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Lowell, MA, United States

The University of Massachusetts Lowell is an urban public research university in Lowell, Massachusetts, United States, and part of the University of Massachusetts system. With more than 1,100 faculty members and nearly 17,000 students, it is the largest university in the Merrimack Valley and the second-largest public institution in the state behind UMass Amherst.The university offers 120 bachelor's, 39 master's and 33 doctoral degree programs, including nationally recognized programs in science, engineering and technology. Academically, UMass Lowell is organized into six schools and colleges: College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social science; College of Health science; College of science; the Francis College of Engineering; the Graduate School of Education; and the Manning School of Business. Wikipedia.

University of Massachusetts Lowell | Date: 2014-07-30

A uniform microfluidized nanoemulsion is disclosed containing a synergistic combination of two antioxidants and a cell membrane stabilizer phospholipid (i.e., an anti-oxidant synergy formulation; ASF). The microfluidized nanoemulsion improves the combinations cell membrane permeability by at least four-fold over conventional nanoemulsion compositions, which significantly increases the intracellular concentration of typically cell-impermeant antixoidants (i.e., for example, tocopherol) and/or systemic bioavailability. As a nanoemulsion, synergistic combination has greater anticancer efficacy than the same combination applied as a free solution.

Boston Scientific Inc. and University of Massachusetts Lowell | Date: 2014-11-12

The present invention pertains to copolymers having one or more polyisobutylene segments and one or more biodegradable polymer segments, to methods of making such copolymers, to medical articles that contain such copolymers, and to methods of making such medical articles. According to certain aspects of the invention, copolymers are provided, which comprise a plurality of polyisobutylene segments and a plurality of biodegradable polymer segments. According to certain aspects of the invention, copolymers are provided, which comprise urethane linkages, urea linkages, amide linkages, ester linkages, anhydride linkages, carbonate linkages, linkages commonly described as click chemistry linkages, and combinations of two or more types of such linkages.

University of Massachusetts Lowell | Date: 2012-10-09

The embodiment described herein are related nanoemulsions comprising

University of Massachusetts Lowell | Date: 2012-04-27

An epoxy resin is provided that includes a diglycidyl ether of a substituted cycloaliphatic diol or bis-thiol, and a thermoset epoxy polymer is provided employing the same. The epoxy resin is bisphenol A free, and capable of forming thermoset epoxy polymers with fewer associated health and environmental concerns than conventional epoxies based on phenolic compounds.

University of Massachusetts Lowell and Novaplast Corporation | Date: 2014-10-03

The invention relates to novel internal fixation devices, such as bone plates, generally and novel craniomaxillofacial bone plates more specifically and systems for bonding the same. More specifically, the invention relates to bone plates made of a polymer blend of (poly)lactic acid and Ecoflex as well as a novel hot-melt adhesive polymer blend of the same material.

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