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Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil

Martins V.L.G.S.,Programa Saude da Crianca | Melione L.P.R.,University of Sao Paulo | Bismarck-Nasr E.M.,University of Sao Paulo | das Oliveira M.G.,University Braz Cubas
Revista Paulista de Pediatria | Year: 2012

Objective: To identify signs, pathological tendencies or established diseases in first and second grade students in order to promote better health practices in the school environment. Methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out with 1,332 school children enrolled in the first and second grades of 13 schools in the Southern region of São José dos Campos (Southeast Brazil). In order to establish the students' health status, the following evaluations were conducted: visual screening, nutritional assessment, blood hemoglobin count, stool examination for parasites, assessment of the children's immunization records, hearing assessment, blood pressure test, and a pediatric appointment. Results: Low prevalence of anemia (8.4% of the group) and parasites in the stools (2.5%) were observed. Conversely, high prevalence of excessive body weight (21.7%) was found. Among the studied children, 94.7% had their vaccinations up to date. Conclusions: Initiatives, such as the Programa Pincel Mágico, not only identified early health-related changes in schoolchildren, but also encouraged the cooperation between the healthcare and the educational sectors, helping to build a new preventive outlook of students' health. Source

Bergamaschi A.M.T.,Clifisio Clinica conveniada com a Santa Casa de Misericordia de Suzano | de Faria T.C.C.,Mogi Das Cruzes University | dos Santos C.A.,University Braz Cubas
Revista Neurociencias | Year: 2012

Myelomeningocele (MMC) is a congenital malformation and often occurs between the third and fifth week of gestation. The objective of this work was to verify the profile and socioeconomic level of the patients with MMC in Mogi das Cruzes. Two questionnaires were applied to parents of children with MMC, one seeking profile and the other the socioeconomic level of the patients. The results showed higher prevalence among females, with higher incidence in lower lumbar region. Most cases were diagnosed in the prenatal period and submitted to the correction within 48 hours of birth. Hydrocephalus was present in all cases, ventriculoperitoneal shunt was done in half of the cases. All children had urinary infection, the most presented orthopedic deformities, the majority have presented congenital clubfoot. Almost 50% of the analyzed cases performed surgery to repair it. Although all used ankle-foot orthoses, only 62.5% practiced physiotherapy. For the social economic and cultural aspect the most were studying in regular schools and socially they belong to class C. Only 56.25% of parents had good knowledge about the disease which victimize their children. It was concluded the great importance of knowing the patient profile so that professionals can perform more adequately their treatments and guidelines. Source

Motta L.J.,Odontopediatria | Bachiega J.C.,Nove de Julho University | Guedes C.C.,University Braz Cubas | Laranja L.T.,Odontopediatria | Bussadori S.K.,Nove de Julho University
Clinics | Year: 2011

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether there is a correlation between halitosis and mouth breathing in children. STUDY DESIGN: Fifty-five children between 3 and 14 years of age were divided into two groups (nasal and mouth breathing) for the assessment of halitosis. A descriptive analysis was conducted on the degree of halitosis in each group. The chi-square test was used for comparison between groups, with a 5% level of significance. RESULTS: There was a significantly greater number of boys with the mouth-breathing pattern than girls. A total of 23.6% of the participants had no mouth odor, 12.7% had mild odor, 12.7% had moderate odor and 50.9% had strong odor. There was a statistically significant association between halitosis and mouth breathing. CONCLUSIONS: The occurrence of halitosis was high among the children evaluated, and there was a statistically significant association between halitosis and mouth breathing. © 2011 CLINICS. Source

Paiva C.R.,Universidade Sao Francisco | Nascimento J.,University Braz Cubas | Silva A.P.Z.,Instituto Butantan | Bernarde P.S.,Federal University of Acre | Ananias F.,Universidade Sao Francisco
Italian Journal of Zoology | Year: 2010

The karyotypes of Phyllomedusa camba De La Riva, 1999 and P. rhodei Mertens, 1926 are presented and the chromosome pairs with Ag-NORs are identified. Both karyotypes have 2n=26 chromosomes with similar morphology, an exception being the presence of three acrocentric pairs in P. camba. In this species the Ag-NORs are found in the proximal region of pairs 1 and 5 whilst in P. rhodei an extensive inter-individual variation was observed in the number and position of the AgNORs (1p, 3q, 5p, 8p, 11q, and 12q). Based on comparative cytogenetic data of P. camba and P. rhodei, we discuss the phenetic groups proposed for Phyllomedusa genus. © 2010 Unione Zoologica Italiana. Source

Lino J.L.S.,University Braz Cubas | Christ B.,Institute Estudos Avancados IEAv CTA
Chinese Journal of Physics | Year: 2012

In the present paper we study the Schwinger multichannel (SMC) method with plane waves as a basis set (SMC-PW) for the elastic integral cross sections of He, Ne, H 2, and CH 4 by positron impact and also the inelastic integral cross sections of H 2 (transition X 1Σ g +→ B 1Σ u +). The essence of this work is based on the fact that the main limitation of the SMC method for positron scattering resides in what makes it a general method, i.e., the expansion of the scattering function is done in an L 2 basis (Cartesian Gaussian functions) and this is very effective for short range potentials. Our effort is to improve the SMC method through the use of plane waves as trial functions (SMC-PW). In order to do this, we have to evaluate reliable codes involving matrix elements of the type 〈 →kf |V G o (+)V |k i → which is here done by direct numerical quadrature. We find that the 〈 →kf |V G o (+)V ||ki → term is adequate when a minimum number of points is used for the radial and angular Gauss-Legendre quadratures. These quadratures are recommended for the efficient calculation of elastic positron scattering by atoms and molecules. We also present a preliminary study on the positron-impact electronic excitation of H 2 as investigated also by Arretche and Lima [Phys. Rev. A 74, 042713 (2006)] using the SMC method in the range 13.5-30 eV. The propose of this work was to study the numerical stability of the SMC-PW and also investigate the influence of open channels (energetically accessible electronic states). Cross sections were performed for the elastic case at intermediate energies in the range 50-200 eV. The results (elastic and inelastic) are consistent with the experimental data and theoretical studies. © 2012 The Physical Society of the Republic of China. Source

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