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Uji, Japan

Unitika Ltd. | Date: 2013-06-19

Disclosed is an adhesive for packaging materials being in a form of an aqueous dispersion including an acid-modified polyolefin resin containing a (meth)acrylic acid ester component, polyvinyl alcohol and an aqueous medium, wherein the content of polyvinyl alcohol is 0.1 to 10 parts by mass in relation to 100 parts by mass of the acid-modified polyolefin resin. Also disclosed is a packaging material using the adhesive wherein a barrier layer, an adhesive layer formed of a coating film obtained from the adhesive, and a sealant layer are laminated in this order.

Konica Minolta, Unitika Ltd. and Unitika Glass Fiber Co. | Date: 2015-02-25

A light diffusion sheet for an organic electroluminescent element to be used in an organic electroluminescent panel. The light diffusion sheet includes: a glass fiber cloth composed of at least one glass fiber; silica on a surface of the glass fiber or between the glass fibers; and at least one selected from a group consisting of metal alkoxides and reaction products of metal alkoxides.

Unitika Ltd. | Date: 2014-01-09

The present invention provides a mold release film including a resin layer provided on one surface of a polyester film, wherein the resin layer includes an acid-modified polyolefin resin with a proportion of an acid-modifying component of 1 to 10% by mass, polyvinyl alcohol and a cross-linking agent; the content of polyvinyl alcohol exceeds 200 parts by mass and is 1000 parts by mass or less, and the content of the cross-linking agent is 1 to 20 parts by mass in relation to 100 parts by mass of the acid-modified polyolefin resin; and the peel force between the resin layer and a rubber-based adherend measured by bonding the rubber-based adherend to the resin layer is 0.5 N/cm or less.

Unitika Ltd. | Date: 2014-10-08

Disclosed is a production method for an easy adhesion polyamide film including a substrate polyamide film and a primer layer containing an anionic water-dispersible polyurethane resin, formed on at least one side of the substrate polyamide film. The thickness of the primer layer is 0.025 m or more and 0.250 m or less. The anionic water-dispersible polyurethane resin has a coating film elongation percentage of 250% or more and a tensile strength of 20 MPa ox more. When the easy adhesion polyamide film is subjected to a heat treatment in a helium gas atmosphere at 200 C. for 10 minutes, a total amount of the volatile base components evolved from the easy adhesion polyamide film is 0.50 g/g or less.

Unitika Ltd. | Date: 2013-09-30

Disclosed is a semi-aromatic polyamide film including 98 to 90% by mass of a semi-aromatic polyamide (A) and 2 to 10% by mass of a thermoplastic elastomer (B). The semi-aromatic polyamide (A) includes a dicarboxylic acid mainly composed of terephthalic acid and a diamine mainly composed of an aliphatic diamine having 9 carbon atoms. The thermoplastic elastomer (B) has functional groups. The film is a stretched film.

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