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Ultra Electronics Holdings is a British company serving the defence, security, transport and energy industries. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. Wikipedia.

Ultra Electronics | Date: 2011-07-05

A linkage guides a flexible cable between two structures. The linkage includes a proximal arm with a proximal pivot joint for coupling the proximal arm to a first one of the two structures; and a distal arm which is coupled to the proximal arm by one or more intermediate pivot joints. The distal arm is shaped to follow a three-dimensional curve along a majority of its length. Shaping the distal arm to form a three-dimensional curve along a majority of its length enables the distal arm to pass through a relatively small aperture as the linkage is adjusted between its retracted and extended positions. It also enables the proximal arm to move in a locus of movement which does not interfere with other system components. The linkage can be used to guide a flexible cable between any two structures, for instance a fixed aircraft wing and a slat.

Boeing Company and Ultra Electronics | Date: 2013-07-29

An ice detection system, in particular a method, apparatus and controller for detecting icing conditions and the presence of ice formed on a structure. Also, a method, apparatus and controller to detect the prevailing environmental conditions to determine whether or not ice may form on a structure. Two heaters of an ice protection system (experiencing substantially the same environmental conditions) are driven to different temperatures (the first greater than or equal to 0 C., and the second less than 0 C.). A difference in the powers required to drive the two heaters indicates the prevailing environmental conditions. In another embodiment, a heater of an ice protection system is driven and the rate of change of surface temperature is measured over several periods. A substantial deviation from a rate of change of surface temperature, which indicates the presence of ice on the surface of the structure, is detected.

Ultra Electronics | Date: 2013-03-27

An adaptive control unit is described for receiving an analog input signal containing at least an indication of a parameter to be controlled to generate an analog output signal for control of the parameter. The analog input signal contains a fed back component resulting from the analog output signal. The adaptive control unit comprises an analog filter having an adjustable gain, a gain adjuster for adjusting the gain of the analog filter using a feedforward adjustment method, and a filter for compensating for the fed back component in the analog input signal.

An electro-thermal ice protection system includes a controller for managing and controlling electrical power generated to heat and de-ice surfaces, such as aircraft wings. The system is comprised of a number of power control modules (PCMs) and at least one master control unit (MCU). These elements can be stacked together and mounted into rack systems in order to provide scalable organized power distribution for a de-icing and ice protection system. The electro-thermal system can be used with a load leveling system and method capable of controlling switches such that it appears to a generator that the load is constant. Switches can be scheduled such that, ideally, the power load seen by the power source has emissions of no more than one PWM load superpositioned with zero or more constant, non-modulated loads.

Ultra Electronics | Date: 2012-08-17

Apparatus for measurement of a DC voltage of a DC voltage source. An electrode forms a capacitive connection with the DC voltage source. A non-linear capacitor has a first node connected to the electrode. An initial voltage source is arranged to generate an initial voltage. A switch is arranged to selectively apply the initial voltage to a second node of the non-linear capacitor. A voltage sensor is arranged to measure the voltage of the second node of the non-linear capacitor and a processor is programmed to deduce the DC voltage of the DC voltage source by analysing the rate of decay of the measured voltage.

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