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Unicharm Corporation | Date: 2015-08-27

It is an object of the invention to provide packaging means for an absorbent article that allows an absorbent article group comprising multiple absorbent articles arranged in a thickness direction to be easily and efficiently housed in a packaging container. Specifically, a forcing member that forces an absorbent article group mounted on a mount member into a container fitted on a container fitting member and houses it therein, is provided on a forward direction of the mount member, and is constructed so that when moving forward it contacts only with the absorbent article group mounted on the mount member, stopping movement of the absorbent article group on the mount member, thereby allowing the absorbent article group whose movement has been stopped to be inserted and forced into the container fitted on the container fitting member through an opening.

Unicharm Corporation | Date: 2014-01-24

To provide a cleaning tool exhibiting excellent cleaning effectiveness. The present invention relates to a cleaning tool comprising a cleaning sheet, and a holding tool for holding said cleaning sheet. The cleaning sheet is provided with: a brush part; a base part; and insertion parts through which holding parts of the holding tool are inserted. The brush part is provided with a plurality of strip pieces. The strip pieces include first strip pieces, and second strip pieces having a higher rigidity than the first strip pieces. The second strip pieces are provided with scrape-out parts capable of scraping out dust on an object to be cleaned.

Unicharm Corporation | Date: 2014-01-17

The present invention addresses the problem of providing an absorbent article in which a bonding part for bonding a liquid-permeable layer to an absorbent core has been formed in a low-basis-weight region of the absorbent core and which has all of sufficient flexural rigidity of the bonding part, sufficient bonding strength of the bonding part, and sufficient liquid-absorbing properties. This problem is solved with an absorbent core which comprises a first region that has a given absorbent-material basis weight and second regions (regions

Unicharm Corporation | Date: 2015-03-30

A method whereby, when a plurality of granulators are used for continuous production of animal litter from a molding material composed mainly of bentonite, it is possible to minimize any significant reduction in the amount of particulates granulated by the granulator and efficiently and continuously produce litter. Specifically, during granulation of particulates, the particle diameters of a prescribed number of the particulates granulated by the granulators are measured either continuously or at prescribed intervals for each granulator, the mean particle diameter of the particulates at the time of measurement is calculated for each granulator, and when the mean particle diameter of the particulates granulated by any one granulator of the granulators exceeds a first particle diameter, granulation is halted for the granulator in which the mean particle diameter of the particulates exceeds the first particle diameter, or when the average of the mean particle diameters of the particulates for all of the granulators exceeds a second particle diameter which is set to be a smaller particle diameter than the first particle diameter, granulation is halted for the granulator in which the greatest mean particle diameter of particulates among the granulators.

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