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Suryani V.,UGM | Suryani V.,Telkom University | Selo,UGM | Widyawan,UGM
Proceedings of 2016 8th International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering: Empowering Technology for Better Future, ICITEE 2016 | Year: 2016

Internet of Things (IoT) brings a new paradigm of 'talking' sensors or objects with the help of the Internet. Important data from objects are sent for mining or processing purpose into critical information. Internet makes the data vulnerable to the threat of attacks, so some secure ways are needed to secure the data communications process. Restriction access only to certain trustable objects can also be an alternative solution for mitigating attacks. In this paper we made a literature survey on trust in the area of IoT. Furthermore, some research challenges that can be developed with the topic of trust in the IoT area also described. © 2016 IEEE.

Wicaksono R.,Gadjah Mada University | Firmansyah E.,UGM | Isnaeni B.S.M.,UGM
Proceedings of 2016 8th International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering: Empowering Technology for Better Future, ICITEE 2016 | Year: 2016

Driving a high current-high power brushless direct current (BLDC) motor is not as simple as driving smaller one. Simple block commutated control will not adequate due to interaction of high current and parasitic components. The high current aspect requires careful consideration not only in components selection and printed circuit board design but also in control scheme. This paper will show the effect of a three-phase inverter driving a high power BLDC motor controlled by three scheme: 1) direct driving, 2) current limited, and 3) current controlled. It can be shown that current controlled scheme gives the best result in terms of inverter survivability. © 2016 IEEE.

HORSHAM, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quality Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: QSII) today kicked off its annual User Group Meeting (NextGen™ ONE UGM) at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, NV. This year there will be a focus on educating clients on the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) and its final rule released October 14, 2016, as well as CMS’ Quality Payment Program (QPP). The four-day conference will include nu

Putra J.T.,UGM | Sarjiya,UGM | Isnaeni BS M.,UGM
ICITACEE 2015 - 2nd International Conference on Information Technology, Computer, and Electrical Engineering: Green Technology Strengthening in Information Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering Implementation, Proceedings | Year: 2016

Voltage and power flow changes caused by Photovoltaic Generation (PV) source will emerge a new challenge towards a conventional distribution system. This study aims to measure the effect of PV source presence on voltage fluctuation disturbance occured in an electrical power transmission network. In this paper, 70 kV-voltage transmission systems were decreased to 10 kV-distribution feeders and modelled in OpenDSS and MATLAB to investigate the impact of PV generation. A comparison between distribution system without and with PV source was shown. The voltage magnitude of each bus of the distribution systems and transmission systems was analysed. This study then showed that power change from PV source per hour could affect voltage magnitude in distribution and transmission system. © 2015 IEEE.

Mardiana T.,UGM | Mardiana T.,University of Tanjungpura | Adji T.B.,UGM | Hidayah I.,UGM
Telkomnika (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control) | Year: 2016

In this paper we would like to discuss about stemming effect by using Nazief and Adriani algorithm against similarity detection result of Indonesian written abstract. The contents of the publication abstract similarity detection can be used as an early indication of whether or not the act of plagiarism in a writing. Mostly in processing the text adding a pre-process, one of it which is called a stemming by changing the word into the root word in order to maximize the searching process. The result of stemming process will be changed as a certain word n-gram set then applied an analysis of similarity using Fingerprint Matching to perform similarity matching between text. Based on the F1-score which used to balance the precision and recall number, the detection that implements stemming and stopword removal has a better result in detecting similarity between the text with an average is 42%. It is higher comparing to the similarity detection by using only stemming process (31%) or the one that was done without involving the text pre-process (34%) while applying the bigram. © 2016 Universitas Ahmad Dahlan.

Putranto L.M.,UGM | Perdana J.W.,UGM | Isnaeni M.,UGM
Proceedings - 2013 International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering: "Intelligent and Green Technologies for Sustainable Development", ICITEE 2013 | Year: 2013

The line outage of a power system may cause overloads on the lines, overvoltage on buses, and undervoltage on buses that can threat the power system security itself. The effect of the contingency of each power system element is vary. Power Load Performance Indexes as one of the contingency indexes can be implemented to rank the contingency level of each power system lines. N-1 contingency line is applied at 500 kV Jawa Bali Transmission System to rank the severe of contingency and to evaluate the effect of contingency of each element. Tanjung Jati-Ungaran line has the biggest contingency index which means it would be the worst scenario of the line outage. © 2013 IEEE.

Gunadi I.G.A.,UGM | Harjoko A.,UGM | Wardoyo R.,UGM | Ramdhani N.,UGM
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology | Year: 2015

Psychologically, emotion is related to someone’s feeling in particular condition. Some fields like: health, psychology, and police investigation need the information of emotion recognition. Human’s emotion can be classified into six types include happy, sad, angry, fear, disgusted, and normal. Psychologically, there are some methods that can be used to emotion recognition, like self-report analysis, automatic measure, startle response magnitude, FMRI analysis (Functional Magnetic Response Imaging), and behavior response. Each of those methods has their own advantage and disadvantage. The aim of this research is to determine someone’s emotion in a video scene. The video was decomposed into image frame and in each image frame was extracted into feature (component) face, which include mouth, eyes, nose, and forehead. The feature extraction was done by combining two methods based on the color and the facial geometric figure. The state of each face feature related to AU’s (Action Unit) face that used to emotion recognition. State recognition of mouth and eyes can be seen based on the feature elongation, state on the forehead and nose are known based on the wrinkle density. In the last part of emotion, recognition is done with certainty factor method to determine the quality of each emotion, the classification of actor’s emotion is determined based on the quality level of maximum emotion. The results showed recognition of emotion in a single image, the average accuracy of 77%, while in the video, the average accuracy of 76.6%. © 2005 - 2015 JATIT & LLS. All rights reserved.

Maghfiroh H.,UGM | Ataka A.,UGM | Wahyunggoro O.,UGM | Cahyadi A.I.,UGM
Proceeding - 2013 International Conference on Computer, Control, Informatics and Its Applications: "Recent Challenges in Computer, Control and Informatics", IC3INA 2013 | Year: 2013

In this paper, the speed control problem of DC Motor is presented. Three different control algorithms, namely PID, Fuzzy, and LQR were designed and implemented. These controller were applied to the DC motor, and their performance and energy controller output were compared each other on the basis of unit-step response, disturbance rejection, and signal tracking. The aim of this comparative is to find the most optimal energy controller in the same task. The simulation results show that LQR is the most optimal energy controller compare with PID and Fuzzy. © 2013 IEEE.

New - Record A Keepsake Video of Your Child's Reaction to Santa's Verdict of "Naughty" or "Nice" MONTREAL, Nov. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The most magical time of the year is here, and for many families worldwide, the Christmas holiday wouldn't be complete without personalized video messages from Santa to the kids and kids-at-heart by Portable North Pole (PNP). The No 1 mobile Santa app is considered a cherished, modern tradition with more than 125 million videos viewed worldwide. PNP lets you create and send adorable videos and calls online or with the free mobile app. New this year – a special Reaction Recorder (mobile app only) that lets you capture the moment of joy and surprise when Santa Claus reveals whether your child is on his "naughty" or "nice" list – creating a cherished keepsake for parents. It only takes a few minutes to craft a magical video from Santa that your child, friends and family members will remember forever. Create a video by entering details such as name, age and the gift your loved one is hoping for, and upload favorite pictures. To craft a personalized video message, simply visit the PNP website or download the mobile app: US- iOS and Android Canada- iOS and Android  UK- for iOS and Android The end result is a richly visual, cinematic video where the iconic Santa Claus himself addresses your child, friends and family members directly from his home in the North Pole. In addition to the Reaction Recorder, the mobile app also offers fun extras for little ones, including holiday games to play, like shaking ornaments off a tree, and having Santa's elves repeat what kids say back to them in their endearing elf voices. PNP offers free videos for everyone, with the option to upgrade to a premium package, including the Video Pass ($8.99/USD, $9.99/CAD, £6.99/GBP) or Magic Pass ($12.99/USD, $13.99/CAD, £9.99/GBP). An upgrade from Video to Magic Pass is $3.99/USD, $3.99/CAD, £2.99/GBP. Both packages provide enchanting premium video storylines to choose from, with each offering five or more minutes of footage featuring several adorable experiences to watch, such as visiting with the elves as they work on your Big Book or see them in busy with the reindeer on Christmas Eve, as well as the Reaction Recorder (mobile app only). They also let you create an unlimited number of premium videos, and come with a special "Santa's Coming" video to watch on Christmas Eve and birthday messages. The Magic Pass also includes wonderful holiday messages from Santa that kids can listen to on the phone, and four story time videos read by Santa himself, that are made available each week leading up to Christmas. To help spread a little extra cheer to those who may need it the most, PNP donates five percent of all online sales proceeds to more than 40 children's hospitals around the world. More than $300,000 has been donated on behalf of PNP's fans since 2012. PNP can be enjoyed in 180 countries and in six different languages:  English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. For more information, please visit Portable North Pole at About UGroupMedia creator of Portable North Pole UGroupMedia Inc (UGM), established in 2008 and based in Montreal, Canada specializes in making Christmas magic for families around the world by creating, distributing and publishing Portable North Pole. PNP offers personalised digital experiences delivered via, iOS and Android mobile applications, television, consumer products, in-store experiences and more.

Tontowi A.E.,UGM | Sihaloho R.I.,UGM | Sosiati H.,Laboratorium Penelitian Pusat Terpadu
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2016

Synthetic hydroxyapatite (HA) and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) are among biomaterials that individually has been used in bone defect restoration. Pure HA powder is bioactive and biocompatible material, but it was difficult to be shaped into certain geometry as needed in many cases of restoration. While, PMMA may cause necrosis at the bone-cement interface due to the heat released during polymerization. In shaping technology, a 3D Printer technology is capable to cope a complex geometry and shape, but it is recently only dedicated for the non-medical application. In this study, HA was composed with PMMA to form biocomposite that potentially applicable as a feeder material of the 3D Printer. PMMA powder was blended with various concentration of MMA liquid (40, 45, 50, 55 and 60% v/w) to form PMMA pasta. This pasta was then composed of HA (powder) in various ratios (10, 20 and 30% w/w) and cast into a specimen mold. Tests were performed to observe diametral tensile strength and solidification time relevant to the need of printing application. Results show that increasing MMA within PMMA could make longer solidification time and reduce its tensile strength. Although, HA within PMMA may reduce the composite tensile strength, but it could improve its solidification time and important to improve its bioactive and osteoconductivity and even to speed up solidification process that needed in faster printing. © 2016 Author(s).

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