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La Rochelle, France

The University of La Rochelle is a French university, based in La Rochelle. It is under the Academy of Poitiers.The university was founded in 1993, and is the newest university in France. The first stone was laid by François Mitterrand and Helmut Kohl. It strives to stand out by offering innovative courses in business law and the Asian-Pacific world. At the start of the year 2000 there were 6000 students. Alongside these university courses there are other colleges like the hotel school, the law school, the business school, the School of Mass Communications etc.The university contains at present three schools: languages, arts, and human science. It also offers courses and exchanges tied to Asia/Pacific, and the Americas. With 64 international agreements on 5 continents and 30% of the academic studies in foreign languages, the Graduate Schools of Commerce and Mass Communications of La Rochelle offers programs leading to the Masters and Doctor of Arts degree.Its goal is to become one of the best independent schools in France and in Europe, especially in terms of recognition from companies. It offers online studies in cooperation with the City University Graduate Center CUNY, State University of New York SUNY.In 2009, it creates with University of Poitiers, ENSI Poitiers, ENSMA, ENSCI and University of Limoges the PRES Limousin Poitou-Charentes. Wikipedia.

Rochet M.-J.,French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea | Benoit E.,University of La Rochelle
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences | Year: 2012

Fishing impacts on marine food webs are predicted by simulations of a size spectrum community model. In this model, predation is determined by predator and prey size and abundance, and drives predator growth and prey mortality. Fishing amplifies temporal oscillations in the biomass flow. Oscillations appear at lower fishing intensity and have wider amplitude when fishing is selective (removes a narrow size range) and/or when large fish are targeted, than when fishing is more balanced (catching a larger size range) or when small fish are targeted. A novel index of size diversity is developed, and is shown to be sensitive to both fishing intensity and selectivity. To avoid unstable food web dynamics with potential harmful consequences for fisheries, limiting both fishing intensity and selectivity might be an appropriate exploitation strategy. © 2012 The Royal Society. Source

Bouwmans T.,University of La Rochelle
Recent Patents on Computer Science | Year: 2011

Background modeling is currently used to detect moving objects in video acquired from static cameras. Numerous statistical methods have been developed over the recent years. The aim of this paper is firstly to provide an extended and updated survey of the recent researches and patents which concern statistical background modeling and secondly to achieve a comparative evaluation. For this, we firstly classified the statistical methods in terms of category. Then, the original methods are reminded and discussed following the challenges met in video sequences. We classified their respective improvements in terms of strategies used. Furthermore, we discussed them in terms of the critical situations they claim to handle. Finally, we conclude with several promising directions for future research. The survey also discussed relevant patents. © 2011 Bentham Science Publishers. Source

Bouwmans T.,University of La Rochelle
Computer Science Review | Year: 2014

Background modeling for foreground detection is often used in different applications to model the background and then detect the moving objects in the scene like in video surveillance. The last decade witnessed very significant publications in this field. Furthermore, several surveys can be found in the literature but none of them addresses an overall review in this field. So, the purpose of this paper is to provide a complete survey of the traditional and recent approaches. First, we categorize the different approaches found in the literature. We have classified them in terms of the mathematical models used and we have discussed them in terms of the critical situations that they claim to handle. Furthermore, we present the available resources, datasets and libraries. Then, we conclude with several promising directions for future research. © 2014 Elsevier Inc. Source

Sobral A.,University of La Rochelle | Vacavant A.,University dAuvergne
Computer Vision and Image Understanding | Year: 2014

Background subtraction (BS) is a crucial step in many computer vision systems, as it is first applied to detect moving objects within a video stream. Many algorithms have been designed to segment the foreground objects from the background of a sequence. In this article, we propose to use the BMC (Background Models Challenge) dataset, and to compare the 29 methods implemented in the BGSLibrary. From this large set of various BG methods, we have conducted a relevant experimental analysis to evaluate both their robustness and their practical performance in terms of processor/memory requirements. © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Source

Touzain S.,University of La Rochelle
Electrochimica Acta | Year: 2010

The impedance of a disc electrode protected by an organic coating, with a thickness profile along its radius, was considered by EIS. The local and global impedances, the ohmic resistance corrected phase angle, and raw phase angle were calculated. The thickness profile leads to a well-defined minimum in the calculated phase angle curves, which can be observed in the high frequency domain. This effect is enhanced with higher permittivity, thinner coatings and low conductivity immersion baths. From these results, it appears that the graphical treatment of experimental phase angle curves to evaluate the coating degradation may lead to erroneous conclusions. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. Source

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