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Timezgana, Morocco

Ansari O.,Moulay Ismai University | Ansari O.,University Med uissi | Asbik M.,Moulay Ismai University | Bah A.,University Med uissi | And 2 more authors.
Desalination | Year: 2013

Desalination of the brackish water using a passive solar still with a heat energy storage system put under the basin liner of the distillation device is dealt with the help of transient mathematical models. Phase change materials (PCMs) are used to store energy in the process of changing the aggregate state from solid to liquid. The energy balance equations for the various elements of the still as well as for the PCM are formulated and numerically solved. In meteorological conditions taken on 15th of June 2011 at the Errachidia city (Latitude: 31°58'N, Longitude: 4°20'W), Morocco, numerical calculations have been carried out for three kinds of PCMs which have different melting temperatures. To validate the simulation results, the brackish water temperature is compared with the analytical expression and the existing results in the literature. The obtained results show that the excess energy produced during sunshine times is stored in a PCM for use later during the night. Moreover, it is highlighted that the choice of the phase change material (PCM) depends closely on the maximum of the brackish water temperature that can reach by the brackish water in the basin. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. Source

Asbik M.,Moulay Ismai University | Ansari O.,University Med uissi | Bah A.,University Med uissi | Zari N.,Center Energie | And 2 more authors.
Desalination | Year: 2016

The exergy analysis of a passive solar still combined with heat storage system is presented in meteorological conditions taken on 15th of June 2011 at Errachidia city (Latitude: 31°58'N, Longitude: 4°20'W, Morocco), to determine the magnitude of exergy losses during the heat storage/retrieve period. Paraffin wax is used as phase change material (PCM) to store/retrieve energy in the process of changing the aggregate state from solid to liquid. The exergy balance equation for each element of the desalination unit as well as for the PCM is formulated and numerically solved. The variations versus time of temperature within PCM, the exergy destruction of solar still and that of PCM medium, the pure water productivity and exergy efficiency are shown in the obtained results. Effects of the influencing parameters (the thickness of the PCM medium, the ambient air velocity and the brackish water depth) on the exergy destruction (entropy generation) are highlighted. Moreover, the latent heat storage increases the water productivity and reduces the exergy efficiency. © 2015 Elsevier B.V. Source

Allouch H.,University Med uissi | Belkasmi M.,University Med uissi
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2013

Network coding provides a powerful and effective mechanism, instead of sending packets directly on the channel, the end node is allowed to combine and encode one or more packages before sending them. This process improves the speed of the performance, the rate of the transmission. In this paper, we present a survey of variants of network coding; we present the advantage of network coding in network convergence to IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), the classification of network codes, with their advantage. We show by analyzing the strategy of Network Coding, and the performance of the implementation of network coding in terms of messaging and media streaming in the generation IP Multimedia Subsystem network (IMS). We conclude that network coding can improve throughput, minimize transmission delay and minimize energy consumption in the networks of future generations IMS. Following the Network Coding can offer exciting possibilities for efficient transmission and helps raise the growing challenges of different types of applications on the Internet and media convergence based on IP IMS network. © 2013 ACM. Source

Traki L.,University Med uissi | Traki L.,El Ayachi University Hospital | Rostom S.,University Med uissi | Rostom S.,El Ayachi University Hospital | And 8 more authors.
Clinical Rheumatology | Year: 2014

The aim of this study was to assess the responsiveness to change of the quality of life evaluated by the EuroQol Five Dimensions Questionnaire (EQ-5D) and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) after biological treatment in a population of rheumatoid arthritis patients. A cohort of patients with RA (n=29) treated with tocilizumab (TCZ) were analyzed in the study. The inclusion criteria were patients aged between 18 and 65 years, fulfilling American College of Rheumatology 1987 criteria for RA. All patients had inadequate response to methotrexate and with no prior biologic exposure. They were evaluated clinically including Disease Activity Score 28 (DAS28), and the European Quality of Life 5 Dimensions (EQ-5D) to measure the quality of life, and HAD assessed the anxiety and depression status at the initiation of treatment with anti-IL 6 receptor antibody agent and after 6 months. Sensitivity to change was quantified by the effect size (ES) before and after the treatment with TCZ. Among 29 patients with RA included in the study, 25 were females and 4 males. The mean age was 42 years±13.4 (SD). Three patients were excluded from the study before 24 weeks because of serious side effects, and five have missing data. The study population exhibited significant decreases in all measures of disease activity at 24 weeks. Physical activity expressed by the Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) score increased through the observation period (for all p<0.001). Sensitivity to change was high for the VAS and EQ-5D (ES 1.58 and 1.36, respectively) but only moderate for the HAD anxiety component (ES=0.70) and small for the HAD depression component (ES=0.4). The EQ-5D and VAS were more responsive than HADS to evaluate the quality of life on patient with RA treated with TCZ. © 2014 Clinical Rheumatology. Source

Bensghir M.,University Med uissi | Bouhabba N.,University Med uissi | Fjouji S.,University Med uissi | Haimeur C.,University Med uissi | Azendour H.,University Med uissi
Annales Francaises d'Anesthesie et de Reanimation | Year: 2014

Intubation and ventilation impossible mask is a dramatic situation with potentially serious consequences. We report the case of a patient of 43years, followed for a goiter, which was scheduled for a total thyroidectomy under general anesthesia. Preoperative evaluation is not noted signs of compression or tracheal deviation, and there were no criteria predictive of intubation or difficult mask ventilation. The induction of anesthesia was standard. Mask ventilation was effective allowing paralysis. The standard laryngoscopy showed a score of Cormack and Lehane grade IV. Several attempts at intubation were made leading to a situation of intubation and ventilation impossible mask with deep desaturation. A tracheostomy was done urgently. The patient was operated on, six months later, with a fiber optic intubation. Through this case, the authors draw attention to the difficulty of achieving an emergency tracheotomy in the presence of goiter and emphasize the need for integration of different modes of learning and retention of management skills of the upper airway. © 2014 Société française d'anesthésie et de réanimation (Sfar). Source

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