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Iwaki, Japan

A cutting insert has top and bottom surfaces opposing each other and a side surface connecting them. A part of an intersecting ridge between the top and side surfaces functions as a cutting edge. On the side surface, a side surface portion adjacent to the intersecting ridge portion opposing the cutting edge intersects the top surface at an acute angle. At least on a part of a bottom surface, an inclined surface gradually approaching the top surface with increasing distance from a side surface portion on a side opposite to a cutting edge is formed. This allows a part of the cutting resistance to act on the side surface portion. As a result, friction resistance between the side surface portion and the side surface of an insert seat becomes larger, thereby suppressing a shifting of the cutting insert when cutting.

Tungaloy Corporation | Date: 2013-01-08

A cutting insert can be clamped by a lever-lock clamping device to a tool body in a more stable and reliable manner. A cutting insert clamped by the clamping device to an insert seat formed on a tool body, includes: an upper surface and a lower surface each having a substantially polygonal contour shape; a plurality of side surfaces extending between the upper surface and the lower surface; a through-hole penetrating through the upper surface and the lower surface; and a concave notch portion for receiving a clamping force that is partially formed at a peripheral edge portion of the through-hole on the upper surface side.

Tungaloy Corporation | Date: 2014-03-04

A coated cutting tool has a substrate and a coating layer. At least one layer of the coating layer is a coarse grain layer with an average layer thickness of 0.2 to 10 m and an average grain diameter in excess of 200 nm measured at the direction parallel to the interface of the coating layer. A composition of the layer is represented by (Al

Tungaloy Corporation | Date: 2013-08-12

A coated tool includes a substrate and a coating layer disposed on a surface of the substrate. The coating layer includes a first stack structure (

Tungaloy Corporation | Date: 2014-05-19

A cutting insert for threading of the present invention includes two opposing end surfaces and a peripheral side surface extending therebetween. The peripheral side surface has a first side surface portion and a second side surface portion arranged at different positions in a circumferential direction. A cutting edge is formed at an intersecting ridgeline portion between the first end surface and the first side surface portion and at least a portion of this cutting edge has a shape corresponding to a thread groove. The second side surface portion has an inclined portion which enlarges outward from the side of the first end surface toward the side of the second end surface. This inclined portion is configured to engage with a side wall surface of a tool body so as to prevent floating of the cutting insert.

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