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Besancon, France

The University of Franche-Comté is a French university in the Academy of Besançon with five campuses: Besançon , Belfort , Montbéliard , Vesoul , and Lons-le-Saunier .It was founded in 1423 in Dole, at that time in the Duchy of Burgundy, and moved to Besançon in 1691 as Dole was being punished for having resisted too long against the king of France Louis XIV during its conquest of the region.The Centre for Applied Linguistics of the University of Franche-Comté ranks among the top language teaching institutions in the world. The CLA has research contacts in more than 110 countries, and partners with the French Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The Centre of Distance Teaching allow to people who are working to continue to study in different matters like history, informatics, mathematics, AEG, ... The Centre received years ago many demands from students from Djibouti, and then collaborated at the creation of the University of Djibouti.Much of the international visibility in pure and applied science at the University of Franche-Comté comes through the CNRS FEMTO-ST with its expertise in numerous fields, including physics, optics, mechanics, time-frequency, microsystems and nanotechnology. Wikipedia.

Crini G.,University of Franche Comte
Chemical Reviews | Year: 2014

Cyclodextrins (CD) are synthetic substances obtained from the enzymatic degradation of one of the most essential polysaccharides, starch. CDs belong to the family of cage molecules; that is, the core of their structure is composed of a dimensionally stable hydrophobic cavity that can trap or encapsulate other molecules. Villiers concluded that the properties of these particular dextrins were very clearly different from those of the various saccharides known at the time. Nevertheless, he did not pursue research into CDs, preferring to focus on alkaloids. The major discovery of Schardinger was to isolate the microorganism able to synthesize the enzyme that catalyzes the degradation of starch into cyclodextrins. This was identified a few years later as cyclodextrin glucosyltransferase, which more exactly attacked amylose, the linear component of starch. It can be noted that even today the most frequently used source of enzyme for the production of CDs is Bacillus macerans. Source

The pathogenic role of B cells in immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) has justified the therapeutic use of anti-CD20 antibodies such as rituximab (RTX). However, 60% of ITP patients do not respond to RTX. To decipher the mechanisms implicated in the failure of RTX, and because the spleen plays a well-recognized role in ITP pathogenesis, 12 spleens from ITP patients who had been nonresponders to RTX therapy were compared with 11 spleens from RTX-untreated ITP patients and 9 controls. We here demonstrate that in RTX-nonresponder ITP patients, preferential Th1 and Tc1 T lymphocyte polarizations occur, associated with an increase in splenic effector memory CD8(+) T-cell frequency. Moreover, in the RTX- nonresponder patient group, the CD8(+) T-cell repertoire displays a restricted pattern. In the blood, the phenotype of CD8(+) T cells before and after RTX treatment is not modified in responders or nonresponders. Altogether, these results demonstrate for the first time an activation of splenic CD8(+) T cells in ITP patients who did not respond to RTX and suggest their involvement in platelet destruction in these patients. Source

French Institute of Health, Medical Research and University of Franche Comte | Date: 2014-01-07

The present invention concerns pharmaceutical preparations to treat diseases characterized by a pathological immune response, methods of treatments using such preparations and processes for preparing said pharmaceutical preparations.

French National Center for Scientific Research and University of Franche Comte | Date: 2013-10-09

A surface-guided bulk wave transducer ( Each elementary piezoelectric transducer (

University of Franche Comte, ENSMM - National Engineering Institute in Mechanics and Microtechnologies | Date: 2013-03-22

A micropositioning device for a piezoelectric actuator includes a means for controlling an electric field applied to the piezoelectric actuator so as to deform the piezoelectric material, and means for simultaneous measurement of a variation of electric charge accumulated on the piezoelectric actuator resulting from the deformation; and means for acquiring measurements of the variation of electric charge, for processing these acquisitions and for estimating a displacement (x, y, z) of the piezoelectric actuator and/or an applied force.

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