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Saint Helena, CA, United States

A bivariate metric is disclosed, in which one variable measures the variability of the estimate, and the other measures the accuracy of classifying the positive and negative users. A bagged logistic regression model is used, which achieves a comparable classification accuracy as a usual logistic regression, but a much more stable estimate of individual advertising channel contributions. Embodiments of the invention also provide an intuitive and simple probabilistic model to quantify the attribution of different advertising channels directly. Both the bagged logistic model and the probabilistic model are then applied to a real world data set from a multichannel advertising campaign.

Turn Inc. | Date: 2014-02-20

At a marketing platform, an aggregated profile device graph is provided that associates different unique aggregated profile identifiers with different sets of related devices and their associated user identifiers. At least a portion of the aggregated profile device graph also associates user profile data and activity data with each devices user identifier and corresponding aggregated profile identifier. In response to the marketing platform obtaining a report request for a performance metric for a particular user segment, the performance metric is determined from activity data of specific ones of the aggregated user identifiers and their associated sets of related devices. Each of these specific aggregated user identifiers and their associated sets of related devices are associated with user profile data that includes the particular user segment. A report on the performance metric for the particular audience segment is then provided, for example, to the report requester.

Turn Inc. | Date: 2014-04-22

Systems, methods, and apparatus are disclosed herein for allocating a budget among sub-campaigns of an advertisement campaign. The methods may include retrieving data associated with a plurality of users. The data may include data points and action identifiers associated with each user of the plurality of users. Each data point may identify an interaction between a user and a sub-campaign. Each action identifier may include one or more data values identifying a user action. The methods may also include determining a plurality of performance metrics based on the retrieved data. A performance metric may be determined for each sub-campaign. The methods may further include determining a plurality of allocated budgets based on the plurality of performance metrics. An allocated budget may be determined for each sub-campaign. Moreover, each allocated budget may be a portion of a total budget associated with the advertisement campaign.

Turn Inc. | Date: 2014-04-08

Methods and apparatus for finding similar on-line users for advertisement or content targeting are disclosed. In one embodiment, a plurality of user data sets associated with a plurality of user identifiers for a plurality of anonymous users are obtained, and each user data set of each user identifier specifies one or more user attributes and on-line user events that have occurred for such user identifier. For each attribute, a correlation to a success metric value is determined for a particular type of event or attribute that has occurred for a plurality of user identifiers that are each associated with such attribute. The plurality of user identifiers and associated data sets are clustered into a plurality of user groups that each has similar data sets by weighting based on the attributes relative correlation to the success metric.

Turn Inc. | Date: 2014-07-16

According to various embodiments, techniques and mechanisms described herein facilitate the storage of an image of a rendered webpage on a storage medium. A first message including a request for a webpage may be transmitted to a web server via a communications interface. The webpage request may generate an advertising opportunity bid request for bids to place an advertisement on the requested webpage. A second message to place a bid on the generated advertising opportunity bid request may be transmitted. Information for rendering the webpage is received in response to the webpage request, and an image of the rendered webpage may be stored on a storage medium.

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