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Ondokuzmayıs, Turkey

Karaman M.,Ege University | Irisli S.,Ege University | Buyukgungor O.,University of Ondokuzmayis
Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry | Year: 2014

The title salt, C16H21NOPS+ C12H10OPS, was synthesized from the reaction between 3-(methylamino)propan-1-ol and PPh2(S)Cl in the presence of Et3N. Its structure has been identified using spectroscopic methods and X-ray analysis. Single crystals were obtained from ethanol by slow evaporation. In the asymmetric unit, a cation-anion pair is formed through an intermolecular N-H⋯O [N⋯O = 2.6974(18)Å] hydrogen bond. The molecules are packed through N-H⋯O and N-H⋯S hydrogen bonds in the crystal and these hydrogen bonds are responsible for the high melting point. The P atoms of the anion and cation both have distorted tetrahedral environments. © 2014 International Union of Crystallography. Source

Cam M.A.,University of Ondokuzmayis | Olfaz M.,University of Ondokuzmayis | Soydan E.,University of Ondokuzmayis
Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances | Year: 2010

This study was conducted to determine body weight, body measurements, body condition score and the relationship between body weight and body measurements in adult Turkish Hair Goat (Kilkeci) reared in four different enterprises just before the mating time under rural farm conditions. Totally 195 goats, 177 does (2-4years old, n= 91, ID group and 4.5-6years old age n = 86, 2D group) and 18 bulks (at 3-5 years old, B) at breeding age were used. Morphologic measurements such as body weight, wither height, heart girth, chest width, rump height and body length were determined as 47.35±0.42, 52.2±0.46 and 64.09=b0.34 kg; 73.13±0.33, 74.09±0.36 and 81.89=b0.40 cm; 72.47±0.36 73.80=b0.39 and 81.86=b0.51cm;73.01±0.35,75.79=b0.38and81.78±0.77cm;18.10±0.14,18.75±0.15and 23.22=b0.32cm;30.76=b0.15,31.94=b0.17and34.86±0.39cm;86.22±0.36,89.67±0.38and 98.89±0.86 cm for ID, 2D and B, respectively. There were significant differences (p<0.01) between age groups in does and also between does and bulks. It was found positive and significant (p<0.001) correlations between body weight and body measurements. The highest correlations were found between body weight and each of heart girth (0.847), chest depth (0.775). The body weight could be estimated by using the equation of Y = -47.8+1.12 HG; R2 = 0.717 for Kilkeci under reared rural conditions without considering age, farm and sex. It was concluded that Kilkeci has similar morphologic characteristics as peer evaluation and an important genetic source for the ecological production. © 2010 Academic Journals Inc. Source

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