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Goiânia, Brazil

Schiavinato A.M.,Paulista University | Machado B.C.,Paulista University | Pires M.A.,Paulista University | Baldan C.,UNIP
Revista Neurociencias | Year: 2011

Objective. To demonstrate the influence of virtual reality, using the Wii gaming system, the balance of a patient with cerebellar dysfunction and its effects in the medium term. Method. Was selected an individual with a medical diagnosis of early cerebellar ataxia, who underwent a treatment protocol using the Wii, attributing this, two balance games that required shifts latero-lateral and anteroposterior. For measurement and subsequent comparison of the results, we used the scales Berg, Dynamic Gait Index, Barthel Index and Lawton, were applied both before and immediately after application of the protocol and to verify the effects in the medium term, were reassessed after 80 days the end of it. Results. The individual studied showed improved scores on all scales in post-treatment. In the medium term results were maintained, despite a decrease in scores. Conclusion. With these results, it is suggested that the Wii gaming system can provide positive results in the balance of patients with cerebellar dysfunction, and may become a major ally of conventional physiotherapy. Source

Babeto E.,Sao Paulo State University | Rahal P.,Sao Paulo State University | Provazzi P.J.S.,Sao Paulo State University | Hidalgo C.A.,UNIP | Anselmo-Lima W.T.,University of Sao Paulo
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology | Year: 2010

Rhinosinusal polyps physiopathology is not fully understand, despite numerous hypotheses regarding its inflammatory process. Aims: a prospective study regarding the gene expression of proteins: anexin-1 and galectin-1, which has an anti-inflammatory action and is modulated by steroids. Materials and Methods: eleven patients with rhinosinusal polyps suffered a biopsy of their polyps at two moments: in the absence of systemic steroids and during its use. In the two samples we assessed the expression of these genes and compared it to the normal nasal mucosa in the middle meatus. Results: We noticed that the mean expression of the genes which code anexin-1 and galectin-1 was predominantly increased, regardless of the use of steroids in relation to the control nasal mucosa. Notwithstanding, in polyps without the use of steroids, the mean gene expression of anexin-1 was significantly higher than in the polyps which were under the use of steroids. Regarding galectin-1, there was no significant difference between the expression mean values before and after the use of systemic steroids. Conclusion: The genes present an expression increase in the polyp mucosa, regardless of the use of steroids; nonetheless, the relationship of these two genes of anti-inflammatory proteins with steroids did not happen the same way. Source

Jeuffroy M.H.,French National Institute for Agricultural Research | Jeuffroy M.H.,Agro ParisTech | Baranger E.,French National Institute for Agricultural Research | Baranger E.,Agro ParisTech | And 9 more authors.
Biogeosciences | Year: 2013

Approximately 65 % of anthropogenic emissions of N2O, a potent greenhouse gas (GHG), originate from soils at a global scale, and particularly after N fertilisation of the main crops in Europe. Thanks to their capacity to fix atmospheric N2 through biological fixation, legumes can reduce N fertilizer use, and possibly N2O emissions. Nevertheless, the decomposition of crop organic matter during the crop cycle and residue decomposition, and possibly the N fixation process itself, could lead to N 2O emissions. The objective of this study was to quantify N 2O emissions from a dry pea crop (Pisum sativum, harvested at maturity) and from the subsequent crops in comparison with N2O emissions from wheat and oilseed rape crops, fertilized or not, in various rotations. A field experiment was conducted over 4 consecutive years to compare the emissions during the pea crop, in comparison with those during the wheat (fertilized or not) or oilseed rape crops, and after the pea crop, in comparison with other preceding crops. N2O fluxes were measured using static chambers. In spite of low N2O fluxes, mainly due to the site's soil characteristics, fluxes during the crop were significantly lower for pea and unfertilized wheat than for fertilized wheat and oilseed rape. The effect of the preceding crop was not significant, while soil mineral N at harvest was higher after the pea crop. These results should be confirmed over a wider range of soil types. Nevertheless, they demonstrate the absence of N2O emissions linked to the symbiotic N fixation process, and allow us to estimate the decrease in N2O emissions by 20-25 % through including one pea crop in a three-year rotation. On a larger scale, this reduction of GHG emissions at field level has to be added to the decrease due to the reduced production and transport of the N fertilizer not applied to the pea crop. © Author(s) 2013. Source

Sanchez J.H.,UNINOVE | Contador J.C.,UNIP | Contador J.L.,FACCAMP
Producao | Year: 2012

This article describes the methodology and the results of a qualitative empirical research carried out to identify the determinants of competitiveness of the most important compact automotive vehicles produced by the four major car manufacturers operating in Brazil: Fiat, Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen. The methodology chosen was the one recommended by the fields and weapons of the competition model, because it is both qualitative and quantitative, and also because it very clearly represents the competitive business and operational strategies of companies. The results confirmed the hypothesis that were validated by Popper's deductive method: 1) there is no statistically significant differences between the fields of competition chosen for the more competitive automotive vehicles and those chosen for the less competitive ones, once they all compete primarily on design, quality and price of product; 2) the focus (the mathematical variable that measures the alignment of the weapons of the competition with the fields of the competition selected for each vehicle) explains why a certain automotive vehicle is more competitive compared to the other. Source

Fortes R.C.,University of Brasilia | Fortes R.C.,Paulista University | Monteiro T.M.R.C.,UNIP | Kimura C.A.,University of Brasilia | Kimura C.A.,Instituto Superior Of Educacao Ise
Journal of Coloproctology | Year: 2012

Introduction: Colorectal cancer is one of the most prevalent neoplasms in the western world. Colostomy, temporary or permanent, can be a serious limiting factor affecting the quality of life of oncological patients. Objective: To compare the quality of life of oncological patients with definitive and temporary colostomy. Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional study carried out at a public hospital in Brasilia, Federal District of Brazil. The study analyzed 39 patients with colorectal cancer, 76.9% males, sorted into two groups: definitive ostomy (n=26) and temporary ostomy (n=13). The World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL)-bref questionnaire was used to assess the quality of life. Data were analyzed using Excel 2007 and Statistical Package for Social Sciences 19.0. Results: 50% of definitive and 76.9% of temporary ostomy patients reported that the physical pain did not interfere in the affairs. 38.5% of definitive and 46.2% of temporary ostomy accepted their physical appearance. 46.2% of definitive and 53.8% of temporary ostomy reported good quality of life. 84.6% of definitive and 46.2% of temporary ostomy did not enjoy their life. 50% of definitive and 53.8% of temporary ostomy were satisfied with their sleep. 57.7% of definitive and 53.8% of temporary ostomy considered the environments as healthy. Over 70% of definitive and over 50% of temporary ostomy had financial constraints and were dissatisfied with leisure opportunities, respectively. 69.2% of definitive and 46.2% of temporary ostomy presented lower libido. 88.5% of definitive and 61.5% of temporary ostomy attended the church. Conclusion: The results showed that temporary ostomy patients suffer the same afflictions as the patients with definitive ostomy, equally affecting the quality of life of these patients. Source

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