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Thessaloniki, Greece

The University of Macedonia is located in Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece. It is the second largest university in the city . It currently consists of ten departments which deal mainly with social, political and economic science.Before 1991, it was known as "School of Higher Industrial Studies of Thessaloniki" . After the change of its name , more departments were added expanding its scope beyond management and economics. A Local Committee of AIESEC is in operation and is very active with promoting AIESEC's scopes. Also a local section of Erasmus Student Network, ESN UOM Thessaloniki is active in promoting, developing and supporting the Erasmus community. Wikipedia.

Dimitroulopoulou C.,University of Macedonia
Building and Environment | Year: 2012

Adequate ventilation is essential for the health and comfort of building occupants. This review examines, first of all, why residential ventilation is an issue of concern in Europe and how is related to the human health. A review of the current status of residential ventilation standards and regulations in Europe is also provided, as a reference. Finally, a review of measurements of ventilation rates in European dwellings is provided, where the compatibility with the European standards/regulations is examined. The review shows that ventilation is increasingly becoming recognised as an important component of a healthy dwelling. Ventilation requirements receive major attention in building regulations, across Europe. However, ventilation measurements across Europe show that ventilation is in practice often poor, resulting in reduced ventilation rates (lower than 0.5 h-1, which is currently a standard in many European countries), increased concentrations of indoor pollutants and hence exposure to health risk. Surveys showed that although occupants generally think that ventilation is important, their understanding of the ventilation systems in their own houses is low, resulting to under-ventilated homes. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. Source

Platsidou M.,University of Macedonia
School Psychology International | Year: 2010

This study investigates perceived emotional intelligence (EI) in relation to burnout syndrome and job satisfaction in primary special education teachers from Greece. EI was measured by the EIS developed by Schutteet al. (1998). Factor analysis revealed that four factors can be identified in the EIS. Results showed that Greek teachers reported fairly high scores in the specific factors and the overall EI. Perceived EI was significantly related to burnout syndrome and job satisfaction, indicating that teachers of high-perceived EI are likely to experience less burnout and greater job satisfaction. Regression analysis revealed that emotional exhaustion can be predicted by satisfaction with the job itself and with the principal subscales; depersonalization is predicted by satisfaction with the job and with prospective promotions; personal accomplishment is predicted by satisfaction with the job itself as well as by an EI factor, optimism/ mood regulation and a demographic variable, age. Results are compared to findings from international studies related to teachers and/or other professionals, and the associations of trait EI with burnout and job satisfaction are discussed. © 2010 SAGE Publications. Source

The sub-bandgap exponential absorption tails of Urbach-Martienssen type in chemically deposited variable-sized ZnSe and CdSe quantum dots in thin film form were studied. The Urbach energy, characterizing the steepness of the exponential absorption tails, was found to decrease upon particle size enlargement due to thermal annealing of the as-deposited ZnSe and CdSe quantum dots in thin film form. Such decrease of the Urbach energy was attributed to the decrease of the degree of structural disorder upon annealing of the semiconducting quantum dot thin films, manifested through lattice strain relaxation, average crystal size and lattice constant increase and dislocation density decrease. This behavior is in line with the predictions of the Cody model, relating the Urbach energy to the degree of structural disorder for a given material. In this way, it is shown that semiconducting quantum dots deposited in thin film form have a certain non-thermal component to the exponential absorption tails of the Urbach-Martienssen type. This non-thermal component is due to the inherent nanocrystalline character of the semiconducting quantum dots, characterized with a rather pronounced structural disorder, manifested through a certain degree of lattice strain and the rather large values for the dislocation densities. © 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

Saprikis V.,University of Macedonia
Telematics and Informatics | Year: 2013

Reverse e-auctions are increasingly being used as an alternative business-to-business e-procurement model to exchange products and services among enterprises. Despite their high interest from the academic community, there has been limited empirical study focusing on their post-adoption stage. Based on extant literature dealing with their e-business model and building on emerging concepts in B2B e-commerce, this paper intends to investigate the impact of various factors on suppliers' level of use of e-reverse auctions by examining their internal and external environment. A relevant conceptual framework is developed and examined on data collected from 60 supplying firms that currently utilize e-reverse auctions. These are analyzed through factor analysis and multiple discriminant analysis. Findings show that firms get influenced to a greater extent by their top management strategic practices and competitors' business actions. The results also provide interesting insights and useful hints to both researchers and practitioners. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

This paper revisits a concept combining the evolution, ontogeny and histophysiology of the cerebral cortex, presented, in a quest to explain cognition and behavior, by the neurobiologist Christfried Jakob (1866-1956) at the Second Annual Meeting of the International Society for Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy, organized by Oskar Vogt (1870-1959) in Munich in 1911. Jakob suggested a dual onto-phylogenetic origin and a ubiquitous cortical function, claiming that most receptive pathways end up in an 'outer fundamental layer', which derives from the rhinencephalic apparatus, whereas the 'inner fundamental layer' contains effector elements and derives from the striatum. With advancing evolution, the two fundamental layers become intermingled. By attributing a functional homogeneity to the cortex, Jakob contradicted the theories of Flechsig and Cajal on 'association' and 'mnemonic' areas. The merit of Jakob's concept rests, a century later, with the current resurgence of biological research at the evolutionary-developmental interface and the broadening anticipated from the re-integration of these two fields, especially by adding a functional dimension to the morphological traits. Source

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