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Le Mans, France

The University of Maine is a French university, based in Le Mans. It is under the Academy of Nantes. Wikipedia.

University of Maine, France | Date: 2014-07-18

The disclosed technology relates generally to a method and system for an improved lighting apparatus compatible with imaging small specimens for viewing or photographic purposes. In certain embodiments, the disclosed technology provides an apparatus for projecting light on specimens from opposing light sources at varying distances and angles. In certain embodiments, the apparatus includes an elongated stem that allows the light sources to be repositioned quickly, easily, and accurately. The elongated stem may be flexible and may be used in conjunction with a positioning system, such as a rack and pinion system, thereby allowing precise movement of the light sources.

University of Maine, France and HUMAN Inc | Date: 2014-06-23

A combinatorial microenvironment generator is configured for the generation of arbitrary, user-defined, steady-state, concentration gradients with negligible to no flow through the growth medium to perturb diffusion gradients or cellular growth. More importantly, the absolute concentrations and/or gradients can be dynamically altered upon request both spatially and temporally to impose tailored concentration fields for in-situ stimulus studies. Here, diffusion occurs via an array of ports, each of which can be an independently controlled source/sink. Together, the array of ports establishes a user-defined, 3D concentration profile. Useful methods related to this device are also provided.

University of Maine, France | Date: 2014-09-12

A weldable hybrid composite panel suitable for forming a container includes a four sided composite panel element wherein each side defines a side edge. The composite panel element is formed of fibrous reinforcement layers encased in a resin matrix. Weldable metallic elongated edge elements extend along and are either fixed to the side edges of an outside surface of the panel element or extend from a periphery of the panel element. Each of the weldable elongated edge elements has a profile that is the same as a profile of its respective side edge and is structured to enable the composite panel to be welded at its peripheral edges. The panel element also includes a sensor system embedded therein.

University of Maine, France | Date: 2014-05-30

Disclosed are processes for making polymeric composite materials and composite materials made from those processes the process comprising: providing a mixture, comprising: a liquid, a polymer precursor, and a dispersed-phase precursor; and subjecting the mixture to reaction conditions sufficient: to effect polymerization of the polymer precursor to produce a polymer and a reaction product; and to remove substantially all the liquid and reaction product from the mixture; wherein said reaction conditions comprise: pressure between about 10 millitorr and about 300 torr; and temperature: greater than or equal to the highest boiling point of the liquid and reaction product; less than the decomposition temperature of the polymer; and less than the decomposition temperature of the dispersed-phase precursor.

University of Maine, France, French National Center for Scientific Research and Institute Of Bioorganic Chemistry And Petrochemistry Of National Academy Of Science Of | Date: 2014-05-26

The present invention relates to a composition, comprising:

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