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Kobe-shi, Japan

University of Marketing and Distribution science is a private university in Kobe, Hyōgo, Japan, established in 1988. Wikipedia.

Oshima Y.,University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences | Matsuoka Y.,Clinical Research Institute | Sakane N.,Clinical Research Institute
Obesity Research and Clinical Practice | Year: 2013

Objective: To investigate the effectiveness of self-weighing twice a day with a supportive program installed on a body composition monitor in overweight adults. Subjects: Sixty adults with BMI > 24 kg/m2 were randomly assigned to either a group that weighed themselves once per day (group 1, n = 30) or a group that weighed themselves twice per day (group 2, n = 30). Intervention: Group 1 was instructed to self-weigh at the same time once per day and group 2 was instructed to self-weigh immediately after waking up in the morning and immediately before going to bed every day for twelve weeks. In addition, participants in group 2 was received the daily target setting during morning weighing and the difference between the measured weight and the target weight during bedtime weighing. Results: Average weight reduction in group 1 was significantly lower than that in group 2 (1.0 ± 1.4 kg vs. 2.7 ± 2.1 kg, p < 0.05). The proportion of participants who lost ≧5% of their pre-program weight in group 2 was significantly higher than that in group 1 (28.6% vs. 3.6%, p < 0.05). Conclusion: A self-weighing twice per day plus daily target setting and feedback is more effective in promoting weight loss than once-daily self-measurement. © 2012 Asian Oceanian Association for the Study of Obesity. Source

Mochida S.,University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences
Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics | Year: 2011

Efficient project management is demanded to solve project management problems. Project success or failure depends on the skill of the project manager. A good project manager must have good knowledge on project management and growth. If knowledge is considered a judgment for effective action, the manager's action and experience must first be registered. This paper defines knowledge as a group of low-level information and data. Such knowledge must be registered easily. Since it is difficult to find the appropriate timing for registering knowledge, this paper shows how to maximize such timing and registration for the knowledge. Knowledge is information and data for execution performance that is improvement for project management. We constructed a prototype using WEB technology to collect large amounts of knowledge for projectmanagement, but such knowledge must be registered manually and it is difficult to find the time that information should be registered on. This paper discusses how to find the best timing for registering knowledge. We tried to take into the change in progress of the project in order to get the knowledge. Earned Value Management (EVM), which is one way to manage project progress, is examined to find change in project progress, since the time that progress changes appears to be the best timing for registration. It was found that knowledge may be able to be registered automatically. It will be necessary to achieve the function to register the knowledge at the just timing in the future. Source

Mochida S.,University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences
Advanced Concurrent Engineering | Year: 2013

To solve several types of project management problems, efficient project management is being demanded. Success or failure of the project hangs to the skill of project manager. If the knowledge is considered to be a kind of judgment for the effective action, first of all the registration of manager's action and experience is needed. Group of low-level information and data is called knowledge in this paper. It is necessary to register the knowledge easily. But it is difficult to find the timing to register the knowledge. It is difficult to find the time that information should be registered on. This paper describes the method of finding the best timing to have to register the knowledge. I tried to take into the change in progress of the project in order to get the knowledge in addition to the EVM method. EVM (Earned Value Management) is one of the methods for scientific managing the progress of the project. On the other hand, the time that progress changes seem the best timing of registration. As the result, it has been understood that there is a possibility that the knowledge can be registered automatically. © Springer-Verlag London 2013. Source

Sawada K.,University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences
IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management | Year: 2014

This paper proposes a model of placing liaisons in multi-levels of a pyramid organization structure such that the communication of information between every member in the organization becomes the most efficient. When L nodes of liaisons which get adjacent to all nodes at each depth of L depths are placed in a complete binary tree of height H, an optimal set of depths {N1, N2,⋯, NL}(H ≥ N1 > N2 >⋯ > NL ≥ 2) is obtained by minimizing the total distance which is the sum of lengths of shortest paths between every pair of all nodes in the complete binary tree. It is shown that {N1, N2,⋯, NL}L = {H, H-1,⋯, H-L+1}. © 2013 IEEE. Source

Kawakatsu H.,University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences
Proceedings of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2010, IMECS 2010 | Year: 2010

The present study discusses the retailer's optimal replenishment policy for products with a seasonal demand pattern. The demand of seasonal merchandise such as clothes, sporting goods, children's toys and electrical home appearances tends to decrease with time up to the end of the selling season. In this study, we focus on "Special Display Goods", which are heaped up in end displays or special areas at retail store. They are sold at a fast velocity when their quantity displayed is large, but are sold at a low velocity if the quantity becomes small. We develop the model with a finite time horizon (period of a season) to determine the optimal replenishment policy, which maximizes the retailer's total profit. Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the theoretical underpinnings of the proposed model. Source

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