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Kondratiev Y.,Bielefeld University | Kozitsky Y.,University Marii Curie Sktodowskiej | Pasurek T.,Bielefeld University
Condensed Matter Physics

The Gibbs states of a spin system on the lattice Zd with pair interactions Jxyσ(x) σ(y) are studied. Here (x,y) ∈ E, i.e. x and y are neighbors in Zd. The intensities Jxy and the spins σ(x), σ(y) are arbitrarily real. To control their growth we introduce appropriate sets Jq ⊂ RE and and show that, for every J = (Jxy) ∈ Jq: (a) the set of Gibbs states Gp(J) = (μ : solves DLR, μ(Sp) = 1} is non-void and weakly compact; (b) each μ ∈ GP( J) obeys an integrability estimate, the same for all μ. Next we study the case where Jq is equipped with a norm, with the Borel σ-field B(Jq), and with a complete probability measure v. We show that the set-valued map Jq ∇ J → GP(J) has measurable selections Jq ∇ J → μ (J) ∈ GP(J), which are random Gibbs measures. We demonstrate that the empirical distributions N-1 obtained from the local conditional Gibbs measuresπ δn (· |J, ξ) and from exhausting sequences of, {increment}n ⊂ Zd have v-a.s. weak limits as N, →+∞which are random Gibbs measures. Similarly, we show the existence of the v-a.s. weak limits of the empirical metastates which are Aizenman-Wehr metastates. Finally, we demonstrate that the limiting thermodynamic pressure exists under some further conditions on v. © Yu. Kondratiev, Yu. Kozitsky, T. Pasurek. Source

A review, with 74 refs., of minerals used as sorbents for removal of acid and reactive dyes from aq. solns. Source

Golebiowski A.,Instytut Nawozow Sztucznych | Stolecki K.,Instytut Nawozow Sztucznych | Michalska K.,Instytut Nawozow Sztucznych | Narowski R.,Instytut Nawozow Sztucznych | Borowiecki T.,University Marii Curie Sktodowskiej
Przemysl Chemiczny

Ce or La-doped Ni catalysts were prepd. by copptn. from aq. solns. of Ni(NO3)2 Ce(NO3) and La(NO3)3 with Na2CO3 and Na3AlO3 pelletized with Al2O3 and studied for activity in redn. of C oxides to MeH at 180-210°C. The addn. of Ce or La oxides resulted in an increase in catalytic activity of the catalysts at 180°C and content of the oxides 3% by mass. The activity decreased with increasing reaction temp. Source

Grzegorz W.,University Marii Curie Sktodowskiej | Zbigniew H.,University Marii Curie Sktodowskiej | Rusek P.,Instytut Nawozow Sztucznych
Przemysl Chemiczny

Cr6+ ions were removed from their aq. solns. with a com. anion-exchange resin at pH 1.5-7. The redn. of Cr6+ ions to Cr 3+ ions was obsd. during the sepn. Kinetic parameters and Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption consts. were detd. Source

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