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de Medeiros R.E.G.,Municipal de Saude | do Nascimento E.G.C.,CAMEAM | Diniz G.M.D.,UERN | Alchieri J.C.,Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Physis | Year: 2013

Speaking about culture and health issues is also speaking of matters of religion and spirituality, therapies that were not yet made official and cross the mysticism of these issues. Moreover, despite lacking the technical-scientific proof demanded by the current hegemonic model in healthcare, they are knowledge kept alive throughout the history of mankind and perpetuate until the present day. The study aimed to analyze the perceptions of traditional healers about the child healthcare in the city of Caraúbas- RN, Brazil, focusing on the practice of blessing. It was a qualitative and exploratory study, conducted through semi-structured interviews and with a sample of 16 traditional healers who live in the urban area of the city. It was clear that the care delivered is based on aspects that involve affection, and it was noticeable that the healers are very similar among themselves when regard their rituals. The healers show that they are willing to put together art and science, since their acceptance of the importance of the official healthcare system. This set up a place for the Family Health Strategy to create partnerships that promote the concomitant use of this therapeutic modality and the official system, thereby contributing to the improvement of the care itself. Source

Sales F.H.S.,IFMA | Dantas A.L.,UERN | Carrico A.S.,Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
AIP Advances | Year: 2012

We report a theoretical investigation of new spin slips phases of thin holmium (Ho) films. The new phases originate from the loss of coordination of atoms in the near surface region, which affects the balance between exchange and anisotropy energies, favoring the alignment of near surface spins along the basal plane easy axis directions. Copyright 2012 Author(s). Source

Dias P.M.S.,UERN | Diodato M.A.,Rural University | Grigio A.M.,Grande Rio University
Revista Caatinga | Year: 2014

The municipal district of Mossoró-RN is inserted into the Caatinga biome and like other coun-ties its vegetation is notably mischaracterized. Thus a phytosociological study of forest remnants was conduct-ed in Mossoró, seeking knowledge of forest wealth for possible conservation. Bibliographic and cartographic materials were consulted, as well as maps were used for better spatial visualization of forest remnants. Areas where there are forest remnants were highlighted and four sites were chosen to characterize the vegetation. At these sites, the phytosociological study was conducted by installing plots of 20 x 20 m, within which were esti-mated height and diameter at breast height (DBH) of all living individuals of the shrub and herbs layers. The phytosociological parameters considered were: Margal ef and Menhinick Diversity Index, Frequency, Density, Dominance and Coverage and Importance Percentage Index. It was found that Poincianella pyramidalis (Tul.) and Croton sonderianus Mull. Arg. have excelled in number of individuals, frequency and density. Poincianel-la pyramidalis (Tul.) was the one that stood out in most of the analyzed parameters. Species that stand out in an area are found at low frequency in the other. This variation can be probably explained by several factors, one of them may be the anthropic level among the studied areas. Diversity indices indicated that Point 4 showed the greatest diversity and the lowest point 3. However, the Caatinga vegetation of the areas analyzed has low diver-sity, probably by the effects of human disturbance, but with proper planning and managements could avoid its complete disappearance. © 2014, Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Arid. All rights reserved. Source

de Araujo Jr. H.I.,Federal University of Rio de Janeiro | Porpino K.O.,UERN | Bergqvist L.P.,Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia | Year: 2011

In this work, the first occurrence of carnivore/scavenger teeth marks on Pleistocene fossil mammals collected in the Northeastern Brazil is reported. The fossils are from the "Tank of the Jirau", Itapipoca municipality, Ceará State, and are housed in the Museu de Pré-história de Itapipoca. The observed features, which are assigned to a largesized canid, correspond to scratches marks mostly perpendicular to the long axis of the bone, occurring mainly in ribs, vertebrae, tibiae and ulnae. Based on the size of the scratches, the geographical distribution and dietary habits of canids from the Late Pleistocene of Brazil, Protocyon troglodytes (Lund) is the most likely producer of the observed features, although this taxon is not represented in the Jirau fossil accumulation. © 2011 by the Sociedade Brasileira de Paleontologia. Source

Lima A.C.,Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte | Morales M.A.,Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte | Araujo J.H.,Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte | Soares J.M.,UERN | And 2 more authors.
Ceramics International | Year: 2015

CoFe2O4 nanoparticles were synthesized using gelatin as a polymerizing agent. Structural, morphological and magnetic properties of samples treated at different temperatures were investigated by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, Mössbauer spectroscopy and magnetization measurements. Our results revealed that the samples annealed at 623K and temperatures above 973K have a cation distributions given by (Co0.19Fe0.81)[Co0.81Fe1.19]O4 and (Co0.06Fe0.94)[Co0.94Fe1.06]O4, respectively. The particle sizes varied from 73 to 296nm and the magnetocrystalline anisotropy, K 1, has values ranging from 2.60×106 to 2.71×106 J/m3, as determined from the law of approach to saturation applied to the M×H data at high field. At 5K, the saturation magnetization, coercive field and (BH)max varied from 76 to 95Am2/kg, 479.9 to 278.5kA/m and 9.7 to 20.9kJ/m3, respectively. The reported values are in good agreement with near-stoichiometric cobalt ferrite samples. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd and Techna Group S.r.l. Source

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