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Amancio C.T.,University of Taubate | Nascimento L.F.C.,UNITAU
Revista da Associacao Medica Brasileira | Year: 2012

Objective: To estimate the risk of hospitalization for asthma in children after exposure to air pollutants in a medium-sized city in Southeast Brazil. Methods: An ecological time series study was carried out with hospitalization data for asthma in children under 10 years of age living in São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil, and concentrations of particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter < 10 microns, sulfur dioxide, and ozone; data were also obtained on relative humidity and temperatures. Pearson's coefficient correlation was used for the study variables. To estimate the association between hospitalizations due to asthma and air pollutants, Poisson regression generalized additive models were built, according to lags of up to seven days. Results: There was a strong correlation between hospitalizations and the pollutants particulate matter and sulfur dioxide. Exposure to particulate matter and sulfur dioxide were associated with significant relative risks of 1.01 to 1.04 of hospitalization due to asthma on the same day and within three days after exposure. Increases in the concentrations of these pollutants increase the risk of hospitalization between 8% and 19%. Conclusion: There is evidence of the effect of air pollutants on asthma hospitalization in a medium-sized city in Southeast Brazil. © 2012 Elsevier Editora Ltda. All right reserved.

Varallo A.C.T.,UNITAU | Souza C.F.,Anhanguera
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agricola e Ambiental | Year: 2010

The reuse of treated sewage effluent to water bodies to supply water for irrigation has been of great advantage to agriculture, and the use if not regimented could bring changes in physical and chemical properties of soil. This paper aimed the evaluation of the physical and chemical properties alteration of a Red-yellow Latosol after the application of reuse water from an effluent treatment station of wetlands. The experiment was accomplished in laboratory using a soil column. First, 15 L of distilled water were applied in the soil column and after 15 L of reuse water and at interval of 5 L of water a sample was collected for analysis. The results showed decrease of nitrate, potassium and saturated hydraulic conductivity values and an increase in sodium, iron, manganese, zinc and electrical conductivity of the soil after water application. In this way, it may be concluded that the use of waste water for agronomic activities must be used in a rational way, mainly checking the elevation of sodium.

Bravo-Valenzuela N.J.M.,University of Taubate | Passarelli M.L.B.,Santa Casa de Sao Paulo | Nascimento L.F.C.,UNITAU
Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery | Year: 2011

Objective: To evaluate the impact of congenital heart diseases in growth of children with Down syndrome (DS) and the weight-height recovery after surgical correction. Methods: Retrospective study of the DS patients between 1984 and 2007. Excluding the mosaics and/or patients with associated morbidities (n=165). Calculated Z scores for weight (Zwb) and length (Zlb) at birth. Those submitted to surgical correction (n= 60) these scores (Zw/Zh) were evaluated before surgery and in subsequent periods to five years. Malnutrition was defined as weight/height Z-score ≤ 2,5. Used chi-square test to verify the relation between weight/length and age at the time of surgery and Student T test to evaluate the postoperative (PO) time of recovery (P ≤ 0.05). Results: Means Zwb (n = 162) and Zlb (n = 156) were -0.95 (±1.27) and -1.348 (±1.02). From the total data (n = 165), 65.5% (n = 108) presented heart disease. Those submitted to cardiac surgery (n = 60), Zw was below -2.5 in 55% (n = 33) and Zh in 60% (n = 36). After six months PO, 67.4% achieved Zw ≥ 2.5. In one year, 85.7% achieved Zh ≥ 2.5. Dividing this group by age in tertiles at time of surgery no difference was found. Conclusions: We concluded that malnutrition common in children with DS since birth. DS children with congenital heart and surgical indication were smaller and lighter than those without or with mild disease. PO recovery occurred in 6 months for weight and one year for height, with no difference in the age at the time of surgery.

Pugacheva G.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Martin I.,UNITAU | Spjeldvik W.,Weber State University
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2013

We have demonstrated a reasonably satisfactory agreement between the theoretically simulated geomagnetically confined antiproton fluxes and the Pamela experimentally observed antiproton fluxes within the Earth's magnetosphere. The antiprotons were considered created partially in nuclear reactions of direct proton/antiproton production (p+p, p+pbar+p+p) and to an even larger extent in nuclear reactions of neutron/antineutron (indirect) pair production (p+p, n+nbar+p+p) both processes resulting from cosmic rays interactions with the Earth's upper atmosphere. Although the theoretically predicted spectrum of trapped antiprotons is not a perfect match in all details with the in-situ observed flux spectra, we do note an excellent antiproton flux match around 1 GeV kinetic energy. Thus, we conclude that what we earlier had largely predicted, the Pamela antiproton detection experiment has now observed.

de Paula M.A.B.,University of Taubate | de Paula M.A.B.,University of Sao Paulo | Takahashi R.F.,University of Sao Paulo | de Paula P.R.,UNITAU | de Paula P.R.,Federal University of Sao Paulo
Journal of Coloproctology | Year: 2012

Objective: Identify the Social Representations (SR) of ostomized people in terms of sexuality after the stoma. Methods: An exploratory, descriptive, qualitative study using the Social Representation Theory with 15 ostomized people (8 females), mean age of 57.9 years, between August and September 2005. Data obtained from transcribed interviews were submitted to content analysis, resulting in the thematic unit "Giving new meaning to sexuality" and subthemes. Results: The study demonstrated that the intestinal stoma interferes in the sexuality experience, showing that the meanings attributed to this experience are based on individual life stories, quality of personal relationships established in practice and perception of sexuality, despite the stoma. Conclusions: The Social Representations, in terms of experiencing sexuality after the stoma, are based on meanings attributed to the body, associated with daily life and present in the social imaginary. It is influenced by other factors, such as physiological changes resulting from the surgery and the fact of having or not a partner. Care taken during sexual practices provide greater security and comfort in moments of intimacy, resembling the closest to what ostomized people experienced before the stoma. The self-irrigation technique associated or not with the use of artificial occluder, has been attested by its users as a positive element that makes a difference in sexual practice after the stoma. The support to ostomized people should be comprehensive, not limited to technical care and disease, which are important, but not sufficient. The interdisciplinary health team should consider all aspects of the person, seeking a real meeting between subjects.

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