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Camerino, Italy

The University of Camerino is a university located in Camerino, Italy. The University of Camerino is the best university of Italy with fewer than 10,000 students according to the Guida Censis Repubblica 2011 and 2012 ranking. The University of Camerino is the 16th oldest university in the world. It claims to have been founded in 1336, was officially recognized by the Pope in 1727, and is organized into five faculties. Wikipedia.

Cholinergic precursors have represented the first approach to counter cognitive impairment occurring in adultonset dementia disorders. These compounds were early leaved because their clinical efficacy was not clearly demonstrated. This is probably not true for some choline-containing phospholipids including choline alphoscerate. Choline alphoscerate increases the release of acetylcholine in rat hippocampus, facilitates learning and memory in experimental animals, improves brain transduction mechanisms and decreases age-dependent structural changes occurring in rat brain areas involved in learning and memory. The compound exerts neuroprotective effects in models of altered cholinergic neurotransmission and of brain vascular injury. In clinical studies choline alphoscerate improved memory and attention impairment, as well as affective and somatic symptoms in dementia disorders. An ongoing trial indicates that association between the acetylcholinesterase inhibitor donepezil and choline alphoscerate is accompanied by an improvement in several cognitive tests superior to that induced by donepezil alone. It is suggested that this association may represent a therapeutic option to prolong beneficial effects of cholinergic therapies in Alzheimer's disease patients with concomitant ischemic cerebrovascular disorders. In summary, choline alphoscerate has significant effects on cognitive function with a good safety profile and tolerability. Although limited both in terms of size of the samples investigated and of the length of treatment, preclinical and clinical results presented suggest that cognitive enhancing capabilities of choline alphoscerate merit of being further investigated in appropriate trials.

Zoli M.,University of Camerino
Soft Matter | Year: 2014

The interplay between bending of the molecule axis and appearance of disruptions in circular DNA molecules, with ∼100 base pairs, is addressed. Three minicircles with different radii and almost equal contents of AT and GC pairs are investigated. The DNA sequences are modeled by a mesoscopic Hamiltonian which describes the essential interactions in the helix at the level of the base pair and incorporates twisting and bending degrees of freedom. Helix unwinding and bubble formation patterns are consistently computed by a path integral method that sums over a large number of molecule configurations compatible with the model potential. The path ensembles are determined, as a function of temperature, by minimizing the free energy of the system. Fluctuational openings appear along the helix to release the stress due to the bending of the molecule backbone. In agreement with the experimental findings, base pair disruptions are found with larger probability in the smallest minicircle of 66 bps whose bending angle is ∼6°. For this minicircle, a sizeable untwisting is obtained with the helical repeat showing a step-like increase at T = 315 K. The method can be generalized to determine the bubble probability profiles of open ends linear sequences. © 2014 the Partner Organisations.

Vermonden T.,University Utrecht | Censi R.,University Utrecht | Censi R.,University of Camerino | Hennink W.E.,University Utrecht
Chemical Reviews | Year: 2012

A study was conducted to demonstrate the use of injectable polymeric delivery systems for the controlled release of pharmaceutical proteins, with specific focus on hydrogels. The study covered injectable systems based on nano- and particularly microparticles, along with physical and chemical cross-linking methods used for in situ gelling systems and environmentally responsive hydrogels and their use for protein release. Nanoparticle and microsphere-based drug delivery systems had advantages due to their injectability and the possibility to achieve prolonged release. Hydrogels were specifically used for controlled release of pharmaceutical proteins, as they were cross-linked networks of hydrophilic polymers capable of retaining large amounts of water while remaining insoluble and maintaining their three-dimensional structure. The hydrogel precursors were synthesized by reacting dihydroxy polyethylene glycol with D,L-lactide using stannous octoate as a catalyst.

Marchesoni F.,University of Camerino
Materials | Year: 2013

The longstanding problem of Brownian transport in a heterogeneous quasi one-dimensional medium with space-dependent self-diffusion coefficient is addressed in the overdamped (zero mass) limit. A satisfactory mesoscopic description is obtained in the Langevin equation formalism by introducing an appropriate drift term, which depends on the system macroscopic observables, namely the diffuser concentration and current. The drift term is related to the microscopic properties of the medium. The paradoxical existence of a finite drift at zero current suggests the possibility of designing a Maxwell demon operating between two equilibrium reservoirs at the same temperature. © 2013 by the author.

Zoli M.,University of Camerino
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter | Year: 2012

Multistep denaturation in a short circular DNA molecule is analyzed by a mesoscopic Hamiltonian model which accounts for the helicoidal geometry. Computation of melting profiles by the path integral method suggests that stacking anharmonicity stabilizes the double helix against thermal disruption of the hydrogen bonds. Twisting is essential in the model to capture the importance of nonlinear effects on the thermodynamical properties. In a ladder model with zero twist, anharmonic stacking scarcely affects the thermodynamics. Moderately untwisted helices, with respect to the equilibrium conformation, show an energetic advantage against the overtwisted ones. Accordingly moderately untwisted helices better sustain local fluctuational openings and make more unlikely the thermally driven complete strand separation. © 2012 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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