form for controlled drug release relates to systems obtained by the assembly of individual release modules, of which the capacity to release the drug in time and in space depends on the way in which the modules have been assembled. The modular structure offers high reproducibility of manufacture and flexibility of release.

A derivative of nicotinic acid N-oxide is described having formula (I): that acts as inhibitor of enzyme 3-hydroxyanthranilate-3,4-dioxygenase (3HAO), and is thus able to reduce QUIN biosynthesis in vivo under excitotoxic or pathological conditions, said compound being at the same time also chemically stable towards auto-oxidation.

University of Parma and Azienda Osped Aliero Universitaria Di Parma | Date: 2013-12-30

A series of cationic cyclic peptides, useful for the treatment of infectious diseases in both human and veterinary clinical/surgical environment are described herein. The peptides of the invention have a length of 15 to 21 amino acids, and show a sequence A-B-C-D-C-B-A, wherein units A and A correspond to NH

Italian Institute of Technology, The Regents Of The University Of California and University of Parma | Date: 2013-05-27

The present invention concerns, in a first aspect, compounds of Formula I as defined herein, pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds. The present invention also relates to compounds of Formula I for use as acid ceramidase inhibitors, and in the treatment of cancer and other disorders in which modulation of the levels of ceramide is clinically relevant.

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