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Turovtsev V.V.,Tver State University | Orlov Y.D.,Tver State Medical Academy
Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B | Year: 2014

Based on the "quantum theory of atoms in a molecule," the Hohenberg-Kohn theorem, and "holographic" theorem, the principles of constructing phenomenological additive models for calculating the thermodynamic properties are considered. © 2014 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

Agadzhanyan N.A.,Peoples Friendship University of Russia | Makarova I.I.,Tver State Medical Academy
Human Ecology | Year: 2014

A review of data on morpho-functional features of disease course in subjects of various ethnic and race belonging in presented in the article. These features are due to genetic, cultural, socio-economic and environmental factors. © Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk. Source

Zyrina G.V.,Tver State Medical Academy
Advances in Gerontology | Year: 2013

The goal of our study was to compare mental disorders among elderly patients with chronic leukemia (CL) and dyscirculatory encephalopathy (DE). One hundred patients with CL were studied. The control group contained 85 patients with stage-I and -II DE. The Spielberger-Khanin anxiety scale and Zung depression scale were used. In patients with CL without clinical features of DE, mental disorders occurred mostly in the form of anxiety, while the combination of DE and CL led to depression. Patients with DE were characterized by anxiety and depression due to chronic cerebral ischemia. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

Turovtsev V.V.,Tver State Medical Academy | Orlov Yu.D.,Tver State University
Russian Journal of General Chemistry | Year: 2011

A study of internal rotation in the radicals n-CnH 2n+1C•H2, (2 n 7) was carried out for the case of rotation around the bonds not including the radical center. 21 potential functions of internal rotation V(φ) were calculated. The coefficients in V(φ) were shown to depend only on the immediate environment at the bond of rotation. Characteristics of internal rotation in n-alkyl radicals were compared with related parameters of the corresponding alkane molecules. The generalized function Vav(φ) with the coefficients defined only by the position of the bond of rotation in the hydrocarbon chain and possessing the transposition property were proposed. The functions Vav(φ) were recommended for the simulation of the structure and properties of large molecules containing hydrocarbon fragments. This work continues a systematic study on the characteristics of the internal rotation in the n-alkane molecules and the groups containing free valence in n-alkyl radicals. © 2011 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

Ignatova J.P.,Tver State Medical Academy | Kromin A.A.,Tver State Medical Academy
Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine | Year: 2010

Threshold stimulation of the lateral hypothalamus in starving and preliminary fed (satiated) rabbits in the absence of feed induces searching behavior associated with burst-like impulse activity of proper masticatory muscle with a bimodal distribution of interpulse intervals, what represents an anticipatory type of reaction. The increase in the level of food motivation during threshold stimulation of the lateral hypothalamus in starving and satiated rabbits with the food offered led to successful food-procuring behavior, during which the frequency and amplitude of spike bursts in the proper masticatory muscle become comparable with those under conditions of natural foraging behavior stimulated by the need in nutrients. Motivational excitation and backward afferentation from food reward are addressed to the same neurons of the masticatory center in the medulla oblongata. © 2010 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc. Source

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