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Kurchatova A.N.,Tyumen State Oil and Gas University | Rogov V.V.,Moscow State University
Earth's Cryosphere | Year: 2013

The results of study of authigenic minerals in the deposits of Ice Complex from the exposures of the Kolyma coastal lowland have been presented. Frozen samples were prepared and examined by replica method using scanning electron microscopy (Hitachi TM3000) and spectral microanalysis (Swift ED3000). Stages of authigenic carbonate formation in the deposits of Ice Complex were determined. Important role of the organic matter in the authigenic mineral formation of metastable hydrates and colloids is established. Biogenic carbonatization was determined in the Sartan deposits of the Ice Complex - The coldest period of the Late Pleistocene.

Kirov M.V.,Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances | Year: 2016

Recently, a new type of generalized symmetry of ice structures was introduced which takes into account the change of direction of all hydrogen bonds. The energy nonequivalence of pairs of configurations with opposite direction of all hydrogen bonds was established in the course of computer simulation of bilayer ice and other four-coordinated structures without 'dangling' hydrogen atoms. In this article, the results of detailed investigations of the violation of the hydrogen-bond-reversal symmetry in ice nanotubes consisting of stacked n-membered rings are presented. A comprehensive classification of all possible hydrogen-bonding configurations and their division into two classes (antisymmetrical and non-antisymmetrical) are given. Attention is focused on the most stable configurations that have no longitudinally arranged water molecules. This restriction made the asymmetry very difficult to find. For example, it was established that the asymmetry (non-antisymmetrical configurations) in ice nanotubes with square, pentagonal and hexagonal cross sections appears only when the number of transverse rings in the unit cell is more than six. It is shown that this is related to the well known combinatorial problem of enumerating the symmetry-distinct necklaces of black and white beads. It was found that, among the ice nanotubes that had been considered, hydrogen-bond-reversal asymmetry is most conspicuous in wide nanotubes such as heptagonal and octagonal. In this case the asymmetry is observed for unit cells of any length. In order to verify the results of the symmetry analysis and to confirm the energy nonequivalence of some (non-antisymmetrical) configurations, approximate calculations of the binding energy have been performed using the package TINKER.For ice nanotubes consisting of stacked n-membered rings, a new type of generalized symmetry and its violation are discussed. © International Union of Crystallography, 2016.

Dmitriev A.N.,Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Russian Geology and Geophysics | Year: 2012

Software has been designed for forward and inverse modeling of natural self-potential (SP) fields which allows simulating the geoelectric patterns simultaneously for up to 29 sheet-like and prismatic electrostatically polarized conductors. The cross sections for a number of ore fields obtained by inversion with the new SPI-SV code (self-potential inversion, Siberian version) have been corroborated by later drilling and are consistent with reference geologic sections used in algorithm testing. SPI-SV simulation can provide high-quality assessment of mineral deposits and, furthermore, allows approaching global-scale investigation into the natural self potential of crust and mantle. © 2012.

Konovalov A.A.,Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Earth's Cryosphere | Year: 2014

The correlation of the strength of the frozen ground with its temperature, duration of supercooling and temperature of crystallization has been examined. The quantitative evaluation of this correlation has been made.

Kosianov P.M.,Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Solid State Phenomena | Year: 2016

The paper examines the results of theoretical and experimental studies of different interaction of ionizing emission photons with substances, in particular, the photo effect and the Compton scattering of these photons. The paper substantiates a new method of determining the recoil electrons number-the photoelectrons number ratio. The results of certain measurements are presented. The analysis of the results showed that there are noticeable divergences between the theoretical calculations and the experimental data. © 2016 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Kirov M.V.,Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Journal of Physical Chemistry B | Year: 2014

Ice is a very complex and fundamentally important solid. In the present article, we review a new property of the hydrogen-bonded network in ice structures: an explicit nonequivalence of some antipodal configurations with the opposite direction of all hydrogen bonds (H-bonds). This asymmetry is most pronounced for the structures with considerable deviation of the H-bond network from the tetrahedral coordination. That is why we have investigated in detail four-coordinated ice nanostructures with no outer dangling hydrogen atoms, namely, ice bilayers and ice nanotubes consisting of stacked n-membered rings. The reason for this H-bonding asymmetry is a fundamental nonequivalence of the arrangements of water molecules in some antipodal configurations with the opposite direction of all H-bonds. For these configurations, the overall pictures of deviations of the hydrogen bonds from linearity are qualitatively different. We consider the reversal of all H-bonds as an additional nongeometric operation of symmetry, more precisely antisymmetry. It is not easy to find the explicit breaking of the symmetry of hydrogen bonding (H-symmetry) in the variety of all configurations. Therefore, this asymmetry may be named hidden. © 2014 American Chemical Society.

Bakanovskaya L.N.,Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2016

The article touches upon building of a heart electrical axis position conclusion model using an artificial neural network. The input signals of the neural network are the values of deflections Q, R and S; and the output signal is the value of the heart electrical axis position. Training of the network is carried out by the error propagation method. The test results allow concluding that the created neural network makes a conclusion with a high degree of accuracy. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Melnikov V.P.,Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Earth's Cryosphere | Year: 2014

The concepts of the demand to widen cryosphere science are described and some directions of the improvement of its existing image are determined. We discuss the necessity of interdisciplinary approach in the study of cryosphere and deepening of theoretical-methodological bases of cryology and as well as the increase of its role in the solution of fundamental sciences dealing with life and Earth. Application of systematic approach to the problems of the origin and evolution of cosmic bodies and origin of life is substantiated.

Guntsov A.V.,Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry | Year: 2012

We modeled the processes of growth and dissolution of small amounts of deposit on the solid electrode. Quasi-stationary diffusion method solved the basic problem of growth and dissolution of the semi-spherical nuclei deposit. Equations are obtained for current-voltage curves and chronoamperogram for reversible and irreversible electrode processes of electrodissolution of deposit nuclei. We have derived relations for the peak current and peak potentials of the current-voltage curve. © Springer-Verlag 2012.

Ustinova O.V.,Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Life Science Journal | Year: 2014

At present, Russia faces a demographic crisis that threatens with an extinction of Russian ethnos. According to scientists, the reason inter alia, is in the deformation of the values system, expressed in the people's desire for individual achievement in the extra-familial field, egocentrism, reluctance to make a family and have children. The article presents the results of a study of value orientations of the people in Tyumen, summarizing these results, the author comes to a conclusion, that the process of value formation of the personality, with a shift towards the creation culture, the strengthening of family values and the institution of marriage, as well as having many children needs a systemic influence from the government.

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