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Azadbakht A.,University of MohagheghArdabili | Alebrahim M.T.,University of MohagheghArdabili | Mohammaddust Chamanabad H.R.,University of MohagheghArdabili | Ghavidel A.,University of MohagheghArdabili
Applied Ecology and Environmental Research | Year: 2017

The present study explores the effect of weed management practices on the properties of soil, including microbial biomass carbon (MBC), soil organic carbon (SOC), basal respiration (BR), induced respiration (IR), and microbial quotient (MQ) in potato cultivation at two agricultural research stations of Alarogh and Samian in Ardabil Province, Iran. We carried out a randomized complete block design with three replications. The treatments were as follows: 1) Trifluralin herbicide (TR), 2) Metribuzin herbicide (ME), 3) cultivator practice (CU), 4)wheat straw mulch (WH), 5) canola straw mulch (CA), 6) black plastic mulch (BPL), 7) transparent plastic mulch (TPL), 8) weed infested (WI), and 9) weed free (WF). Soil sampling was conducted at three stages. The first stage included control index sampling (CIS). The treatments employed in this research caused significant differences in the rates of MBC, SOC, BR, IR, and MQ. The highest rate of MBC was observed in WH and CA at the second and the third soil sampling stages, respectively, compared with other experimental treatments. WH and CA increased the rate of MBC in the second and the third sampling stages in comparison with CIS. The highest SOC was observed in WH and CA at the second and the third soil sampling stages. The highest BR at the second sampling stage was related to CA, WH, and BPL; however, the lowest BR at the second soil sampling stage was related to TR. Furthermore, the highest BR rate at the third sampling stage belonged to WH, CA, and ME. Nevertheless, IR had the highest rate in WH and CA and the lowest rate in the CU at the second sampling stage. Hence, we found that applying plant straw mulch treatments to cover the soil surface for weed management, compared to other methods employed in the experiment, had more positive effects on the biological characteristics measured. © 2017, ALÖKI Kft., Budapest, Hungary.

Gholizad A.,University of MohagheghArdabili | Kamrani Moghaddam P.,University of MohagheghArdabili
International Journal of Civil Engineering | Year: 2014

High performance and reliability of refurbish able knee braced steel frames has been confirmed in previous researches trying to get an optimal design for its configuration. Buckling of diagonal member which affects the hysteretic behavior of KBF under cyclic loadings has not been foreseen in previous evaluations of this system. This deficiency can be improved by utilization of adjustable rotary friction damper device (FDD) as knee element. Diagonal element buckling can be prevented considering a suitable value for FDD sliding threshold moment Mf. Lower values of Mf Lower energy dissipation rate in FDD and this leads to an optimization problem.Nonlinear time history analyses have been performed in addition to lateral cyclic loading analyses to evaluate the response of single story KBF subjected to seismic excitation. Optimal Mf in FDD has been chosen according to these analyses results. Roof displacement and acceleration, base shear and diagonal element's buckling status have been compared in optimally designed KBF and FDD utilized KBF (FKBF) with different configurations. Nonlinear dynamic analyses have been performed for one, four, eight and twelve story frames under different seismic records with several PGAs. More than 60% displacement response reduction has been earned for the FKBF without considerable increase in base shear.

Afroundeh R.,University of MohagheghArdabili | Siahkouhian M.,University of MohagheghArdabili | Khalili A.,Danesh Pathobiology Laboratory
Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness | Year: 2010

Aim. The aim of this study was to investigate muscle damage and inflammatory response following eccentric exercise as well as the effect of carbohydrate supplement on these responses in untrained men. Methods. Eighteen healthy untrained men were randomly allocated into two carbohydrate (age 21/33±0/7 years) and placebo (age 20/66±l/22 years) groups. Forty-five repetitions of eccentric elbow flexion were performed with 90% of one maximum repetition by each subject. The exercises were done as three sets of 15 repetitions with 3 minutes rest between sets. Venous blood samples were obtained at pre-exercise, immediately, 8h, and 24h after exercise. Subjects consumed a 6% carbohydrate or placebo drink immediately following the exercise session, every hour, for 10 hours. Results. CK activities and IL-6 levels were significantly greater than per-exercise in immediately, 8 h and 24 h after exercise in both groups (P<0.05). No significant increases was observed in CRP levels immediately, 8 h and 24 h after exercise versus baseline, in both groups (P>0.05), but in 8 h versus immediately after exercise, the augmentation in the carbohydrate group was significant(P<0.05). Blood glucose increased significantly 8 h after exercise versus baseline in both groups (P<0.05). There was significant difference in serum IL-6 between two groups in 8 h and 24 h after exercise (P<0.05) and it was greater in carbohydrate group. There was no significant difference in serum CK, CRP, and glucose between two groups (P>0.05). Conclusion. According to results, carbohydrate increased the inflammatory (IL-6) response following resistance exercise, but had no effects on CRP and CK.

Akbarzadeh H.,Hakim Sabzevari University | Shamkhali A.N.,University of MohagheghArdabili | Taherkhani F.,Razi University
Journal of Molecular Liquids | Year: 2016

Adsorption of supercritical He-Ar binary mixture with different mole fractions on the AgN nanoclusters with different shapes and sizes was studied by molecular dynamics simulation at various temperatures. Adsorption energy per Ag atom, diffusion coefficients of Ar and He, and their activation energy of diffusion were calculated for the mentioned nanocluster/(gas mixture) systems. Results for adsorption energy propose (icosahedron > octahedron > truncated-octahedron > spherical > cubic) trend for the cluster-gas interaction strength which is decreased by cluster size and increased by mole fraction of Ar. The obtained data for diffusion coefficient proposes the (icosahedron < octahedron < truncated-octahedron < spherical < cubic) trend for both of He and Ar adsorbates in which diffusion ability is decreased by size of the cluster. The effect of mole fraction of Ar for diffusion coefficients of He and Ar is in reverse direction in such a way that diffusion coefficient of Ar is increased by its mole fraction. For activation energy of diffusion, the trend of shape effect is similar to that of the diffusion coefficient with a little difference in truncated-octahedron and spherical geometries. Also, the effect of size of the cluster and mole fraction of Ar for activation energy of diffusion is the same as diffusion coefficient. Finally, effect of temperature on the mentioned properties is straightforward in such a way that as temperature increases, the absolute value of adsorption energy decreases, but diffusion coefficient and its activation energy increases. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.

Ghazaei C.,University of MohagheghArdabili
Reviews in Medical Microbiology | Year: 2015

Leptospirosis is now considered a re-emerging infectious disease and may become a severe threat to both developing and developed countries. Technological developments in the last 10 years identified several potential candidate proteins to play significant roles in pathogenesis. Many of these candidate proteins proved to be vital in disease diagnosis and treatment. The 32-kDa lipoprotein (LipL32) is the major surface protein present on pathogenic strains of Leptospira. The involvement of LipL32 in pathogenesis of Leptospirosis has been studied extensively and different lines of evidence indicate that LipL32 is a lipid-modified membrane protein that is similar to several other prokaryotic lipoproteins. This review focuses on LipL32 and its role as a therapeutic and diagnostic target. Copyright © 2015 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.

Nasiri F.,University of MohagheghArdabili | Zolali A.,University of Kurdistan | Ahmadiazar M.,University of Kurdistan
Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements | Year: 2014

An efficient one-pot synthesis of 2-thioxo-1,3-thiazinane-4-one derivatives through the reaction of primary amines and carbon disulfide in the presence of acryloyl chloride is described. This reaction is carried out under solvent-free condition and without any catalyst at room temperature within 15 min. The structures of products were deduced from their elemental analysis and IR, 1H NMR, and 13C NMR spectroscopy, and mass spectrometric data. [Supplementary materials are available for this article. Go to the publisher's online edition of Phosphorus, Sulfer, and Silicon and the Related Elements for the following free supplemental files: Additional figures.] © 2014 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

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