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Fukui, Japan

The University of Fukui is a national university of Japan located in the city of Fukui, the capital of Fukui Prefecture, Japan. Wikipedia.

The most essential properties of ion channels for their physiologically relevant functions are ion-selective permeation and gating. Among the channel species, the potassium channel is primordial and the most ubiquitous in the biological world, and knowledge of this channel underlies the understanding of features of other ion channels. The strategy applied to studying channels changed dramatically after the crystal structure of the potassium channel was resolved. Given the abundant structural information available, we exploited the bacterial KcsA potassium channel as a simple model channel. In the postcrystal age, there are two effective frameworks with which to decipher the functional codes present in the channel structure, namely reconstitution and re-animation. Complex channel proteins are decomposed into essential functional components, and well-examined parts are rebuilt for integrating channel function in the membrane (reconstitution). Permeation and gating are dynamic operations, and one imagines the active channel by breathing life into the 'frozen' crystal (re-animation). Capturing the motion of channels at the single-molecule level is necessary to characterize the behaviour of functioning channels. Advanced techniques, including diffracted X-ray tracking, lipid bilayer methods and high-speed atomic force microscopy, have been used. Here, I present dynamic pictures of the KcsA potassium channel from the submolecular conformational changes to the supramolecular collective behaviour of channels in the membrane. These results form an integrated picture of the active channel and offer insights into the processes underlying the physiological function of the channel in the cell membrane. © 2015 The Physiological Society. Source

University of Fukui | Date: 2010-06-22

Disclosed are an oil state monitoring method and an oil state monitoring device which monitor the state of degradation of oil used in machinery or equipment. In monitoring the oil state by the oil state monitoring method and by the oil state monitoring device, oil used in machinery or equipment is filtered when the degradation state of the aforementioned oil is to be monitored. By means of filtration, the oil content is removed from the filter which captured contaminants that were present in oil prior to filtration. Light is projected onto the filter from which oil was removed. The projected light detects the color components of the transmitted light which penetrated the aforementioned filter.

University of Fukui, Hokuriku University and Taiyo Nippon Sanso | Date: 2013-03-28

The present invention provides a compound represented by the formula (I): or a salt thereof; and a method of quantitatively analyzing an amino group-containing target substance, including labeling a target substance in samples by using, as a labeling compound, two or more of such compounds having a mutually different mass due to isotope labeling, to confer a mass difference to the target substance between two or more samples, and the like.

Nissan Chemical Industries Ltd. and University of Fukui | Date: 2011-02-16

There are provided surface-modified fine fibers that preserve the inherent physical properties of a matrix polymer, the surface of which is efficiently modified, that can be easily produced, and that are formed by an electrospinning method from a spinning material that is a resin composition including a fluorine-containing highly branched polymer (a) and a thermoplastic resin (b); a method for producing the fiber; and a method for modifying the surface of fine fibers.

University of Fukui and Kuraray Co. | Date: 2012-06-07

A structural fiber product usable as an adsorbent or the like is provided. A graft component for forming a graft chain is graft-polymerized onto a structural fiber object; the structural fiber object comprises a fiber assembly comprising at least a conjugated fiber, and an ethylene-vinyl alcohol-series copolymer exists on at least part of a surface of the fiber. The graft polymerization may be conducted, for example, by exposing a structural fiber object to radiation to generate an active species and immersing the structural fiber object in a liquid containing a graft component to bring the structural fiber object into contact with the graft component. According to the method, the graft component can be polymerized at a high degree of grafting, and a structural fiber product having an excellent adsorption characteristic is obtained.

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