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Mohammedia, Morocco

Aatiq A.,University Hassan Mohammedia | Tigha M.R.,University Hassan Mohammedia
Powder Diffraction | Year: 2014

A new Ca1/3Sb1/6Bi1/2PO4 CaSb0.50Bi1.50(PO4)3 phosphate has been synthesized by conventional solid-state reaction techniques at 900 °C in air atmosphere. Their crystallographic structures were determined at room temperature from X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) data using the Rietveld analysis. CaII 1/3SbV 1/6BiIII 1/2PO4 material possesses the high-temperature BiPO4 monoclinic structure variety. It crystallizes in monoclinic system with P21/m space group and the cell parameters are: a = 4.9358(1) Å, b = 6.9953(2), c = 4.7075(1) Å, and β = 96.2(1)°. Their structure can be described as composed of alternating edge-sharing AO8 (A = Ca, Sb, Bi) bisdisphenoids and PO4 tetrahedra forming chains parallel to the b axis. Every AO8 polyhedron is surrounded by six PO4 and every PO4 tetrahedron is surrounded by six AO8 polyhedra. Infrared spectroscopic study was used to obtain further structural information. © 2013 International Centre for Diffraction Data.

Baraka N.E.,University IbnZohr | Saffaj N.,University IbnZohr | Mamouni R.,University IbnZohr | Laknifli A.,University IbnZohr | And 3 more authors.
Desalination and Water Treatment | Year: 2014

The present paper is devoted to synthesis of porous ceramic support from local Moroccan clay (region of Agadir). This material has been dictated by their natural abundance (low price) and their beneficial properties. In this work, we were also interested in the development and the characterization of new mineral support for microfiltration and ultrafiltration membrane. The support, with flat configuration, was prepared from natural clay: the powder was crushed, sieved to 125 μm and mixed with organic additives and water. The obtained paste was then extruded to elaborate a porous structure. The firing temperature of the support is 800°C. After firing, the elaborated support showed an average pore diameter of 11 μm and a porosity of 41%. The average support permeability determined using pure distilled water is 1,805 L/h m2 bar. This porous ceramic tube was used as support to prepare microfiltration membrane which were tested for the filtration. © 2013 © 2013 Balaban Desalination Publications. All rights reserved.

Monfalouti H.E.,Mohammed V University | Monfalouti H.E.,French National Center for Scientific Research | Charrouf Z.,Mohammed V University | Hamdouchi A.E.,Unite Mixte de Recherche en Nutrition Alimentation | And 10 more authors.
Natural Product Communications | Year: 2013

Vitamin E supplements could be beneficial for postmenopausal women. To evaluate the effect of edible argan oil consumption on the antioxidant status of postmenopausal women, the vitamin E serum level of 151 menopausal women consuming either olive or argan oil was determined. Serum level of vitamin E was increased in the argan oil consumer group. Therefore, an argan oil-enriched diet can be recommended to help prevent some postmenopausal disorders.

Enache T.A.,University of Coimbra | Enache T.A.,University Hassan Mohammedia | Amine A.,University Hassan Mohammedia | Brett C.M.A.,University of Coimbra | Oliveira-Brett A.M.,University of Coimbra
Talanta | Year: 2013

An electroanalytical methodology was developed for the determination of the total ortho-phenol content of virgin olive oil (VOO) with high sensitivity and reproducibility. The VOO ortho-phenol content depends on its freshness and is normally expressed as HT equivalent. Screen-printed electrodes were used with cyclic voltammetry to investigate the oxidation of catechol, phenol, hydroxytyrosol (HT), tyrosol, caffeic acid and ferulic acid. The oxidation of ortho-phenols and mono-phenols occurs following different mechanisms, and at different potentials. Using screen-printed electrodes and square wave voltammetry, an HT detection limit of 0.40 μM, was obtained. The electroanalytical methodology developed was applied to the determination of ortho-phenol content in fresh and old VOO. The HT equivalent determined for a two-year-old VOO sample was 3 mg/kg, for one-year-old samples was 6-7 mg/kg, and for a fresh VOO sample 30 mg/kg, recoveries in the range of 78-93% of HT standard being obtained. The effect of VOO matrix components on the HT standard response was investigated. © 2012 Published by Elsevier B.V.

Aatiq A.,University Hassan Mohammedia | Tigha M.R.,University Hassan Mohammedia
Powder Diffraction | Year: 2013

Crystallographic structures of the three NaSbR(PO4)3 (R = Cr, Fe, In) phases were determined at room temperature from X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) data using the Rietveld analysis. The three compounds belong to the Nasicon structural family. The presence of the (303) reflection in all XRD spectra of NaSbR(PO4)3 shows clearly that all compounds crystallise in rhombohedral system with R3 space group. Na atoms are practically ordered within the two positions, 3a and 3b, of M1 sites. Structure refinements show also a partially-ordered distribution of Sb5+ and R3+ ions within the Nasicon framework. A Raman and Infrared spectroscopic study was used to obtain further structural information about the nature of bonding in NaSbR(PO4)3 (R = Cr, Fe, In) phases. © 2013 JCPDS-ICDD.

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