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PubMed | Unit Of Shoulder And Elbow Surgery D Cervesi Hospital and Opp Civil Hospital
Type: Journal Article | Journal: International orthopaedics | Year: 2016

The aim of this study was to establish whether anterior glenoid bone loss in patients with large glenoid rim defects can be restored with a coracoid graft (Latarjet procedure).A total of 143 consecutive patients with chronic anterior shoulder instability and glenoid bone deficiency were treated in 2013. A pre-operative computed tomography (CT) scan using the PICO method was obtained to estimate anterior glenoid rim erosion. The 23 patients with anterior glenoid deficiency exceeding 20% were included in the study. A post-operative CT scan was obtained to establish whether coracoid transfer had fully restored the glenoid surface.Mean bone loss was 263.9% of the glenoid surface (range 20-34%) compared with the contralateral glenoid. Mean coracoid dimensions were 26.32.9mm7.60.65mm. The graft successfully restored the glenoid surface in all patients (mean filling, 102.40.8%).The Latarjet procedure is a valuable approach to treat patients with chronic shoulder instability and glenoid deficiency.Coracoid transfer restored the glenoid surface even in patients with large defects. The Eden-Hybinette technique seems to be more appropriate for revision surgery and for patients with a failed Latarjet procedure.

PubMed | Unit Of Shoulder And Elbow Surgery D Cervesi Hospital and All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Type: Review | Journal: Journal of clinical orthopaedics and trauma | Year: 2016

Glomus tumours are rare benign vascular neoplasms commonly found in the hand particularly in subungual region. Though, its aetiology remains largely unknown, several hypotheses have been made to explain the etiopathogenesis and cause of pain. These tumours usually present as a bluish or pinkish red discolouration of the nail plate with classical triad of localised tenderness, severe pain, and cold sensitivity. Nevertheless, differential diagnosis of other painful tumours, such as leiomyoma, eccrine spiradenoma, haemangioma, neuroma, osteochondroma, or mucous cyst should always be kept in mind while evaluating a patient with severe pain in the tip of the finger. In addition to the different clinical tests including Loves pin test, Hildreths test, and trans-illumination test, imaging studies such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasonography, and radiography are often helpful in the diagnosis. Complete surgical excision is a must to get complete relief from the symptoms and to avoid recurrence. Several approaches have been described in the literature. Different surgeons may have different choices and may prefer one approach over the other depending on the anatomical location of the tumours. The purpose of this article is to review the important aspects of glomus tumours in hand concerning their aetiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, management, and recurrence.

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