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PubMed | National Cheng Kung University, Sun Yat Sen University and Tung Fang Design Institute
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Nanoscale research letters | Year: 2016

Bipolar switching resistance behaviors of the Gd:SiO2 resistive random access memory (RRAM) devices on indium tin oxide electrode by the low-temperature supercritical CO2-treated technology were investigated. For physical and electrical measurement results obtained, the improvement on oxygen qualities, properties of indium tin oxide electrode, and operation current of the Gd:SiO2 RRAM devices were also observed. In addition, the initial metallic filament-forming model analyses and conduction transferred mechanism in switching resistance properties of the RRAM devices were verified and explained. Finally, the electrical reliability and retention properties of the Gd:SiO2 RRAM devices for low-resistance state (LRS)/high-resistance state (HRS) in different switching cycles were also measured for applications in nonvolatile random memory devices.

Huang H.,National Cheng Kung University | Chen C.C.,Tung Fang Design Institute | Tzeng C.T.,National Cheng Kung University
Testing and Measurement: Techniques and Applications - Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Testing and Measurement: Techniques and Applications, TMTA 2015 | Year: 2015

The problem of fugitive pollutants arising from the extensive use of indoor building materials in air-conditioned buildings in Taiwan directly affects the indoor air quality. Thus, how to balance the building indoor “healthy air quality” has become an important issue. It also probes into the application of the Sorptive Building Materials (SBMs) in indoor space to adsorb the pollutants in the air (formaldehyde) by calculating “sorption flux per time per area”, “sorption efficiency” and “sorption equivalent per area”. According to the standard method of ISO 16000, this study conducted the building material fugitive and absorption experiments with MEMS-Based Formaldehyde Gas Sensor by testing with the building materials (0.099m3) environmental chamber (25°C, 50% RH, Loading Factor 0.4 m2/m3). The research results showed that the sorption equivalent per area of SBMs is also the most effective. If used, it can maintain indoor air quality. © 2015 Taylor & Francis Group, London.

Liao Y.T.,National Cheng Kung University | Chiang C.M.,National Cheng Kung University | Liu K.S.,Tung Fang Design Institute | Tzeng C.T.,National Cheng Kung University
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology | Year: 2014

This study attempts to explore the decision-making factors of school building renovation that influence the overall environmental quality, via efficiency, effectiveness and sensitivity measures by the data envelopment analysis (DEA) method. The factors are determined with the nature of this multi-objective decision-making method in terms of the measured environment quality, energy and resource availability, as well as the whole efficiency before and after renovations. By reviewing the priorities of renovation factors, the subsequent required resources can be determined and therefore invested with efficacy and excellence. Factors that influence such quality include the followings: water retention performance, thermal performance of building envelopes, indoor environment quality (IEQ), and replacement of high-performance devices and the reuse of energy and resources. The outcomes of the DEA and AHP are compared as well.

Liu K.S.,Tung Fang Design Institute | Liao Y.T.,National Cheng Kung University | Tzeng C.T.,National Cheng Kung University
International Journal of Engineering Education | Year: 2014

In recent years great importance has been attached to environmental protection-related issues in Taiwan. In addition courses of green building, ecological construction, environmental quality and low-carbon development have been included as required courses in the Department of Architecture. This study selected the decision-making key factors for improving existing buildings from the perspective of ''Environmental Quality'' and reducing ''Environmental Load,'' to establish the TBEE (Taiwan Building Environment Efficiency) model for evaluating indoor environment health and the improvement of existing buildings in Taiwan. This TBEE model has also become an important curriculum in the current Green Design Courses in Taiwan. This model is used to teach students how to calculate the values of indoor environmental health before/after the improvements of existing buildings. It uses an objective scientific calculation method, which can help improve the indoor environment health and the evaluation of the quality (Q) and the load (L). This TBEE model has been used as a reference for evaluating the indoor environment efficiency of existing buildings by the authorities in Taiwan. © 2014 TEMPUS Publications.

Chen K.-H.,Design Science | Wu S.,Design Science | Huang S.-J.,Tung Fang Design Institute
Integrated Ferroelectrics | Year: 2016

By the radio frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering methods, (Ba0.7Sr0.3)(Ti0.9Zr0.1)O3 (BSTZ) ferroelectric thin films were deposited on the Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si(100) substrates. The crystal structural and microstructure of these thin films were analyzed by means of the XRD, SEM, and AFM. Moreover, the dielectric characteristics were also investigated by the C-V and J-E analyses. The optimal deposition parameters for these BSTZ thin films were: RF power is 160 W, oxygen concentration is 25%, substrate temperature is 580°C, and chamber pressure is 0.075 mPa. Under these optimal deposition conditions, the (111) and (110) oriented polycrystalline of the BSTZ thin films grow easily. And under a bias voltage of 0.5 MV/cm, the dielectric constant and leakage current density of the BSTZ thin films are 191 and 3×10-8 A/cm2, respectively. In addition, under various measured temperatures (0 ∼ 80°C) and frequencies (100 kHz ∼ 1 MHz), all the dielectric constants remain almost unchanged. Compared to BSTZ thin films reported previously, in this study, the deposited thin films have the advantage of lower leakage current and hence are suitable for the applications of dynamic random access memory. © 2016 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Shih C.-H.,National Dong Hwa University | Chiang M.-S.,National Dong Hwa University | Shih C.-T.,Tung Fang Design Institute
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders | Year: 2015

The purpose of this study was to provide students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) the chance to cooperate with their peers to perform computer mouse collaborative pointing operation. In this study, we adopted the Single Display Groupware (SDG) concept to develop the Multiple Cursor Collaborative Operating Program (MCCOP) software, which allows multiple users to operate a single computer simultaneously without interfering with each other. With the implementation of MCCOP software, users control their own cursors to perform a function in their respective cursor moving areas on a single display. A collaborative pointing test software (CPTS) program was designed in this experiment to evaluate participants' collaborative pointing performance. This study adopted an ABAB design, and the experimental results show that all participants significantly increased their collaborative pointing performance during the intervention phase, compared to the baseline phase. Practical and developmental implications of the findings are discussed. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Shih C.-T.,Tung Fang Design Institute | Shih C.-H.,National Dong Hwa University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

In this paper we propose a novel Adjustable Integrating Pointing device Driver (AIPDD) using software technology to redesign mouse driver to integrate the functions of commercial pointing devices to help them to effectively utilize commercial pointing devices to operate computers. In contrast with the latest studies, the software-based AIPDD has the following benefits. (a) It does not require additional hardware cost and circuit preservation. (b) It supports all commercial pointing devices with standard interfaces of a computer, including PS/2, USB and wireless interfaces. (c) It can integrate unlimited devices simultaneously. (d) It is adjustable in real time. In summary, the AIPDD has the benefits of flexibility, low cost, high efficiency and high device compatibility. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Lin P.-C.,Tung Fang Design Institute | Chen B.-W.,University of Technology Malaysia | Chang H.,Chung - Ang University
New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia | Year: 2016

This study presents a human-centric technique for social video expansion based on semantic processing and graph analysis. The objective is to increase metadata of an online video and to explore related information, thereby facilitating user browsing activities. To analyze the semantic meaning of a video, shots and scenes are firstly extracted from the video on the server side. Subsequently, this study uses annotations along with ConceptNet to establish the underlying framework. Detailed metadata, including visual objects and audio events among the predefined categories, are indexed by using the proposed method. Furthermore, relevant online media associated with each category are also analyzed to enrich the existing content. With the above-mentioned information, users can easily browse and search the content according to the link analysis and its complementary knowledge. Experiments on a video dataset are conducted for evaluation. The results show that our system can achieve satisfactory performance, thereby demonstrating the feasibility of the proposed idea. © 2016 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.

Shih C.-C.,Tung Fang Design Institute
Optik | Year: 2016

This study presents an optical waveguide formed by a self-focusing pump beam in a nematic liquid crystal thin film. The pump beam is a polarized high power Gaussian laser beam. Applying a voltage near the Freedericksz transition threshold enhances the optical field of pump beam to reorientate liquid crystal molecules. The reorientation of LC molecules forms the refractive index as a Gaussian-like distribution in the pump beam region. By the assistance of applying electric field, the pump beam can form an optic waveguide by self-focusing effect. A polarized lower power probe beam near the waveguide can be coupled to the waveguide. The coupling efficiency can be controlled by applying voltage. © 2015 Elsevier GmbH.

Chen H.-F.,Tung Fang Design Institute | Tsai J.-H.,Tung Fang Design Institute
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

Today's competition in manufacturing industry depends not just on lean manufacturing but also on the ability to provide customers with total solutions and life-cycle costs for sustainable value. This study therefore proposes an analytic hierarchy model to help the administrators understand the critical risk factors influence the E-manufacturing system initiation, and an aggregative risk degree is indicated which risk grade they are in. The importance weights of risk factors and possible occurrence ratings of four risk grade (high-risk, medium-risk, low-risk and none-risk) are determined by using consistent fuzzy preference relations. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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