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Tulsa, United States

Jackson J.,Tulsa Community College
The Oklahoma nurse | Year: 2012

In closing, I thought I had a terminal degree when I proudly wrote MS after my name. Soon this APN will write DNP after her name! I will have my terminal degree. On second thought, in nursing, do we ever stop learning whether or not we earn more initials to write after our names? Source

Marangoni K.,Tulsa Community College
Journal of Beckett Studies | Year: 2016

The enigmatic setting of Beckett's novel Watt has been compared to places as diverse as an insane asylum, a boarding school, a womb, and a concentration camp. Watt's experience at Knott's house does seem suggestive of all of these, and yet it may more readily conform to the setting of a monastery. The novel is filled with chants, meditations, choral arrangements, hierarchical classifications, and even silence, all highly evocative of a monastic lifestyle. Some of Watt's dialogue (such as his requests for forgiveness or reflections on the nature of mankind) further echoes various Catholic liturgies. Watt finds little solace in these activities, however. He feels that they are largely rote and purposeless as they are focused on Knott, a figure who in many ways defies linguistic description and physical know-ability. Watt's meditations and rituals become, then, empty catechisms without answers, something that is reflected in the extreme difficulty that Watt has communicating.In the face of linguistic and liturgical instability, the Watt notebooks present a counter reading that can be found in the thousand plus doodles that line its pages. The drawings reinforce as well as subvert their textual counterpart, and they function in many ways as the images in medieval illuminated manuscripts. The doodles in Watt often take the form of decorative letters, elaborate marginal drawings, and depictions of a variety of people and animals, and many of its doodles offer uncanny resemblances in form or theme to those in illuminated manuscripts like The Book of Kells. Doodles of saints, monks, crosses, and scribes even give an occasional pictorial nod to the monastic setting in which illuminated manuscripts were usually produced (and remind us of the monastic conditions in which Beckett found himself writing much of Watt).Beckett's doodles not only channel this medium of illuminated manuscripts, they also modernize its application. Instead of neat geometric shapes extending down the page, his geometric doodle sequences are often abstracted, fragmented, and nonlinear. Beckett also occasionally modernized the content of illuminated manuscripts: instead of the traditional sacramental communion table filled with candles, bread and wine, Beckett doodles a science lab table where Bunsen burners replaces candles and wine glasses function as beakers. It is through these modernized images that Watt attempts to draw contemporary relevance from a classic art form and to restore (at least partial) meaning to rote traditions. © Journal of Beckett Studies. Source

Emergence patterns and sex ratios of the twig girdler, Oncideres cingulata (Say), were examined during 2004-2005 relative to measures of twig morphology and species of host tree. Emergence patterns varied significantly between study years, by sex, and among host species. Beetles emerged an average of 10 days earlier in 2004 than in 2005. Mean date of emergence for male beetles was 3 days earlier than for females. Beetles emerged from twigs girdled from honey locust (Gleditisia triacanthos L.) a day earlier than from American elm (Ulmus americana L.), 2 days earlier than from pecan (Carya illinoensis (Wangenh.) K. Koch), and 4 days earlier than from birch (Betula nigra L.). However, regression models found only weak relationships between twig morphology parameters and the timing of emergence of beetle adults. Similarly, sex ratios were unrelated to any aspect of twig morphology and did not vary between years or among host species. Source

Sivadon A.,University of Missouri - Kansas City | Matthews A.K.,University of Illinois at Chicago | David K.M.,Tulsa Community College
Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association | Year: 2014

BACKGROUND: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) populations have smoking rates twice that of their heterosexual counterparts. To design effective outreach, prevention, and treatments for these individuals, a comprehensive understanding of associated factors is needed. OBJECTIVE: To increase understanding of how social integration and psychological distress are related to smoking behaviors among LGBT populations. DESIGN: A cross-sectional, descriptive study of 135 LGBT adults using an online data collection strategy. Multivariate analyses were performed to examine factors associated with current smoking status. RESULTS: Social integration was not significantly related to smoking behaviors in this LGBT population, although psychological distress was higher among smokers than nonsmokers. CONCLUSIONS: Although social support has been reported to have an impact on health behaviors in the general population, the present findings suggest that the benefits of social support may not apply to the smoking activities of LGBT individuals. © The Author(s) 2014. Source

Kozhevnikov V.,Tulsa Community College | Wijngaarden R.J.,VU University Amsterdam | De Wit J.,VU University Amsterdam | Van Haesendonck C.,Catholic University of Leuven
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics | Year: 2014

To address unsolved fundamental problems of the intermediate state (IS), the equilibrium magnetic flux structure and the critical field in a high-purity type-I superconductor (indium film) are investigated using magneto-optical imaging with a three-dimensional vector magnet and electrical transport measurements. The least expected observation is that the critical field in the IS can be as small as nearly 40% of the thermodynamic critical field Hc. This indicates that the flux density in the bulk of normal domains can be considerably less than Hc, in apparent contradiction with the long-established paradigm, stating that the normal phase is unstable in fields below Hc. Here we present a theoretical model consistently describing this and all other properties of the IS. Moreover, our model, based on a rigorous thermodynamic treatment of the observed equilibrium flux structure in a tilted field, allows for a quantitative determination of the domain-wall parameter and the coherence length, and provides new insight into the properties of superconductors. © 2014 American Physical Society. Source

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