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This study examines the relationship between floral structure and bud quality with the productivity and fruit shape of Gala, Fuji and Daiane apple cultivars under the mild winter conditions in Southern Brazil. Six different types of floral structures were characterized in field growing plants, according to their nature and bud size: spurs, short and long twigs with weak and vigorous buds. variables related to the phenology and the productivity for these different structures were evaluated. Gala and Fuji cvs. showed earlier phenological development in the twigs, and cv. Daiane in the spurs. For the three cvs. the highest percentage of buds in each phenological phase was observed in the long twigs. The long twigs also showed the highest sprout and fruit set index, floral number per cluster, and leaf area in the three cvs., while the bud abortion was higher in the spurs than in the twigs. No difference was observed among the structures in cvs. Gala and Fuji regarding to the fruit shape. In the cv. Daiane, however, a tendency to higher length diameter ratio of the fruits produced by the long twigs was observed.

Fernandes N.I.,São Paulo State University | Poirier G.,UNIFAL | Nalin M.,Federal University of São Carlos
Solid State Ionics | Year: 2010

Tungsten phosphoantimoniate-based glasses containing sodium oxide were prepared and their thermochromic and photochromic properties investigated. Thermochromism is achieved by annealing glass samples at a temperature above glass transition (Tg). The phenomenon is characterized by an absorption band in the visible range and is non-reversible. These glasses also present photochromic properties when exposed to a laser beam (λ = 457 nm) and this effect is characterized by a large absorption band extending from the near infrared to the visible range. Photochromism is reversible by heat treatment at 150 °C. The properties of these glasses, as well as colour changes were studied using differential scanning calorimetry, infrared, Raman, UV-vis and M-Lines spectroscopies, and X-ray diffraction. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

de Oliveira A.L.B.,Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein | Cavalheiro S.,University of Sao Paulo | de Faria T.C.C.,UNIFAL
Revista Neurociencias | Year: 2014

Objective. To compare the clinical data pre-and post-surgery by patients affected by myelomeningocele who were submitted to the release of tethered spinal cord verifying the complaints of pain, loss of muscular strength, signals of pyramidal release, deformities of the lower limbs, scoliosis, changes on the bladder and bowel functions, asymmetry of the lower limbs and subjective motor complaints; be-yond to verify the kind of tissue which caused the tethered spinal cord. Method. Retrospective findings of 32 medical records from patients accompanied by the team of neurosurgeons of EPM/UNIFESP. Results. 73 cases of recovering and the kind of tissue which mostly caused the tethered spinal cord was the epidermoid cyst. Conclusions. the low topography of the spinal cord by magnetic resonance doesn’t characterize tethered spinal cord diagnosis. The most frequent signals are motor changes. There is no standard exam to characterize the tethered spinal cord. Subjectively all patients get better after release. © 2015, Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo. All rights reserved.

Moro A.C.,São Paulo State University | Urbaczek A.C.,São Paulo State University | De Almeida E.T.,UNIFAL | Pavan F.R.,São Paulo State University | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Coordination Chemistry | Year: 2012

Reactions between [Pd(C 2,N-dmba)(μ-X)] 2 (Hdmba=N,N-dimethylbenzylamine; X=Cl, Br, NCO, N 3) and 1,3-bis(4-pyridyl)propane (bpp) in 1:1 molar ratio at room temperature resulted in the binuclear compounds [{Pd(C 2,N-dmba)(X)} 2(μ-bpp)] (X=Cl (1), Br (2), NCO (3), N 3 (4)), which were characterized by elemental analyses, infrared (IR), 1H- and 13C{ 1H}-NMR spectroscopies, and thermogravimetric analysis. The IR and NMR data of 1-4 were consistent with the presence of bridging bpp. The thermal stability order of the complexes was 4>3>2>1. Compounds 1-4 and bpp were tested against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and their MIC values were determined. © 2012 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

Costa R.C.C.,Federal University of Minas Gerais | Moura F.C.C.,Federal University of Minas Gerais | Oliveira P.E.F.,Federal University of Minas Gerais | Magalhaes F.,UNIFAL | And 2 more authors.
Chemosphere | Year: 2010

In this work, controlled reduction of red mud with H 2 was used to produce active systems for two different environmental applications, i.e. the heterogeneous Fenton reaction and the reduction of Cr(VI). Mössbauer, powder X-ray diffraction, thermal analyses and scanning electron microscopy analyses showed that at different temperatures, i.e. 300, 400, 500 and 600 °C, H 2 reduces red mud to different phases, mainly Fe 3O 4, Fe 0/Fe 3O 4 and Fe 0. These Fe phases are dispersed on Al, Si and Ti oxides present in the red mud and show high reactivity towards two environmental applications, i.e. the heterogeneous Fenton reaction and the reduction of Cr(VI). Reduction with H 2 at 400 °C showed the best results for the oxidation of the model dye methylene blue with H 2O 2 at neutral pH due to the presence of the composite Fe 0/Fe 3O 4. The reduced red mud at 500-600 °C produced Fe 0 highly active for the reduction of Cr(VI) in aqueous medium. Another feature of these red mud based system is that after deactivation due to extensive use they can be completely regenerated by simple treatment with H 2. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

de Rezende A.V.,University of José do Rosário Vellano | Rabelo C.H.S.,University of José do Rosário Vellano | Rabelo F.H.S.,University of José do Rosário Vellano | Nogueira D.A.,UNIFAL | And 2 more authors.
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia | Year: 2011

The objective of this work was to determine the inclusion of whitewash and sodium chloride on the fermentative losses and aerobic stability of sugarcane silages. It was used a completely randomized experimental design in split plot scheme with four replicates, so the additives were evaluated in the plots (silage without additive, silages containing 0.5; 1.0 and 2.0% of sodium chloride; and silages containing 0.5; 1.0 and 1.5% of whitewash, on the basis of natural matter) and the time of exposition to oxygen was evaluated in the subplots. After 75 days from ensilage, silos were opened for determination of the contents of dry matter (DM) and the loss of dry matter by effluent and gases and checking of temperature and pH of the silage. The addition of whitewash into silages, regardless to the dose utilized, provides greater DM content and smaller loss of DM. The lowest temperatures were found in the silages treated with sodium chloride. The additives utilized were efficient in keeping the aerobic stability of sugar cane silage, particularly sodium chloride. © 2011 Sociedade Brasileira de Zootecnia.

Arcuri H.A.,Claro | Zafalon G.F.D.,São Paulo State University | Marucci E.A.,São Paulo State University | Bonalumi C.E.,São Paulo State University | And 4 more authors.
BMC Bioinformatics | Year: 2010

Background: The functional and structural characterisation of enzymes that belong to microbial metabolic pathways is very important for structure-based drug design. The main interest in studying shikimate pathway enzymes involves the fact that they are essential for bacteria but do not occur in humans, making them selective targets for design of drugs that do not directly impact humans.Description: The ShiKimate Pathway DataBase (SKPDB) is a relational database applied to the study of shikimate pathway enzymes in microorganisms and plants. The current database is updated regularly with the addition of new data; there are currently 8902 enzymes of the shikimate pathway from different sources. The database contains extensive information on each enzyme, including detailed descriptions about sequence, references, and structural and functional studies. All files (primary sequence, atomic coordinates and quality scores) are available for downloading. The modeled structures can be viewed using the Jmol program.Conclusions: The SKPDB provides a large number of structural models to be used in docking simulations, virtual screening initiatives and drug design. It is freely accessible at http://lsbzix.rc.unesp.br/skpdb/. © 2010 Arcuri et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

New product development process is critical to companies' competitiveness due to the increased variety of products, reduction of product life cycle and, especially, internationalization of markets. Thus, critical success factors identification are essential in new product development because of the high degree of risk and uncertainty. The main purpose of the present study was to identify the critical success factors in product development of biotechnology companies in the State of Minas Gerais. The research method used was the survey; a questionnaire was prepared and sent to a sample of 31 companies from the biotechnology sector in the State of Minas Gerais in order to collect the necessary information. Thus, the variables that tend to contribute, limit, or are neutral with respect to new product development time and age of company were identified.

de Faria T.C.C.,UNIFAL | de Sousa L.,UNIFAL | da Silva J.R.T.,UNIFAL | Borges J.B.C.,UNIFAL | Parisi J.R.,UNIFAL
Revista Neurociencias | Year: 2015

Objective. The purpose was to evaluate the neuromotor development in children between three and six years old of a private school and a day care center. Method. Eighty children were evaluated; forty of them were from the private school and the rest from the day care center. A protocol of evaluation was applied based in the Evolutionary Neurological Examination of the author Lefèvre who evaluated Balance, Coordination, Motor Endurance, and Sensibility. Results. With three-year-old, it was observed that static balance was maximum between the institutions. And, a most from the private school revealed a higher score of dynamic balance and appendage coordination compared to the day care center. All the evaluations were higher for fouryear- old in the private school; however, the appendage coordination and the motor endurance were very different. It was not observed a significant difference among five-year-old when compared both institutions. The dynamic equilibrium was higher among six-year-old who is from the day care center. Conclusion. It is concluded that there is not a great difference of development between the private school and the day care center. It was only observed significant differences in some abilities, but those did not showed negatives effects for the global development of the evaluated children. © 2015, Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo. All rights reserved.

De Sousa L.,UNIFAL | Zambinati T.N.,UNIFAL | De Andrade Vieira G.,UNIFAL | Borges J.B.C.,UNIFAL | De Faria T.C.C.,UNIFAL
Revista Neurociencias | Year: 2014

Objective. We evaluated the effects of Kinesio Taping on improving vascular symptoms in patients with DMD. Method. Case study of two patients with DMD, male and age 10 and 15 respectively, wheelchair users with complaints related to vascular symptoms. The treatment program was made by applying Kinesio Taping, by the fan-tape technique in the posterior calf. The treatment lasted two weeks with two changes of taping per week. Patients were asked about vascular symptoms by pain Numeric Scale, number of cramps and perimeter. For data analysis we used the effect improvement by percentage. Results. Patient I had improved 80% of the sense of weight, 57% in pain, 80% in tenderness, 57% in discomfort and 66% in tingling. A cramp occurred 2 times daily and was reduced to any episode during the treatment. For patient II, there was an improvement of 100% for pain, tenderness and tingling and 66% in discomfort. The cramps were reported once a day before treatment, with only one episode during treatment. Conclusions. The application of linfotaping in patients with DMD was effective in reducing vascular symptoms, but we suggest a permanent treatment aimed at the maintenance and improvement of vascular discomforts. © 2015 Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo. All rights reserved.

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