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Fukuoka, Japan

The University of Kitakyushu is a public university in Kitakyushu, Japan. The main campus is located next to Keibajomae station on the Kitakyushu monorail. The second campus is in the academic zone of Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu called Gakujutsu Kenkyu Toshi . The university was originally founded as a language academy in 1946 to help with communication with the nearby American base at what is now called Yamada Ryokuchi. Wikipedia.

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Strack D.C.,University of Kitakyushu
2016 Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics, ICDL-EpiRob 2016 | Year: 2016

This poster presentation represents an attempt to harmonize unidirectional 'mapping' from Conceptual Metaphor Theory (CMT) and cognitive linguistics with knowledge from cognitive neuroscience to explain how details of feature attribution are determined in metaphorical inferencing. Specifically, an adapted view of 'mapping' (herein termed 'conceptual filtering') will be proposed. In this view, unidirectional feed-forward activation leads to a certain permutation of implications as non-shared domain elements of the initially activated conceptual domain revert to baseline and are thereby 'filtered out' of subsequent analysis. © 2016 IEEE.

Yoshida Y.,University of Kitakyushu
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2018

A dynamic average value-at-risk portfolio model under uncertainty is discussed. At each period analytical solutions for the problem are obtained. By dynamic programming, an optimality equation for optimal average value-at-risks is derived. It is shown that the optimal average value-at-risk portfolios are solutions of the optimality equation. © Springer International Publishing AG 2018.

Mochizuki S.,University of Kitakyushu | Sakurai K.,University of Kitakyushu | Sakurai K.,Japan Science and Technology Agency
Journal of Controlled Release | Year: 2011

Antisense therapy, the first concept of oligonucleotide therapeutics, was proposed more than two decades ago. However, the lack of suitable delivering carriers continues to be a major obstacle to practical therapy. In this study, we present a novel complex consisting of β-1,3-glucan and antisense oligonucleotide (AS-ODN) as a new candidate of the carriers. We used schizophyllan (SPG) as a β-1,3-glucan and an AS-ODN sequence to suppress tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), where the AS-ODN has a (dA) 60 tail to induce complex with SPG. When the complexes were applied to peritoneal macrophages, they were incorporated into the cells via dectin-1 (a β-1,3-glucan receptor expressed on antigen presenting cells) and suppressed lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced TNF-α secretion. In-vivo, AS-ODN/SPG decreased the secretion of TNF-α in serum and drastically reduced the inflammation of LPS-induced hepatitis. This new complex could overcome the long outstanding problem for antisense therapy because of its complexation ability, non-toxicity and high target specificity. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

Jinno T.,University of Kitakyushu | Okuda M.,University of Kitakyushu
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing | Year: 2012

A multiple exposure fusion to enhance the dynamic range of an image is proposed. The construction of high dynamic range images (HDRIs) is performed by combining multiple images taken with different exposures and estimating the irradiance value for each pixel. This is a common process for HDRI acquisition. During this process, displacements of the images caused by object movements often yield motion blur and ghosting artifacts. To address the problem, this paper presents an efficient and accurate multiple exposure fusion technique for the HDRI acquisition. Our method simultaneously estimates displacements and occlusion and saturation regions by using maximum a posteriori estimation and constructs motion-blur-free HDRIs. We also propose a new weighting scheme for the multiple image fusion. We demonstrate that our HDRI acquisition algorithm is accurate, even for images with large motion. © 2011 IEEE.

Ren H.,University of Kitakyushu | Gao W.,University of Kitakyushu
Applied Energy | Year: 2010

In the last decade, technological innovations and a changing economic and regulatory environment have resulted in a renewed interest for distributed energy resources (DER). However, because of the lack of a suitable design tool, the expected potential of DER penetration is not always exerted sufficiently. In this paper, a mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) model has been developed for the integrated plan and evaluation of DER systems. Given the site's energy loads, local climate data, utility tariff structure, and information (both technical and financial) on candidate DER technologies, the model minimizes overall energy cost for a test year by selecting the units to install and determining their operating schedules. Furthermore, the economic, energetic and environmental effects of the DER system can be evaluated. As an illustrative example, an investigation has been conducted of economically optimal DER system for an eco-campus in Kitakyushu, Japan. The result illustrates that gas engine is currently the most popular DER technology from the economic point of view. Although holding reasonable economic merits, unless combined with heat recovery units, the introduction of DER technologies may result in marginal or even adverse environmental effects. Furthermore, according to the results of sensitivity analysis, the optimal system combination and corresponding economic and environmental performances are more or less sensitive to the scale of energy demand, energy prices (both electricity and city gas), as well as carbon tax rate. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Kawano T.,University of Kitakyushu
Proceedings - 2012 6th International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computing, ICGEC 2012 | Year: 2012

Studies handling the lights and the colors as key components of computation attracted the scientists and engineers since these studies are potentially applicable to the signal processing through optical interconnections between electronic devices. Here, a novel optical computing model is proposed by modifying the known optical parallel logic gates, after employing the printed colors as the input/output data, instead of shadowgram images projected on a screen. The proposed approach allows spontaneous and parallel Boolean operations by simply overlaying the colors printed on films or duplicating the prints on papers. By setting a limited number of color prototypes with known CIELAB color coordinates, prediction of color changes due to duplicated color printing and/or film-on-paper overlaying of the printed colors was performed through Boolean "AND" operation and their experimental confirmation after actual color reading was also performed. Furthermore, possible applications of this CIELAB-coded printable logic gate system in natural computing and development of novel color barcodes were discussed. © 2012 IEEE.

Hirano T.,University of Kitakyushu
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health | Year: 2011

To examine the effects of alcohol consumption on cancer risk, we measured oxidative DNA damage and its repair activity in the livers and esophagi of rats fed with ethanol. Using our previously designed protocol for feeding rats with a high concentration of ethanol, we examined the effects of ethanol consumption on 8-oxo-Gua generation and repair activity in the livers and esophagi of rats. We found that a high concentration of ethanol accompanied with a vitamin-depleted diet increased 8-oxo-Gua and its repair activity. 8-Oxo-Gua is known to induce point mutations, leading to carcinogenesis. Therefore, these results suggested that a high concentration of ethanol and an irregular diet increased liver and esophageal cancer risk. On the other hand, we showed that a low concentration of ethanol decreased 8-oxo-Gua and its repair activity in the livers of mice treated with a carcinogen. Taken together, the effects of ethanol consumption on cancer risk depend on the ethanol concentration and the diet pattern. © 2011 by the authors.

Kawano T.,University of Kitakyushu
Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics | Year: 2013

Color is one of the most useful and attractive characteristics of light applicable to optical science and the related industries. In recent decades, a number of studies focusing on the use of light as a key component of computation have attracted considerable attention from researchers and engineers because these studies are potentially applicable to signal processing through optical interconnections between electronic devices. Such studies include the optical parallel logic gates proposed by a Japanese research group, allowing spontaneous and parallel computing with spatial coding using lights, simply by overlaying a pair of shadowgram images. For computational handling of the colors visible to human eyes, Commission Internationale de l'Eclairge has defined CIE 1976 color space (CIELAB). The author has been engaged in the development of CIELAB-based printable and computable color codes possibly used for novel optical logic gate system as one of natural computing approaches. In the present study, by employing the pairs of CIELAB-coded-printed transparent films overlaid, a Boolean operation for the crossing (conjugation) of 2-by-2 color matrices based on the scanning of CIELAB values was demonstrated. This approach is still primitive but might be a significant step for manifesting the array-based processing of colors representing print-preserved and digitalized information.

Yoshida Y.,University of Kitakyushu
Soft Computing | Year: 2010

In this paper we deal with weighted quasi-arithmetic means of an interval using utility functions in decision making. The mean values are discussed from the viewpoint of weighted aggregation operators, and they are given as weighted aggregated values of each point in the interval. The properties of the weighted quasi-arithmetic mean and its translation invariance are investigated. For the application in economics, we demonstrate the decision maker's attitude based on his utility by the weighted quasi-arithmetic mean and the aggregated mean ratio. Several examples of the weighted quasi-arithmetic mean and the aggregated mean ratio for various typical utility functions are shown to understand our motivation and for the applications in decision making. © 2009 Springer-Verlag.

Ren H.,University of Kitakyushu | Gao W.,University of Kitakyushu
Energy and Buildings | Year: 2010

The growing worldwide demand for less polluting forms of energy has led to a renewed interest in the use of micro combined heat and power (CHP) technologies in the residential sector. The operation of micro CHP system results in simultaneous production of heat and power in a single household based on small energy conversion units. The heat produced may be used for space and water heating and possibly for cooling load if combined with an absorption chiller, the electricity is used within the house. In this paper, two typical micro CHP alternatives, namely, gas engine and fuel cell for residential buildings, are analyzed. For each facility, two different operating modes including minimum-cost operation and minimum-emission operation are taken into consideration by employing a plan and evaluation model for residential micro CHP systems. The analysis results show that the fuel cell system is recognized as a better option for the examined residential building from both economic and environmental points of view. With the operation considering optimal economic benefits, annual energy cost is reduced by about 26%. On the other hand, while maximizing the environmental merits, annual CO2 emissions are reduced by about 9%. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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