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Pelvic recurrences after irradiated and surgically treated cervical cancer are frequent situations which require an aggressive surgical approach in order to provide a benefit in terms of survival. Most often in these situations pelvic exenterations are needed to obtain a curative resection with negative resection margins. We present the case of a 68 year old patient who was successfully submitted to anterior pelvic exenteration for a centropelvic recurrence after pre-irradiated, surgically treated cervical cancer. At eighteen months follow up the patient is free of local or distant recurrences. © 2016 Romanian Society of Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Gilca M.,UMF Carol Davila | Gilca M.,Science RandD IRIST LABMED SRL | Piriu G.,UMF Carol Davila | Piriu G.,Sapoca Psychiatric Hospital | And 7 more authors.
Psychopharmacology | Year: 2014

Introduction: Atypical antipsychotics have significantly improved the quality of life for schizophrenic patients. Despite their beneficial effects, these antipsychotics induce weight gain, diabetes, and dyslipidemia. The aims of this study were to investigate the antioxidative activity of paraoxonase and assess lipid profile as a cardiovascular risk factor in patients with schizophrenia under long-term clozapine or risperidone treatment. Methods: The study included 66 patients with schizophrenia under clozapine or risperidone treatment and 19 healthy control subjects. Serum paraoxonase activities against paraoxon (PON(PO)), phenylacetate (PON(PA)), dihydrocoumarin (PON(DHC)), serum Trolox equivalent antioxidant activity (TEAC), antioxidant gap (GAP), and lipid profile were determined. Results: PON(DHC) activity was reduced in both antipsychotic drug-treated groups (clozapine 43.46 ± 1.06 U/ml, p < 0.001; risperidone 50.57 ± 1.54 U/ml, p < 0.01; control 52.27 ± 1.34 U/ml). A similar pattern was observed for the PON(DHC)/HDL-cholesterol (HDLC) ratio. On the contrary, PON(PO) and PON(PA) were increased in the treated group, but the corresponding paraoxonase/HDLC ratios were not significantly different from controls, except for PON/HDLC in the clozapine group. TEAC and GAP were only decreased in the clozapine-treated group. Conclusions: In patients with schizophrenia, clozapine or risperidone treatment had different effects on various paraoxonase activities. The results of the present study suggest that patients with schizophrenia might be at increased risk for metabolic and cardiovascular disease related to reduced PON(DHC), TEAC, and GAP. © 2014 The Author(s).

Bacalbasa N.,UMF Carol Davila | Balescu I.,Ponderas Hospital | Filipescu A.,UMF Carol Davila | Filipescu A.,Elias Emergency Hospital | Year: 2014

Ovarian cancer represents one of the most aggressive gynecologic malignancies, most women still being diagnosed in an advanced stage of the disease. Although primary maximal cytoreduction associated with adjuvant chemotherapy seems to be the most efficient way to achieve a good control of the disease most patients recurre at a certain moment. In these cases secondary and tertiary cytoreduction appear to be associated with a significant survival benefit. Studies regarding the role of cytoreduction beyond tertiary surgery remain scarce but preliminary reports proove that in selected cases this might represent a reasonable option in order to prolong survival.

Rizea G.D.,Science Hofigal Export Import S.A | Popescu M.,Science Hofigal Export Import S.A | Ionescu D.,Science Hofigal Export Import S.A | Mihele D.,UMF Carol Davila | Manea S.,Science Hofigal Export Import S.A
Revista de Chimie | Year: 2012

Hawthorn (Crataegus oxiacantha) flowers, Passiflora (Passiflora incarnata) whole plant Rosmarinus (Rosmarinus officinalis) leaves and the apiarian product propolis are rich in polyphenol derivates, well known, for their antioxidant free-radical scavenging capacity. For that reason these products are a raw material of interest in the obtaining of the natural food supplement used in the treatment of degenerative -cardiovascular diseases. The accumulation of free radicals are considered the main cause of these troubles. The present article represents a comparative study concerning the contents of polyphenol derivatives mentioned extracts, using UV-Vis spectrophotometry and HPLC methods. The performed determination by UV-Vis spectrophotometry emphasized the contents of pqlyphenolcarboxylic acids between 0.4-6% (in cafeic acid) and in flavone derivatives between 1.7-4.6% (in rutin) in the studied products. Depending the product nature were identified by HPLC various polyphenols, flavone and antocyan derivatives, natural condensed tannins, using the retention time and the UV-Vis absorbtion spectra.

Nascutiu A.M.,UMF Carol Davila
Bacteriologia, virusologia, parazitologia, epidemiologia (Bucharest, Romania : 1990) | Year: 2010

Viable but non-culturable cells (VBNC) are defined as live bacteria, but which do not either grow or divide. Such bacteria cannot be cultivated on conventional media (they do not form colonies on solid media, they do not change broth appearance), but their existence can be proved using other methods. The switch to the VBNC stage has been described and documented for several bacterial species: Vibrio spp. (cholerae, vulnificus and other species), Escherichia coli (including EHEC), Campylobacter jejuni, Helicobacter pylori, Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Yersinia enterocolytica, Shigella spp., Klebsiella spp., Enterobacter spp., Cronobacter spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Providencia spp., Morganella spp., Pseudomonas spp., Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Enterococcus spp. The capacity of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria to enter the VBNC stage started to concern microbiologists in the field of food industry (food and water safety) and pharmaceutical industry. Many studies have shown that processes meant to achieve bactericidal effects can favour bacterial switch to VBNC. Viable but non-culturable stage is reversible. Concerns are due to the capacity of VBNC, especially of potentially pathogen cells, to switch to the infectious stage once in the host organism.

Marin A.J.,UMF Carol Davila | Tirgoviste C.I.,Institute of Diabetes | Year: 2012

Objective. We evaluated the role of fetal proinsulin and insulin on placental weight in patients with gestational diabetes. Method. We investigated a group of 15 patients diagnosed with gestational diabetes and 24 patients without diabetes. All cases of gestational diabetes during pregnancy found did not require insulin therapy. Were analyzed patient's age, parity, gestational age, sex and birthweight, Apgar score, placental weight immediately after birth, fetoplacentar index (weight divided by placental weight of the child), maternal weight and body mass index before pregnancy, blood pressure, and presence of metabolic syndrome. In addition were analyzed maternal glucose, total cholesterol, and triglycerides in the first trimester and proinsulin and insulin in cord blood at birth. Results. Fetal insulin and proinsulin showed significantly higher values in the group with diabetes compared to controls - Insulin 40.5 pmol /l (17.9-64.5) vs 81.3 pmol/l (53-121), p <0.001 and 7.73 pmol/l proinsulin (5-13) vs 13.3 pmol/l (8-23 ), p <0.001). The proinsulin/ insulin ratio was similar in both groups. Placenta is heavier in diabetic patients (686 g ± 77 vs 565 g ± 83 p <0.001), but fetoplacentar index showed no statistically differences in patients with gestational diabetes. Statistical analysis revealed the linear relationship of glucose with the fetal weight, placental weight and with the fetal proinsulin and insulin. Finally, fetal proinsulin and insulin are both increased in the same time with placental weight. The proinsulin/placental and insulin/placental ratios did not differ between studied groups, these hormones being in direct relationship with placental weight. Conclusions. Umbilical cord proinsulin and insulin levels are elaveted at birth in neonates from diabetic mothers. The fetal pronsulin/insulin ration could be a better marker of pancreatic beta cell function. Placental weight is increased in diabetic patients in relationship with hyperglycemia, and the present study showed a direct relationship of placental weight and fetal insulinemia and proinsulinemia.

Radoi V.E.,UMF Carol Davila | Bohiltea C.L.,UMF Carol Davila | Bara C.,UMF Carol Davila | Year: 2012

Objective. The study objective was to establish an association between interleukin 10 polymorphisms and etiology of recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA). Methods. The genetic polymorphism of interleukin 10 genes were studied by PCR - RFLP in the DNA of 69 women with recurrent pregnancy loss and 64 control women with at least one successful pregnancy and without known pregnancy loss. Results. Our results demonstrated a role for - 819 C/T but not for - 592 C/A and - 1082 A/G IL10 promoter polymorphisms in idiopathic RSA in studied group. Frequency of genotype - 592 CC/ - 819 CC was higher in the control group than in experimental group (p = 0,005). In contrast, genotype - 592 AC /- 819 CT was more frequent in the experimental group (p= 0,05).Conclusions. This study is the first one that demonstrated an association between IL-10 -819 C/T polymorphism in idiopathic recurrent spontaneous abortion among Romanian patients.

Bohiltea C.L.,UMF Carol Davila | Radoi V.E.,UMF Carol Davila
Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine | Year: 2014

Background: Approximately 10-14% of the clinically acknowledged pregnancies end with spontaneous abortion at Caucasian population. Possible immunologic causes of recurrent miscarriages have been extensively researched. The change in the cytokines balance synthesis in favor of those synthesized by Th2 cells with an increase of interleukin 6 (IL6) and interleukin10 (IL10) secretion is considered essential for maintaining a normal pregnancy.Objective: The study objective was to establish an association between interleukin 6 and 10 genes polymorphisms and etiology of recurrent pregnancy loss.Materials and Methods: The genetic polymorphism of interleukin 6 and 10 genes were studied by PCR-RFLP in the DNA of 69 women with recurrent pregnancy loss and 64 control women with at least one successful pregnancy and without known pregnancy loss. Statistical analysis was performed using Fisher test and differences were considered statistically significant with a p<0.05.Results: Our results demonstrated a role for -819 C/T but not for -592 C/A IL10, -1082 A/G IL10 and -174G/C IL6 polymorphisms in idiopathic recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) in Romanian population. Frequency of genotype -592 CC/-819 CC was higher in the control group than in experimental group (p=0.005). In contrast, genotype -592 AC/-819 CT was more frequent in the experimental group (p=0.05). In this study we have not detected genotype -174 C/C in IL6 gene in patients with spontaneous abortions, nor in the control group.Conclusion: This study demonstrated a possible association between IL-10 -819 C/T promoter polymorphism and idiopathic RSA among Romanian patients. © 2014, Research and Clinical Center for Infertitlity. All rights reserved.

Toma C.,UMF Carol Davila.
Oftalmologia (Bucharest, Romania : 1990) | Year: 2010

Macular edema is a well-known endpoint of ocular diseases, but the pathogenic impact of extra and intracellular fluid accumulation still remains uncertain. While most author favor an extracellular fluid accumulation as the main causative factor, there are indication that Muller cells swelling may also contribute to edema development.

The pregnancy follow up includes many diagnostic tests used to reveal possible maternal or fetal anomalies, all of them trying to improve the fetal prognosis. When some of these tests are recomended by international organizations, but not by the national law, a growing dilemma sets in on whether to prescribe these tests and risk charges on overinvestigation, or to respect the law and risk allegations on lack of diagnosis over a patology that can be diagnosed today. I have studied some of the legal and ethic implications of pregnancy follow up in a case that reached a teritorial Disciplinary Medical Comission.

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