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Dayton, OH, United States

The University of Dayton is an American private Roman Catholic national research university in Ohio's sixth-largest city, Dayton. Founded in 1850 by the Society of Mary , it is one of three Marianist universities in the nation and the largest private university in Ohio. The university's campus is located in the city's southern portion and spans 388 acres on both sides of the Great Miami River. The campus is noted for the Immaculate Conception Chapel and the University of Dayton Arena. The University also operates, in China's Suzhou Industrial Park, the University of Dayton China Institute.The University has about 8,000 undergraduate and 3,000 post-graduate students from a variety of religious, ethnic and geographic backgrounds, drawn from across the United States and more than 40 countries. It offers more than 70 academic programs in arts and science, business administration, education and health science, engineering, law and, in 1988, was first in the country to offer an undergraduate degree program in human rights.The University's notable alumni include humorist Erma Bombeck; engineer David Bradley ; architect Bruce Graham; Super Bowl-winning coaches Jon Gruden and Chuck Noll; first female Premier of New South Wales Kristina Keneally; sportscaster Dan Patrick and Nobel Prize winner Charles J. Pedersen. Wikipedia.

Control methods for vapor compression systems and multiple-load vapor compression systems having one or more refrigeration loops include selecting a desired set-point temperature range for a load temperature at one or more load locations. The vapor compression system is then operated to transfer heat from the one or more load locations to a rejection location. While the vapor compression system is operating, a control apparatus continually adjusts various parameters. A capacity of an adjustable-capacity compressor is adjusted to maintain with respect to an evaporator load a maximum low-side pressure of the refrigeration loop as measured by a first sensor. An adjustable rejection capacity of a rejection apparatus is adjusted to maintain a minimum high-side pressure of the refrigeration loop as measured by a second sensor. An adjustable opening of an expansion valve is adjusted to maintain a load temperature measured by the third sensor within the desired set-point temperature range.

University of Dayton | Date: 2014-01-30

A resistive memory array partitioned into a plurality of memory units is disclosed. Each memory unit includes a plurality of resistive memory elements, a plurality of row lines, a plurality of column lines, a plurality of row select switching devices, and a plurality of column select switching devices. Each resistive memory element is in communication with one of the row lines and one of the column lines. Each row line is in communication with a corresponding one of the row select switching devices. Each column line is in communication with a corresponding one of the column select switching devices.

Systems, methods, and computer product for identifying and tracking an object of interest from an image capturing system based on a plurality of features associated with the object of interest. The object of interest may be tracked based on features associated with the object of interest. A center feature associated with the object of interest is designated. The center feature changes location as the object of interest changes location. A plurality of ringlets is generated. Each ringlet is concentrically positioned so that each ringlet encircles the center feature and encompasses additional features associated with the object of interest. The object of interest is tracked with feature data extracted by each ringlet as the object of interest changes location and/or orientation. The feature data is associated with each feature of the object of interest that each ringlet encompasses.

University of Dayton and U.S. Air force | Date: 2014-09-30

Methods for magnetically enhanced physical vapor deposition are disclosed. The methods include providing a magnetically enhanced vapor deposition device defining a vapor deposition chamber, having a magnetic field source proximate a magnetron target that is positioned within the vapor deposition chamber and coupled to a power source, and having a substrate holder positioned within the vapor deposition chamber, placing a substrate in the substrate holder, activating the magnetic field source to provide a magnetic field that controls a charged particle flux within the physical vapor deposition chamber, and activating the power source thereby depositing a few-layer film of the material comprising the magnetron target onto the substrate. The few-layer film may be a transition metal dichalcogenide, such as MoS

University of Dayton | Date: 2014-08-22

A porphyrin of general formula (I) having a transition metal (II) cation in its core and one or two mono-, di-, tri-, tetra- or penta-halophenyl groups and two or three pyridyl groups in the 5, 10, and/or 15 positions of the porphyrin ring contributing to a positive two or three charge neutralized by the presence of a respective number of anions. The porphyrin of the general formula (I) characterized by killing

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