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Huangdao, China

Unit 91336 of PLA

Huangdao, China
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Zhang H.-X.,Unit 91336 of PLA | Zhang J.-Y.,Unit 91336 of PLA | Zhang Z.-Y.,Unit 91336 of PLA | He H.,Tsinghua University
Xitong Fangzhen Xuebao / Journal of System Simulation | Year: 2012

Domain specific language (DSL) based on meta-modeling technology and its supporting environment can increase development productivity and maintainability of software to a greater extent. Based on the domain oriented design idea, a technology architecture of radar EW simulation language was proposed, which included services layer, tools layer, models layer and applications layer. Modeling mechanism with six levels to support whole models development process and associated models function system were designed. A method to construct radar EW modeling language was introduced combining with practical instance, and the model generator supporting automatic generation of multiplicate code was developed. The method combining the information bus and computation bus was used to implement driver engine of models. Finally, the application characteristics of radar EW simulation language were introduced. © Right.

Jia S.,Yantai Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University | Ji Y.,Unit 91336 of PLA
IET Conference Publications | Year: 2013

Tracking of highly maneuvering targets is an area of considerable interest to the Radar community. Conventionally, tracking is performed using some filtering based some maneuvering model with the measurements of range and bearing in data processing. Due to the absence of acceleration, worse precision or divergence of tracking will occur when the current radars track high maneuvering targets. It can be improved the performance of maneuvering tracking if radial acceleration and radial velocity estimates can be brought into the measurement vector in maneuvering tracking. Therefore, a RAV-EKFD method is proposed for enhancing the tracking of a highly maneuvering target. In the proposed method, the radial acceleration and radial velocity is derived based on Compressive Sensing method in signal processing and then applied to the measurement vector after coordinates transform. In the filtering approach, a method of EKFD is used based on Debiased Converted Measurements Kalman Filter (CMKF-D) and Extended Kalman Filter(EKF) to resolve the problem of the non-linearity of the measurement equation. In simulations, the tracking performance of the proposed method is compared with the traditional EKF and CMKF-D algorithms, and the results show that the RAV-EKFD outperforms these algorithms in maneuvering scenario.

Zhang G.,Unit 91336 of PLA | Liu S.,Unit 91336 of PLA
Xitong Fangzhen Xuebao / Journal of System Simulation | Year: 2015

The establishment for simulation framework can effectively improve the efficiency and level of simulation system development, improve the reusability of resources and system ability of adaptive change. The simulation research boundary of warship integrated air-defense and anti-missile battle was confirmed, the corresponding simulation framework was presented from two aspects of tactics and technology. Structure and module function of the tactical simulation framework were clarified. Based on the theory and method of model driven architecture(MDA) and component technology, a flexible reconfiguration technique simulation framework was established. The framework provides a relatively comprehensive and feasible technology method to realize for warship integrated air-defense and anti-missile simulation. The framework has strong generality. Practical application shows that, under the guidance of the framework, the simulation system development process is standardized and simple, simulation resources reusability and simulation system expansibility are strong. ©, 2015, Chinese Association for System Simulation. All right reserved.

Liu Y.,Unit 91336 of PLA | Li T.,Unit 91336 of PLA | Gu Z.J.,Unit 91336 of PLA
Proceedings - 5th International Conference on Instrumentation and Measurement, Computer, Communication, and Control, IMCCC 2015 | Year: 2015

Active deception jamming Scenario generation technique to SAR plays an important role in the development of SAR system and the evaluation of anti-jamming ability. Research on active deception jamming scenario generation technique to SAR is simple now. SAR jamming scenario echo simulation is studied aimed at the problem, through analyzing the basic principle of SAR and deducing the mathematic model of SAR active deception jamming, this paper proposes echo simulation of active deception jamming based on jammer systematic function. According to the above, Matlab is used to verify simulation of point targets and real scene of the SAR active deception jamming. The simulation results show that the method is suitable for many kinds of disturbed simulation on SAR active deception, such as single-point target, multi-points target, area target, distributed target and real scene, and this has important reference significance for design and anti-jamming performance analysis of SAR system. © 2015 IEEE.

Liu Y.,Unit 91336 of PLA | Gu Z.-J.,Unit 91336 of PLA | Sun Z.-P.,Unit 91336 of PLA
Xitong Fangzhen Xuebao / Journal of System Simulation | Year: 2014

Chaff radio frequency simulation is an important content of Radio Frequency Simulation System. Currently, research of chaff motion model is not thorough and can not satisfy the requirement of accurate simulation. In order to solve the problem, chaff motion model was researched by analyzing position simulation principle of radio frequency simulation system and movement of chaff, and the motion model of chaff cloud was established and emulated with Matlab and VC. Finally, according to the model, the software which could produce simulation locus was developed. The experimental results demonstrate that the software can raise fidelity of the chaff simulation and confidence of simulation experiment. © Journal of System Simulation.

Ji Y.-J.,Unit 91336 of PLA | Zhang G.-F.,Unit 91336 of PLA | Wu L.,Unit 91336 of PLA
Xitong Fangzhen Xuebao / Journal of System Simulation | Year: 2014

Aiming at the engagement operations trait of training system simulation in complex electromagnetic environment, the function and working process of radar equipment were analyzed, an M& S framework for universal radar system was put forward on the basis of modular design, the emulating of the radar in training system simulation was divided into such modules as radar display, radar integrated information processing, antenna scanning, target detection, target capture, guided missile target distinguish and synthesis display. The function of each module was fully introduced, the connection and information flow were explicit. According to the modular modeling method, models were responsible for calculation, and used by modules, the corresponding algorithms and flow charts were given. Finally, the software was achieved in distributed simulation environment, the using in training system simulation was provided to validate the reliability and superiority of the design.

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