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Havenko S.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing | Havenko S.,Technical University of Lodz | Bernatsek V.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing | Khadzhynova S.,Technical University of Lodz
Mechanika | Year: 2017

It was investigated the influence of mechanical factors on the restructuring of micro-corrugated cardboard based on physical models. We considered typical cases of stress-strain state of micro corrugated cardboard during laminating, particularly when micro-corrugated cardboard, as a resilient layer of a certain thickness, compressed by efforts of two rigid cylinder of the same radius. Deformation of micro corrugated cardboard associated with the change of bandwidth of adhesive layer. It was established that when the corrugated wave has a initial sinusoidal shape, the contact bandwidth increases with contact pressure increasing and, consequently, the surface deflection, due to bending deformation of wave corrugated form and limited to loss of elastic properties at extreme deflection. Elastic deformation (compression) of trapezoidal wave corrugated form does not changing the width of the contact zone, as connected only with the phenomenon of its side faces loss stability. It was established that the ratio of radiuses and maximum of wave corrugated deflection are major factors that influence on the deformation of micro-corrugated cardboard during lamination in longitudinal and transverse direction.

Mizyuk V.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing | Shibanov V.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing
Chemistry and Chemical Technology | Year: 2012

The chemical shifts in NMR 1H spectra of the para-substituted propylbenzens of the general formula: p-X-C6H4-CRR1CH2CH3 (where R, R1 = H, CH3) have been analyzed. The presence or absence of the aryl fragment influence on the methyl end-group was observed by the value of the basic spectral parameters-the chemical shifts of methyl protons (ΔCH3 H) in comparison with analogous data of corresponding alkanes. The specific criteria for identifying such effect were developed and validated. We make the overall conclusion about high probability of the reciprocal intramolecular interactions between unbound fragments of the molecule in tert-amylbenzene and tertamylphenol (R = R1 = CH3). © Mizyuk V., Shibanov V., 2012.

Mizyuk V.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing | Shibanov V.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing
Chemistry and Chemical Technology | Year: 2012

At the explanation of the spectra peculiarities of phenylsulfones of the general formula C 6H 5SO 2R the arguments in favour of intramolecular influence through the space of functional groups situated in fragment R on the value of phenyl protons chemical shifts δ i H have been adduced. © Mizyuk V., Shibanov V., 2012.

Mayik V.Z.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing | Dudok T.H.,Vlokh Institute of Physical Optics | Kibirkstis E.,Kaunas University of Technology
21st International Scientific Conference: Mechanika 2016 - Proceedings | Year: 2016

A vacuum forming manufacturing technology of Braille elements was proposed in this paper discussing the peculiarities of preparation processes of this technology. The synthesis of testing scale was carried out using Postscript language. Also the research was carried out of geometrical parameters of Braille elements that were formed in testing scale. It was determined that geometrical parameters of Braille elements formed using vacuum forming technology meet the requirements of high quality of this type of manufacturing.

Mizyuk V.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing | Shibanov V.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing
Chemistry and Chemical Technology | Year: 2014

Literature data of NMR 1H and 13C spectra of linear alkanes X-(CH2)n-Y (I), (where X = H; Y - 38 different substituents, including H and CH3) were considered. The new universal way of estimating the chemical shifts values of the methylene groups (δCH2 H = = δi H, dC CH2 = δi C, i = 1-38) in I was proposed. The concept of it considers changes in the values dH i and dC i of each methylene groups in I (called as increments Δδi H and Δδi C) as a result of conversion to I of a hypothetic alalkane -(CH2)k-(CH2)n-(CH2)l- (II) by replacing infinitely long fragments -(CH2)k- and -(CH2)l- of it with the substituents X and Y. Increments Δδi H and Δδi C for all substituent types were calculated and tabulated. The proposed method allows to calculate the δi H and δi C parameters for the unpublished NMR 1H and 13C spectra of long- and medium-chain compounds I. The example of calculations was given. © Mizyuk V., Shibanov V., 2014.

Melnikov A.V.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing | Semenyuk E.P.,National Forest Engineering University of Ukraine
Scientific and Technical Information Processing | Year: 2014

The progress of humanity has long been impossible without the development of quality printing production: the book is universally known to be an essential attribute of worldwide civilization. Over the recent decades, the most important feature of the scientific and technological revolution has become its informational aspect, and this produces multiple effects on the changing nature of modern printing. The latest information technologies have significantly replenished the arsenal of traditional printing production and form the basis of the current use of printing equipment. © 2014 Allerton Press, Inc.

Korostil Y.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing | Korostil O.,Maritime University Of Szczecin
Journal of Konbin | Year: 2015

This paper contains developing of a method of solving diagnostic tasks for complex technical objects (STO) based on using text models (TMi) to describe the functioning of STO. A TMi model is a text description, in normalized form, of all fragments of STO functioning process. The description of TMi is for med using semantic vocabularies of different types, which are generated on the basis of usage of information about all the aspects of STO construction and functioning. Such interpretation description is a subject area for tasks of STO diagnostics. Detection of malfunction and deviations of a functioning process of STO from an established functioning mode is implemented on the basis of analysis of semantic parameters of text description of the STO functioning process in order to determine semantic anomalies which occur in the descriptions of the STO functioning process, as well as in the descriptions of fragments of its functioning. Semantic anomalies occur in case when values of semantic parameters go beyond their established limits.

Kibirkstis E.,Kaunas University of Technology | Venyte I.,Kaunas University of Technology | Mayik V.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing | Vakulich D.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing
Mechanika | Year: 2011

For people with visual impairment, one of the means of full integration into society is provision of Braille in their environment, including information on multipurpose packages. Properly formed elements are very important for the readability of Braille font, which after some handling should remain easy readable by the blinds. In this paper, investigations of different types cardboard which is mainly used as a packing material in pharmaceutical industry as well as resistance of Braille surface to mechanical factors were carried out. Dispersion of geometrical parameters of Braille formed onto paper-board packages is analyzed. Conclusions based on the performed investigations are provided.

Hembara N.O.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing
Materials Science | Year: 2014

We propose a computational model of the distribution of temperature in a round plate with bilateral multilayer coatings. The solution of the problem of heat-conduction for plates with coatings and the regularities of variation of temperature across the thickness and along the radius are obtained. The influence of a two-layer coating on the thermoelastic state of a solid gas-turbine disk is established. It is shown that if we neglect the thermal characteristics of the coating, then we get overestimated values of temperature and underestimated values of thermal stresses. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Kushnir R.M.,NASU Pidstryhach Institute for Applied Problems in Mechanics and Mathematics | Flyachok V.M.,Ukrainian Academy of Printing
Journal of Thermal Stresses | Year: 2016

This article represents the latter advancement in the modeling of diffusion processes in deformable solids. Special attention is given to the development of models for thin-walled shells with both thermal and atomic types of diffusion. Based upon these models, a number of general theorems and principles (i.e., the D'Alembert principle, Hamilton principle, mass forces analogy, Clapeyron theorem, fundamental energy theorem, and reciprocity theorem) are formulated and proved. These theorems allow for developing efficient methods for the solution of relevant boundary-value problems for the shells of this kind. © 2016 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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