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Batna, Algeria

The University of Batna is a public university in the city of Batna, Algeria. It was created in 1977 and is one of the largest universities in North Africa. It has eight faculties and over 31,000 students. Wikipedia.

Zerguine S.,University of Batna | Van Isacker P.,French Atomic Energy Commission
Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Year: 2011

A study is carried out on the role of the aligned neutron-proton pair with angular momentum J=9 and isospin T=0 in the low-energy spectroscopy of the N=Z nuclei Cd96, Ag94, and Pd92. Shell-model wave functions resulting from realistic interactions are analyzed in terms of a variety of two-nucleon pairs corresponding to different choices of their coupled angular momentum J and isospin T. The analysis is performed exactly for four holes (Cd96) and carried further for six and eight holes (Ag94 and Pd92) by means of a mapping to an appropriate version of the interacting boson model. The study allows the identification of the strengths and deficiencies of the aligned-pair approximation. © 2011 American Physical Society.

Aouachria M.,University of Batna
Journal of the Korean Physical Society | Year: 2011

Exact solutions for a neutral spinning particle interacting with a helical magnetic field have been found by using a path integral formalism. The propagator is first written in the standard form ∫ D(path) exp i/h S(path) by replacing the spin by unit vectors aligned along the polar and azimuthal directions (θ, Ψ). Then, we use the phase space and rotations in the space of spin coherent states to simplify the calculations. Thus, the exact energy spectra with corresponding wave functions are deduced.

The exposure to nickel chloride (NiCl2) can cause hematotoxicity and hepatotoxicity and canaffect development. The present study pertains to the protective effect of selenium (Se) against NiCl2-induced toxicity in preimplanted Wistar albino rats. The subcutaneous (s.c.) administration of 25 or 50 mg/kg of NiCl2 to Wistar albino rats on day 3 of gestation induced an immediate and significant decrease in maternal body weight and anemia 2 days after treatment. In addition, an increase in plasma aspartate aminotransferase (AST) was observed. These effects were maintained on day 20 of gestation. Moreover, a significant increase in plasma alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels was observed with the administration of 25 mg/kg of NiCl2. Conversely, administration of 50 mg/kg of NiCl2 by s.c. injection increased erythropoiesis at day 20 of gestation and decreased platelets counts. In addition, administration of 100 mg/kg of NiCl2 markedly reduced the maternal body weight and number of live fetuses and increased fetal loss, predominantly at the end of the experimental period. All dose levels of NiCl2 caused an alteration in the hepatic histoarchitecture. When 0.3-mg/kg Se was injected s.c. with 100-mg/kg NiCl2, the levels of plasma AST and ALT and the structure of the liver were restored. Administration of 20 mg/L/day of NiCl2 in the drinking water significantly reduced the maternal body weight at day five of gestation as well as erythropoiesis during the exposure period. The present study suggests that Se can counteract the nocuous effect of nickel on the liver; however this antioxidant did not prevent alterations in development and erythropoiesis. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Khelifa-Kerfa K.,University of Hassiba Ben Bouali Chlef | Delenda Y.,University of Batna
Journal of High Energy Physics | Year: 2015

Abstract: We analytically compute non-global logarithms at finite Nc fully up to 4 loops and partially at 5 loops, for the hemisphere mass distribution in e+e− → di-jets to leading logarithmic accuracy. Our method of calculation relies solely on integrating the eikonal squared-amplitudes for the emission of soft energy-ordered real-virtual gluons over the appropriate phase space. We show that the series of non-global logarithms in the said distribution exhibits a pattern of exponentiation thus confirming — by means of brute force — previous findings. In the large-Nc limit, our results coincide with those recently reported in literature. A comparison of our proposed exponential form with all-orders numerical solutions is performed and the phenomenological impact of the finite-Nc corrections is discussed. © 2015, The Author(s).

Aouachria M.,University of Batna
Chinese Journal of Physics | Year: 2011

We study the movement of a two-level atom in interaction with an electromagnetic wave of circular polarization using the path integral formalism. The propagator is first written in the standard form by replacing the spin by a unit vector aligned along the polar-azimuthal direction. Then we use the phase-space and rotations in the space of spin coherent states to simplify the calculations. Thus the exact wave functions of the system are deduced. © 2011 The Physical Society of the Republic of China.

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