Kirkuk, Iraq
Kirkuk, Iraq

The University of Kirkuk is an Iraqi university established in 2003 in Kirkuk, Iraq.The University of Kirkuk included eight facultiesreligious students, in the various disciplines as well as academicFaculties of Medicine, Engineering and Agriculture, the college of Education was established with its five Departments: Qur'anic science, Geography, Physical Education, Kurdish language, and Turkish Language. The Faculty of science was established with four Departments: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth science. In the Faculty of Management and Economics was established to include the Departments of Business Administration and Statistics. Besides the development of the Faculty of Medicine with its nine disciplinesresearch collaboration, cultural and personnel/training exchanges, and working toward more specific and binding agreements. Wikipedia.

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Saeid S.H.,University of Kirkuk
Proceedings - 2015 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Technology, CICT 2015 | Year: 2015

In the mobile communications field, multiple antenna systems such as array antenna systems promise increases in the performances of the mobile communication systems without the need for additional radio spectrum or transmit power. By an appropriate selection of the antenna pattern of beam, the desired signals can be reduced and the performance of the mobile communication system enhanced. The performance evaluation of a mobile base station antenna can be done by measurements on test routes or by calculations using measured direction-of-arrival distributions and the measured or calculated radiation pattern of the antenna. Measurements on antennas of mobile base stations require a lot of effort in cells used in the cities. In this work, measurements have been done in five sites in Sulaimani city in Iraq. The objective of this work is the introduction of some types of array antennas used in mobile communication systems, and discussing the suitability of array antenna for GSM base stations. The theoretical results obtained for the three types of array antennas are compared with respect to the half power beam-width, the gain, and the radiation pattern, using MATLAB. As an example measurements obtained from a selected sites using the latest tools available (TEAMS) are based on radiation pattern, half power beam-width, and the gain of the base station antennas. These results are compared with prediction pattern of the antenna used by the selected sites. The differences between prediction results and the field measurements are given as a percentage differences. The normalized mean absolute differences are in the range (12.3% - 22.185%). © 2015 IEEE.

Awaz B.M.,University of Kirkuk
International Journal of Environmental Research | Year: 2015

In Iraq, waste generation was increased after 2003 war events due to intensepopulation development and economic growth. The limitation of designable system for Municipal SolidWaste (MSW) management led to serious problems regarding environment and human health. Sanitary landfill in the south of Kirkuk is the first kind of effective system for municipal solid waste management in Iraq. In the first effort to assess the pollution potential of leachate and its impact on ground water, leachate samples from pre-treatment basin, post treatment basin and leachate pond were analyzed for physico-chemical characteristics (pH, EC, TSS, TDS, BOD, COD, Cl-, SO4 -2, PO4 -3, NO3 - and NO2 -) and heavy metals (Pb, Cu, Mn, Ni and Cd). Similar analysis was done on two monitoring wells around landfill site (MW1, directed leachate pond and MW2 directed landfill site). The leachate pollution index (LPI) was also determined. The results showed that the main concentrations of BOD, COD, SO4 -2, PO4 -3, and NO3 - in the monitoring well samples are above the permissible limits of WHO standards regarding drinking water quality. It may particularly be due to the impact of leachate outflows on groundwater quality and surface drainage during rainy season. Analytical results of leachate samples indicate the early acidic biodegradation stage of Kirkuk landfill. The high LPI value of 6.651 was recorded for leachate before treatment indicating the role of leachate treatment to minimize the levels of pollutants. © 2015, University of Tehran. All rights reserved.

Organophosphate compounds can bind to carboxylesterase, which may lower the concentration of organophosphate pesticides at the target site enzyme, cholinesterase. It is unclear from the literature whether it is the carboxylesterase affinity for the organophosphate and/or the number of carboxylesterase molecules that is the dominant factor in determining the protective potential of carboxylesterase. The fundamental dilutions and kinetic effects of esterase enzyme are still poorly understood. This study aims to confirm and extend our current knowledge about the effects of dilutions on esterases activities in the blood for birds with respect to protecting the enzyme from organophosphate inhibition. There was significantly higher esterases activities in dilution 1: 10 in the all blood samples from quail, duck, and chick compared to other dilutions (1: 5, 1: 15, 1: 20, and 1: 25) in all cases. Furthermore, our results also pointed to the importance of estimating different dilutions effects prior to using in birds as biomarker tools of environmental exposure. Concentration-inhibition curves were determined for the inhibitor in the presence of dilutions 1: 5, 1: 10, plus 1: 15 (to stimulate carboxylesterase). Point estimates (concentrations calculated to produce 20, 50, and 80% inhibition) were compared across conditions and served as a measure of esterase-mediated detoxification. Results with well-known inhibitors (malathion) were in agreement with the literature, serving to support the use of this assay. Among the thiol-esters dilution 1: 5 was observed to have the highest specificity constant (k cat / K m), and the K m and k cat values were 176 M and 16,765 s - 1, respectively, for S-phenyl thioacetate ester, while detected in dilution 1: 15 was the lowest specificity constant (k cat / K m), and the K m and k cat values were 943 M and 1154 s - 1, respectively, for acetylthiocholine iodide ester. © 2014 Kasim Sakran Abass.

The nuclear structures of 18O and 18F nuclei are studied using particle-particle Tamm-Dancoff approximation (pp TDA) and particle-particle random phase approximation (pp RPA). All possible single-particle states of the allowed angular momenta are considered in the 0p and 1s-0d shells. The Hamiltonian is diagonalized in the presence of Warburton and Brown interactions. The results containing energy-level schemes and transition strength B(E2) are compared with the available experimental data. © Indian Academy of Sciences.

Yusaf T.,University of Southern Queensland | Al-Juboori R.A.,University of Southern Queensland | Al-Juboori R.A.,University of Kirkuk
Applied Energy | Year: 2014

This paper reviews various non-conventional techniques for microorganism disruption. Microorganism disruption plays a pivotal role in various agricultural applications such as disinfection of irrigation water, processing of crops and livestock products and the newly emerging area of bioenergy production for agricultural uses. Methods of treatment to destroy microorganisms for the purposes of disinfection or extraction of bio-products can be generally categorized as either thermal treatment methods or non-thermal treatment methods. The thermal methods for microbial disruption are not favorable in many applications such as food processing and water treatment due to its negative impact on product quality and process performance. The discussion of thermal methods for microorganism disruption will not be included in this review. Non-thermal treatments are divided into two groups; chemical and physical treatments. Owing to the concerns of the health organisations with regards to the use of chemical methods for microorganism disruption, the recent research efforts have been directed towards exploring alternative physical methods for rupturing microorganisms. The common alternative physical methods for microorganism disruption include mechanical and non-mechanical treatments. This paper discusses in details the use of the common mechanical treatments for cell disintegration. Such methods include ultrasound, shock wave, High Pressure Homogenization (HPH), Hydrodynamic Cavitation (HC), shear stress, bead milling and micro-fluidizer. The application of the non-mechanical methods for microbial disruption such as electrical treatment, non-thermal plasma, Ultra-Violet (UV), non-conventional chemical methods and some other treatments are also briefly addressed in this paper. Due to the importance of the mechanical methods in the current cell disruption research, more attention is directed to these methods in this work. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

The electrical resistivity of high temperature superconductivity Tl2-xHgxBa2Ca2Cu3O10- δ has been measured in the temperature range from 90K to 330K. These results showed that the critical temperature of the zero resistivity increases from 127K to 138K,when the Hg concentration increased from 0 to 0.5. The structure of the Tl2-xHgxBa2Ca2Cu3O10-δ compound has also investigated by using X- ray diffraction technique. This compound has tetragonal type structure with a=b=5.36A & c=36.09A and the magnitude of c-axis increases to 37.8A when x increased to 0.5. Nano ZnO was add to the sample with concentration (0-1) wt% of the (Tl2-xHgxBa2Ca2Cu3O10-δ) samples mass. The effect of the nano ZnO concentration substitution on the samples investigated on structure and critical temperature of the best sample properties (when x=0.5)and showed that the structure remains tetragonal and c-axis increased to 39.2A when nano sized concentration 0.8% and Tc increase to 146K but c-axis decreased to 38.4A and Tc decreased to 143K when the ZnO concentration 1%. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Kacar F.,Istanbul University | Yesil A.,Istanbul University | Noori A.,University of Kirkuk
Radioengineering | Year: 2012

In this paper, new biquad filter configuration using a recently introduced active element, namely Voltage Differencing Buffered Amplifier (VDBA), is proposed. This block has high impedance input terminals and low impedance output terminal, providing advantages at voltage mode circuits. Besides, VDBA has a transconductance gain, thus the proposed circuits can be employed without using any external resistors. Two new voltage-mode biquad filter configurations are presented for VDBA application. Each proposed filter employs two active elements and two or three passive components. Filters, having three inputs and single output, can realize voltagemode low-pass, band-pass, high-pass, band-stop, and allpass filters. The biquad filters have low output impedances that is necessary for cascadability for voltage mode circuits, and no critical component matching conditions are required. For the second biquad, quality factor can be adjusted via resistor independently of the natural frequency. Simulation results are given too, confirming the theoretical analysis. The proposed biquad filters are simulated using TSMC CMOS 0.35 μm technology. LTSPICE simulations of the proposed circuits give results that agree well with the theoretical analysis.

Al-Luhaibi M.S.,University of Kirkuk
Scientific World Journal | Year: 2015

This paper presents the approximate analytical solutions to solve the nonlinear gas dynamics and coupled Burger's equations with fractional time derivative. By using initial values, the explicit solutions of the equations are solved by using a reliable algorithm. Numerical results show that the new iterative method is easy to implement and accurate when applied to time-fractional partial differential equations. © 2015 Mohamed S. Al-luhaibi.

The aims of this study were to investigate the presence of different esterase activities in plasma and liver for Japanese quail and to combine determination of both carboxylesterase and cholinesterase as biochemical biomarker in order to identify the effects of carbamate and organophosphate compounds exposure. Carboxylesterase exhibits larger sensitivity to carbamate and organophosphate compounds than to cholinesterase and is present at higher levels. This permitted nature and distribution of carboxylesterase or cholinesterase to be measured. One predominant toxicological form of enzyme level constant in its patterns of motivation and inhibition with cholinesterase was identified in plasma with an apparent Michaelis constant for butyrylthiocholine iodide of 0.394 mM. Carboxylesterase activity in liver was considered by its preferential hydrolysis of the S-phenyl thioacetate. A concentration dependent decrease of carboxylesterase and cholinesterase has demonstrated during in vitro incubation of malathion, parathion, and trichlorfon in the range 0.125-2 mM, while with methomyl was in the range 0.25-4 mM. When quail (n=15) was exposed orally for 48 h to concentrations of carbamate or organophosphate compounds of 3-200 mg/kg, the percentage inhibition of cholinesterase was in each case larger than that of carboxylesterase and reached statistical significance (P<0.05) at lower concentrations. © 2014 Kasim Sakran Abass.

Younis K.H.,University of Sheffield | Younis K.H.,University of Kirkuk | Pilakoutas K.,University of Sheffield
Construction and Building Materials | Year: 2013

This paper examines the effect of various parameters on the performance of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) and proposes a strength prediction model. Relations that link the properties of recycled aggregate (RA) to the strength of RAC are developed using multi-linear and non-linear regressing analysis. To enhance the compressive strength of RAC, the effect of surface treatment of RA using small quantities of reactive and non-reactive microfillers is examined. For the same purpose, two mixing methods and the addition of recycled tyres steel fibres (RTSFs) are also investigated. The results show that RTSF as well as reactive and non-reactive microfillers can enhance the strength of RAC by 30%. Furthermore, density separation can be used to produce high quality RA from construction and demolition waste (CDW).© 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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